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Published 2014 Feb 26:

Redress for Pedophilia: If we are to have redress regarding a very long list of grievances, we need to operate on a very large stage. And to do that, we need an issue that moves large numbers of people to outrage and readily propels them to action. The kidnapping, torture and murder of children is that issue. Even convicted felons get in on the act. It seems to be general knowledge that when a child molester is placed among convicted felons, the life expectancy of the former is 2-3 days. It is also general knowledge that no one is employed by criminal and useful-idiot classes but those who are subject to blackmail; and a sizeable fraction of them are child molesters. Here is a feast handed to the dissident community on a golden platter; for dissidents could use this issue to take down almost anyone perpetrating grievances… and dissidents do nothing with this gift. It puzzles me… until I remind myself that, fully, 90% to 95% of all dissident organizations on this planet are counter-intelligence operations. The only question is, “Are they controlled by witting cointel agents, or are they just plain dumb?” It doesn’t really matter; for, a controlled dupe can wreak more damage among dissidents than a conscious agent. You can identify a cointel operation by its refusal to allow any discussion regarding historically-proven redress among themselves or followers. It seems the only place on this planet where this information is available is this website.

Published 2014 Feb 25:

Building an American Schutzstaffel  Americans would become alarmed… if they knew the origin of the Department of Homeland Security.  It can be traced back to the Nazi SS, the Soviet Cheka and the French Committees of Terror (1792-4) – complete with “watchers” and “listeners”, midnight “domiciliary visits”, secret, or no, trials before eliminating dissidents.  And then there is the stockpile of over a billion bullets, and bullet-proof checkpoint booths; you get the idea.

PPIP/F… Gaming Taxpayers… again.  With passage of the so-called ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program’ of 2008 (TARP), Congress gave authority to the US Treasury to conduct a general plunder of American taxpayers (alive and yet-to-be born).  Of course, to enact is one thing; to implement is quite another, as functionaries at the Treasury soon discovered.  Over early months of 2009, such functionaries would give conclusive proof that governments are gathering places for idiots and thieves.

This was demonstrated by the struggle by Treasury bureaucrats and the Chosen Ones from too-big-to-fail banks to invent a procedure by which the plunder could be distributed in a sportsman-like, all-American manner.

Maxims of American Law: The basis of American law is the law of nature (Declaration of Independence).  Maxims of law are the basis of a code of ethics and natural law; here are a few samples,

Failure to comprehend facts of reality is the essence of dementia; refusal to comprehend them, the essence of evil.

Nothing is so evil as militant ignorance.  Thomas Jefferson.

There is greatest safety in crimes that are most complicated, or most horrid; for, there are no words to describe them.  [L]  See Cato’s Letters, #126.

What was the end of killing the tyrant, but to be free from tyranny?  A ridiculous motive, and an empty exploit, if our slavery survive him.  [V]  Cato’s Letters, #23, p. 169.  Please read more.

One Part in Ten Thousand: by Anthony Hargis.  It is the business of pioneers and philosophers to make mistakes or make damn fools of themselves; so that others may learn, or not learn, how to avoid such mistakes.  And, I have made mistakes.  The most catastrophic was that I acted before I had the knowledge to protect myself and company against official bandit classes.  Here are examples of what I should have known: how English rebels took down judges and sheriffs, tax-collectors and governors, bishops and kings who thought they could violate rights of man; examples that guided American Founders.  Full article.

Anatomy of a General Plunder, Part 1, The Heist of a Nation, deals with the disappearance of bank reserves of the American banking system that began in early December of 2007.  By the end of the month, functionaries from the Federal Reserve, the U S Treasury, the White House and Congress were so alarmed they proposed to send $300 to every adult in the nation.  Their panic was chronicled on front pages of newspapers that month; yet, the cause of the panic was never explained.  In this Part One, part of the cause, that must not be named, is explained.

Anatomy… Part 2, The Dollar Floating in Thin Air… What Happened to its Collateral?

