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Black-listed again.

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The first time I was “locked out of the courthouse” by the IRS and DoJ as they perpetrated an inquisition against my customers and me. This time, it was Google and Yahoo that locked me out of the Internet: a “courthouse” of public opinion. Google locked me out because of a video I had uploaded; and Yahoo locked me out because I was sending an e-mail to contacts that explained the Google black-listing. I don’t know… perhaps because they want to shield the IRS and DoJ from a bit of my humor… or because I want to show people they no longer have to be lame, ill or, even, grow old. I’m sure they’ll never tell.

Here’s the letter I sent to about half my contacts (before being locked out of my account):

I recently uploaded two videos to the Internet (YouTube); and I have yet to be able to access either. I repeatedly get “not available” or “error occurred”.

What’s more, to upload them I had to sign in as a Google account holder. I did so, uploaded a video and decided to wait a half hour before uploading another. When I made the attempt, Google (YouTube) wouldn’t let me sign in.

(There are several other incidences that point to this black-listing; but I’ll save them for another time.)

Videos involved my sessions in batting cages. I regard such sessions as powerful evidence that my health habits get extraordinary results… after all, who else on this planet can hit 117 mph fastballs… at the age of 70?

With these videos, I want to show people they no longer have to be lame, ill, or, even, to grow old. With adequate promotion, I estimate their message would have the power a) to deal a very serious blow to all those who denounce good health habits; b) to reveal Obamacare, Medicare and other similar programs as subsidized programs to murder and plunder Americans as soon as possible after they retire; thereby extending the “life” of the Social Security fraud; c) to give more ammunition to those fighting GMO crops; d) to contribute to the elimination of the cut, burn and poison industry; e) as an incidental result, it would throw a huge spotlight on the enormities perpetrated against my customers and me by the IRS inquisition; and f) possibly enable us to recover losses from that disaster.

One video is a frame-by-frame depiction of one of my hits, by using the frame count I derive a speed of 117 mph. There is some confusion with regard to the link: try

one ( (last four symbols are “5_vk”) or

two ( (same for last 4 symbols).

A second video (which I was unable to upload) showed a speed between 121 and 127 mph.

A third video was uploaded about a month earlier; and I have yet to be able to access it. It consists of a narrative and clips of what I have done and what I offer. It runs about 6 and a half minutes.

With these videos, and adequate promotion, I see enormous potential (let your imagination run wild). But it won’t happen unless sufficient resources are deployed for the project (money, skills, labor, other resources).

If you are inclined to help (or just curious), I suppose you’d want to examine my evidence. If you can access videos one and three (see links above), please let me know. If you can’t access them, I can send all three to you by DVD for $7.

If I get a sufficient response, I’ll schedule a meeting or two to convey more info and move forward on this project. I might, also, tell about the ten-month ordeal I’ve had to endure relative to a housemate who sold drugs and sexual services from his bedroom just down the hall; how he turned the house into a flop house for homeless dope heads; I also caught him stealing my property (actually, the Company’s (ALH & Co.’s) property); and how it finally ended.

I should warn you about sending cash: customers might remember that I was selling health products from the Company’s office; after the IRS had occupied the Company’s office for two months, they evacuated it and told me I could return to it. During my effort to dispose of assets, I returned a few box-loads of supplements for refunds… and found that several bottles (shampoo, supplements, lotions) were half full. Have I ever told you that tax takers are little more than statutory thieves? They just can’t help themselves: they take whatever pleases them.

So, if you send cash, I can’t be responsible for it.

And then there is the case of the missing Frank Sinatra records. I lived in the office for several years before I was arrested; thus, I had many personal belongings in the office when it was occupied by the IRS. They included about 20 long-playing records (Johnny Cash, Pozo Seco Singers, Kingston Trio, Brothers Four, Peter, Paul and Mary, Frank Sinatra among others). While IRS agents occupied the office, they turned over everything, looking for… well, I don’t know what they were looking for; perhaps, shampoo, lotions… Anyway, one of them found my LP’s. He took them to several second-hand LP dealers thinking he could raise a considerable amount of cash to put into the IRS’ purse. At least that’s what he told my lawyer when he delivered the records to his (my lawyer’s) office for eventual delivery to me. I believe otherwise according to my eventual discovery that all my Frank Sinatra records were missing.

Oh, the lies they invent to mask their stealing.

One more item, for several years before the inquisition, the Company, as noted, sold health products from the office and this project generated considerable profits (from a very small capital base) – despite products stolen by IRS agents. So my remarks concerning a proposed health service are based on experience.

Sincerely, Anthony

1331 West 1st St. #102, Santa Ana, Cal. 92703

Post Script: (2014 Ap 14) About midway thru the work of sending the above to my e-mail list, I experienced another incident that indicates I’ve been black-listed: my e-mail account went dead. Yahoo explained that “irregular behavior” had been detected on my account and decided to shut it down. My irregular behavior consisted of sending e-mail with 9 BCC’s attached to each; something I’ve done about 10 or 15 times in the past 5-6 years. I tried several times to open my e-mail, without success.

It seems the folks at Google, IRS, DoJ and Yahoo have no sense of humor… I mean the kind based on facts of reality.

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