Behind the Door. Crematoria… in Soviet embassies?

Behind the Door, Lingering and Major Grievances

Excerpted from the chapter, “Behind the Door”, in The Lost Right, 4th edition.

Now, let’s deal with a collection of grievances that extend beyond American shores and has subverted rights and properties of people of many nations: World War ii.  Altho this examination is fairly lengthy, it is far from complete; it does not, for example, a) deal with ‘Operation Keelhaul’, which forcibly repatriated upwards of two to five millions of Russians who fled communist tyranny during the chaos of World War ii; nor does it, b) treat “other losses”: that is, the murder of a million German POW’s in the year or two after the war, c) as well as the murder of 5 to 15 million German civilians one, by ‘terror bombing’ (see, “Destruction of Dresden”) during the war; and two, by starvation, freezing, or disease after the war.  It also d) does not include the story of mass graves discovered in Slovenia in 1990 that contained an estimated 100,000 bodies that died during a period of 2 to 4 months after WW ii; this is compared to the 4,000 to 6,000 that died during resistance activities during four years of hostilities during the war.[1]

Millions of its victims are now dead; but still, it is relevant: one, because rights of redress belong to survivors or friends of victims if victims are deceased; and two, we should properly identify who perpetrated such grievances so we can decide a) whether or not to let power or authority remain in their hands; and b) how to allocate recovered plunder (to those who investigate and prosecute grievances; to those who provide protection for everyone associated with assemblies; to those who provide valid evidence; to those who file claims for related injuries or ruined lives, or taxes wrongly paid or collected, among many other valid claimants).

The end of World War ii, and for several years previously and thereafter, is a story of many acronyms – CIA, AMGOT, DOD, ONI, MAFIA – and a few examples of flesh and blood hoods, such as Mussolini, “Lucky” Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Giuseppe Mazzini, a few colonels and generals, and lesser known gangsters.  And, then there are several puzzling events: national leaders who impose anti-Semitic policies while allowing hideous practices by Semites (such as the crematoria (for burning human bodies) found in Soviet embassies in Paris and Berlin); the near extermination of the MAFIA in Sicily and Italy, followed by its re-seeding by…  (Excerpted from, The Lost Right, 4th ed.)

[1]       Web search, ‘Operation Keelhaul Reason’; ‘Other losses WW ii’; Irving, David, Dresden; WikiPedia, ‘Slovenia Mass Graves’.



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