Is cannibalism ethical? Financial, that is.

A major grievance that affects everyone on the planet is the grievance of cannibalism – financial cannibalism, that is.  Its means and measure is governmental debt.  As I have noted many times, it is the process by which a generation of tax consumers financially cannibalizes following generations of tax payers.  There is enough such debt on US Treasury books (as Treasury securities) to cannibalize following generations of American tax payers to the end of time. (

Even without this time frame, it would be a major grievance: it is a policy that a civilized man would never allow – and punish as heavily as possible.

It is actually ‘high treason’ for the same reason borrowings by Charles ii from Louis xiv were classified as treason: both examples were means to deny or delay redress of grievances demanded by parliament or, in our case, demanded by living American citizens.

What, now, is its redress?

Who shall investigate and prosecute, collect and distribute this plunder?

Shall we depend on those guilty of financial cannibalism (governments and privilege holders) to perform these functions?  What a silly question.

We must duplicate what American Founders did.  The task, in other words, falls to private men.  However, to perform these functions as lone individuals would only be missions of suicide.  To perform them as several First-Amendment assemblies would improve our chance of success significantly; in fact, sufficient time, experience and knowledge would make it a certainty.  Such assemblies were the engine of the American Revolution.

I suggest that we aim at two main ends: a) to create situations where cannibals will eat each other; b) and, to create a social system whereby we can save ourselves and as much as we can of Western civilization from the ruins of ensuing financial catastrophes.

Actually, the first of these ends will happen no matter what we do.  And, if we do nothing regarding the second part, we will be consumed by the first end.  However, if we focus only on the second of these ends, we will a) only hasten the first and b) have a much better chance of survival; as an assembly’s main actors, we will even have opportunities for profit.

Most of what needs to be done is now available to us in the normal course of litigation: namely, a quiet title action and a lis pendens. (Excerpted from The Lost Right, 4th ed.)

Warning: do not proceed with such actions until you have sufficiently learned the law and procedures of redress; otherwise you embark on a mission of suicide, or provide future observers with material by which to write comedies.



About the year 1968 I discovered the country was occupied by thieves, and that their main weapon of plunder was the Federal Reserve... and that as long as we used their paper currency and bank accounts, we financed our own destruction... unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to wait for someone else to do it... please read more:
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