Here I deal with a development which no one else seems to have noticed; namely, the disappearance of assets supposedly serving as collateral for issued Federal Reserve notes.  To a rational man, gold is the ultimate money, and should serve as the collateral that stands behind any paper currency that may be issued.  To demonically deranged men, unrealizable promises (that is, promises to impose confiscatory taxes on future generations of Americans), in the form of US Treasury securities, are the most stable and secure assets that should serve as collateral for issued currency.  In December of 2007, a large portion of this “fool’s gold” went missing.  How did it happen… and, was it the result of a deliberate decision by bureaucrats at the Federal Reserve?

A major concern regarding this part 2 is the huge amount of Treasury debt held by the Red Chinese central bank.  A question arises, ‘When Red China calls in the debt, how will you survive it?  Don’t forget, owing to the legislation that gave the Panama Canal to Red China, major drug cartels, Chinese triads and the Chinese Communist Party/Army formed an alliance to gain control of as much of the world as possible.

Anatomy… Part Three, When Treasury demanded $700 billion from Congress, where did the money come from?

Here again is a question that nobody seems to have asked, ‘Where did the $700 billion, demanded by Paulsen, come from?’  For the prior fifteen years, the Treasury’s checking account showed an average balance of $5 billion.  All money received, and expended, by the Treasury passes thru this account.  If the Treasury is to expend $700 billion, this amount must first appear in this account.  The answer to this question involves a massive operation conducted by the Federal Reserve and nearly thirty foreign central banks; and probably has the power to stretch the credulity of ordinary men to the breaking point.

Is Occupy Wall Street a Bolshevik… or an American Revolution?

Will Durant described history as a long monotonous chronicle of the crime and folly of men.

I think it would be just as well described as a story of crime and futility – by the criminal class and its victims, respectively.

Despite the huge number of attempted revolutions in our history, few people seem to realize that there are two kinds of revolution.  One advances the cause of tyranny; the other, the cause of liberty.  I give one the name of Bolshevik; the other, American… after their most recent and spectacular examples.

Oh, people do realize, of sorts, that a revolution can produce more liberty or more tyranny; but they believe that it is a mere throw of dice that determines which it will be.  And, for this doubt, they fear a revolution as one should fear a plague.  This does not have to be: as I explain in my book, The Lost Right, each of the differing revolutions operates according to a particular set of principles and laws of nature.  Complete article

Ron Paul in the White House?

I used to tell people there was no chance that Ron Paul could even come close to winning the White House.  There are too many men in history who tried to reform governments who were eliminated by demonization, poison or banishment.  I thought that, if Ron Paul got anywhere near the White House, he would suffer one of these fates.

My thoughts about two of these possibilities (poison and banishment) are past tense.  I’ve had time to consider a wider perspective.  Now I think the criminal class look at Ron Paul as their man of the hour.

Or, more correctly, he could be ‘their scapegoat of the hour’.  Complete article

What Price Gold… $7,000… $14,000… $60,000?

You may think this will be a wild ride.  If you think collateralization, currency equivalents, double-entry bookkeeping and mortgage-backed securities are dull subjects – if you think wishful thinking is a harmless activity – if you think taxes are essential for the development and maintenance – rather than the destruction – of civilization, then, yes, this will be a very wild ride.  We are about to study concepts and actions, crimes and fictions that few, if any, others have examined yet relative to their influence on gold.  It may also be a disturbing study; for, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency.  It is used as gold once was used: to serve as backing, or collateral, for issued currencies around the globe; in the dollar’s case, for the world’s major currencies and a few dozen others.  Thus, today, wishful thinking has replaced gold as backing for most of the world’s currencies.  We should ponder the question, ‘What happens when men build their societies on houses of cards?’  Complete article



About the year 1968 I discovered the country was occupied by thieves, and that their main weapon of plunder was the Federal Reserve... and that as long as we used their paper currency and bank accounts, we financed our own destruction... unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to wait for someone else to do it... please read more:
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