Globalization… Let them have it.

Proponents claim that their aim is to establish a world-wide socialist paradise where private corporations rule instead of existing governments, which they plan to abolish.

Socialists of every stripe support this aim.  These socialists go by many disguises; “snowflakes” and “progressives” are two of the more civilized of names.  The first seems to have been awarded by their critics; I’m sure they prefer “progressives” – altho it implies just the opposite of what real facts of history would give them: “regressives” would be a more appropriate term.

Regardless their disguise, they all want their paradise.

The best part about this is that they overlook a rather rude fact of reality.  Have you ever noticed that in a socialist paradise there is no welfare, no free lunches?

In such paradises, there are two classes of people: party members (drawn from useless and elite criminal classes) and feudal serfs (productive and thrifty classes – what’s left of them).

These serfs, then, can be divided into two categories: a) high and low levels of intelligence and b) a sense of justice.

By the time serfs reach the age of 15 or 20, those in the “high” category are dead or are shipped off to the tiaga and tundra of Siberia (in our case, the destination would be the northern territories of Canada or Alaska).  This would leave serfs with low levels of intelligence and justice to work on soviet farms or factories.

Those serfs with practically no useful ability (beyond sweeping and carting wood or water) comprise the useless class.  These invariably make up a large portion of every bureaucracy of every government, who are needed to perform menial or black duties, such as assassinations – judicial or otherwise, from toilet cleaners to judges and generals.  And, a considerable portion of a bureaucracy – non-Judeo-Bolshevik portion – is expected to routinely go 6-30 months without pay; for every 4-6 hours they warm chairs in bureaucratic offices, they stand in bread, egg, flour, and butter lines for 10-14 hours.

Such is a socialist Paradise.

Bill Ayers, that notable Judeo-Bolshevik estimated that upwards of twenty million dissidents would have to be shot when Judeo-Bolsheviks (JB’s) gained control of America.

(Harry Potter calls JB’s a “nation of death”.)

After Ayers published his estimate, he was rewarded with a professorship at the U of Chicago, teaching students how to write children’s stories that glorify regressive regimes.

Whether his number was correct or not, he conveniently omitted to mention the 50 to 70 million free loaders that would, also, have to be eliminated.  It would simply cost too much to transport them to those northern reaches of Canada and Alaska.

These numbers were as of 1970.  Now, and owing to a wider knowledge of the complicity of Judeo-Bolsheviks in current and lingering grievances, I estimate that 40-60 million dissidents and 140 million useless eaters would have to be liquidated – nearly 200 million total.

This leads to a very major problem for our snowflakes.

The elite criminal class wants to eliminate world governments and have private corporations “govern” the world.

Well, at some point, those free-loading snowflakes will have to be eliminated or shipped north.  There is nothing new about this.  It is precisely what Judeo-Bolsheviks intended to do during the French Terror (1792-4); they had planned to eliminate 80% of the French population (20, of 25, millions) to establish their socialist paradise; but, after slaughtering a mere million peasants, the fury exhausted itself.

They were noticeably more successful during their next major operation: the Russian slaughter beginning in 1917.

Who will do this slaughter for the next socialist paradise… existing governments… or private corporations?

This is where the ‘major problem’ pops up.

To exercise reins of power, requires the approval and support of a large fraction of the population; without this, the governing agency simply evaporates – or its members are slaughtered for failing to provide free lunches to that large fraction of useless eaters.

As far as I’m concerned, it makes no difference who ships our snowflakes north.

Our concern should focus on two items: a) ‘How do we make certain that snowflakes eat each other (not us) and b)How do we protect ourselves from the chaos and violence that accompanies the slow march to their paradise?’

This has been the focus of my work for more than 45 years, from a) establishing a gold-based banking service, b) exposing (since 1990) that enormous operation of plunder known as “Public Employee Retirement Systems” (CalPERS, for example) c) rescuing the law and procedures of redress from the trash bins of history, among other items.

All my work is lawyer-, accountant-, and professor-proof; still, don’t hesitate to perform your own due diligence.  My short bio and an introduction to my findings will give you a modest hint of why the Department of Justice and federal courts performed a “judicial plunder” in an attempt to silence my message (including 5 months in jail for refusing to betray my customers).



About the year 1968 I discovered the country was occupied by thieves, and that their main weapon of plunder was the Federal Reserve... and that as long as we used their paper currency and bank accounts, we financed our own destruction... unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to wait for someone else to do it... please read more:
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