Hacked Debit Card

The latest obstacle relates to my debit card.

The ordeal began with “Andrew”, who is probably an angens saboteur, a tool of the Mossad/CIA/FBI, that is. He (she or it) inquired about the purchase of several books. After a few exchanges, I gave him the number of my debit card as a payment option. He (she or it) immediately replied that he was no longer interested… “Farewell”, he wrote. The release of debit-card number… “Farewell”… these facts troubled me that night. The following day, when I tried to access my account info, the password wouldn’t work; took about an hour to fix that. The next day my user ID wouldn’t work; couldn’t fix that. I finally decided to close the current card and get another.

So, now I have to implement an old policy.

For anyone who wants to correspond with me, I must have a demonstration of good faith in the form of some kind of payment before I give any advice or time to the correspondence. In other words, it’s the same policy that operated while I was operating ALH & Co.  Owing to all the snakes that walked thru my door looking for loans for fairy-tale projects, I had to develop a policy that required  customers to trust me, while I could trust nobody unless there was a sufficient amount of collateral I could control.

For now, I’ll respond only briefly to e-mails; comments to this site will receive considerably more attention.

For consultations or meetings, I must have at least $20 in hand before I’ll commit to such meetings. Details will be worked out by e-mail.

If I can offer nothing useful to your situation, I’ll refund the money.

I regret this inconvenience; but the Mossad/CIA/FBI is/are trying to tell us something… and I have to react accordingly.


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About the year 1968 I discovered the country was occupied by thieves, and that their main weapon of plunder was the Federal Reserve... and that as long as we used their paper currency and bank accounts, we financed our own destruction... unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to wait for someone else to do it... please read more: redressone.wordpress.com/about
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