Losing Sight…

Losing Sight… In early May I lost sight in my left eye; can’t tell yet if it’s permanent or temporary. It’s the result of a fight with two homeless dope heads (one, J, was “renting” the master bedroom down the hall from my bedroom; the other, a visitor). For the previous 6 months, J sold dope and sexual services (anyone, anything) from his bedroom (he intended to pay rent this way; I doubt he ever did); he was in the process of turning the apartment into a flophouse for homeless dope heads; when one was female, he hammered on her to become a prostitute so he could share her booty; I caught him stealing my possessions;  among other related activities. There’s also the issue of the 5-years-old girl next door… too complicated for now.

But I don’t feel like I can tell more, partly because I’m not yet able to move from this danger; partly because more might include details I don’t want official pedophiles to know yet. By “official pedophiles” I mean tax collectors; and I mean it literally, even including ritual murders (see, ‘Redress for Pedophilia’ as to why I refer to them as “official pedophiles”). The evidence I collected on this issue is one of the many reasons the IRS and DoJ perpetrated their inquisition against me. My short bio provides more context.

I report my condition with a fair amount of reluctance on two accounts: for one, I dislike telling official pedophiles how successful they’ve been with the obstacles they’ve placed in my life ; and two, because a few people on my list might be inclined to help me with donations. I would appreciate the help but I’m very uncomfortable receiving it in the form of donations; I much prefer other, non-sacrificial, methods; such as investments, renting or paying for other services, among other methods.


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About the year 1968 I discovered the country was occupied by thieves, and that their main weapon of plunder was the Federal Reserve... and that as long as we used their paper currency and bank accounts, we financed our own destruction... unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to wait for someone else to do it... please read more: redressone.wordpress.com/about
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