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Confessions and Confusions of Treasury, the March Hare Rules

The federal government publishes ‘Financial Reports of the United States Government’ (frusg, or Report, hereafter) on an annual basis, as of September 30 of each year.  The latest available is the one for 2013 (for purposes of this examination).  It, … Continue reading

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Returning America to Obedience

Over the past 20 years or so, we have witnessed several unprecedented events: the looting of Central-Bank gold thru the gold carry trade (almost completely ignored by the controlled media; events of 9/11; the financial crisis of 2007 (and counting); … Continue reading

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Counterparties… counterparties… the most basic factor of all

Counterparties… counterparties… counterparties. And no one thinks to examine the most basic factor of all. Examine one of those scrips you carry in your pocket.  Some people call them Federal Reserve Notes.  Well, they are: “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE” is actually … Continue reading

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