Confessions and Confusions of Treasury,

The March Hare Rules.

Part 2

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In Part 1 we examined several deceits and confusions employed by federal accountants to mask the “unsustainable” condition of federal government policies.  “Present value” dollars; “primary deficits (or gaps, or surpluses); the inclusion of capital-consumption (or capital-destruction) items as components of an index that supposedly measures a nation’s “gross production” were among those deceits.

Another confusion employed by those accountants was a presentation of so-called balance sheets, charts and tables that depicted budget projections as if the government could operate without paying interest on its publicly-held debt.

What’s the point?  Any yokel can understand that, if you don’t pay interest on your debts, you will not be able to borrow money in the future.

Are they engaged in a kind of trial balloon, or training exercise, regarding the planned repudiation of federal debt securities… or some other global-shift regarding financial markets?

My purpose in this Part 2 is to examine possibilities regarding what they may be planning.  To adequately understand this analysis, it would help to provide a context, based, as far as possible, on facts of history.

Item One: the English monarchy, nobility (the military class) and privilege holders have never conceded permanent loss of their American colonies.  As far as they are concerned, it’s only a matter of time before they finally recover their former colonies; this becomes evident by examining journals of parliament (just prior to the Treaty of Peace of 1783) and subsequent historical developments.

Before they could give attention to this ulterior goal, they first had to retaliate against Louis xvi and the French nation for their support of the American cause; this led to the French terror of 1792-4, which resulted in Louis’ execution and the genocide of a million or so French peasants.

The English were joined in this slaughter by Judeo-Bolshevik money lenders and merchants, who were angered by Louis in 1772 when he proposed abolition of grain monopolies (among other reforms).

With the French matter completed, the English continued their schemes against America and were instrumental in precipitating the American Civil War.  Their plan was to exhaust the Union and then march in to subdue a prostrate nation.  However, Alexander of Russia intervened and frustrated English plans.

Once again, the English had to divert their attention from returning America to obedience: they had to retaliate against Alexander and the Russian nation.  This led to the assassination of Alexander and the Russian slaughter of 1917.

In both France and Russia, Louis and Alexander preceded Americans in granting reforms and new freedoms to peasants.  This was probably the cause of genocides in both countries; for, it is the nature of men that, once they have tasted freedom, they will never go back voluntarily to a condition of slavery.  This, apparently, is a lesson learned by Judeo-Bolsheviks over 5,000 years of experience.  As such, we can probably lay most of the blame for French and Russian genocides on these Judeo-Bolsheviks, and another part on English monarchy, nobility and privilege holders.

My article, Returning America to Obedience, explains the above history in more detail.

All I want to establish here is that 1) the operation to return America to English obedience began just prior to the Treaty of Peace of 1783; 2) Judeo-Bolsheviks have worked side-by-side with the English ever since; 3) that both French and Russian nations have paid a terrible price for assistance they rendered to America and 4) the horrors laid on France and Russia should be regarded as prelude to what will befall America when it finally collapses.

Item two: in my opinion, the financial crisis that began the summer of 2007 is part of the final phase of the attempt to return America to obedience.

And this final phase seems to have been inaugurated with the Nixon visit to China, supposedly, to open trade between the two countries.  As events would eventually prove, the real purpose of this trade was to sell US Treasury securities to China in exchange for low-quality knick knacks.  Apparently, the American criminal class realized that domestic borrowing was very nearly pushed to the limit, and that the American public would not tolerate higher taxes.  And so, the native criminal class thot to extend their rapacity thru sales of debt to China.

The Carter-Torrijos Treaty was the next step.  It gave $3 billion, and possession of the Panama Canal, to Red China.  This was deemed necessary by the Chinese criminal class (or Judeo-Bolshevik money lenders) in order to provide collateral for US Treasury securities China was to buy; you see, collateral was deemed necessary because history hardly knows any nation that has honored its treaties.

(We are examining an operation that is unprecedented with regard to complexity, foresight, and chutzpah.  It is simply too extreme in every regard for the Chinese to have originated, or carried it out by their own initiative.  This operation required a nation of cutthroats and thieves who had been operating for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years.  A nation comprised of people who could exterminate tens of millions of people without remorse, who had intricate international connections for the same number of years, who had ready access to unlimited funds, among other requirements, who dominated media, education, and religions as long.  The Nation of Judeo-Bolsheviks is the only candidate that could conceive and execute this operation that we are examining.)

Shortly after China took possession of the Canal, it 1) cobbled together an ALLIANCE (as I have named it) among Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, the Red Army, Chinese Triads (their equivalent of the Mafia), the Chinese Communist Party and several other world-class criminal organizations: and 2) smuggled 150 high-level Chinese Crime bosses into the US thru the cooperation of Panamanian officials.  All this and more was done with the cooperation and encouragement of the American Congress and several government agencies… FBI, DoJ, DEA, among others.

(I deal with this aspect of the final phase in more detail in my article, Anatomy of a General Plunder, part ii’.)

American criminal and useless classes, along with Judeo-Bolsheviks and the English probably saw this as the beginning of the end… the final and complete destruction of America, and all that it represented.

But there were several major operations that had to be completed before they could allow this destruction:

One: provide Israel with a source of subsidies that did not depend on the American taxpayer.  For thousands of years, Judeo-Bolsheviks (JBs) have been favored tax collectors and money lenders for criminal classes in numerous countries.  The Zionist movement to establish a nation strictly for Judeo-Bolsheviks was successful despite near-violent opposition by other JB sects who sought to enforce the millennia-long ban against formation of such a nation; for, being a nation of tax collectors, JBs had no productive capacities.  And a nation of tax collectors would only eat one another.  To prevent this spectacle, the state of Israel has survived only by enormous subsidies ($3 to $7 billion annually) provided by American and German tax payers.

With the destruction of America, these subsidies would disappear (the destruction of the dollar would take down the German banking system and economy), and the world would be treated to a very gruesome spectacle among the children of Israel.

A solution for this problem lay in the oil fields of Persian Gulf nations.  Accordingly, the purpose of American adventures into the region was to capture such oil fields, build pipe lines to Israel, and place Judeo-Bolsheviks in control of such oil fields and pipe lines.

Now, with the destruction of America, the Zionist nation could live on the plunder collected from the Persian Gulf region.

Two: ‘What’s a conquest without capturing the gold?’  A very wasted effort.  Prior to the Russian slaughter, Czar Nicholas and his family were regarded as the richest on the planet, with investments all over the globe; and he was surrounded by Judeo-Bolsheviks.  The latter murdered Nicholas and his entire family… and its wealth has simply disappeared.  It takes no wild guess to conclude that his family’s wealth disappeared into the clutches of Judeo-Bolsheviks.

Therefore, we should expect that Judeo-Bolsheviks will take, or have taken, as much gold as possible away from the US Treasury, and from European central banks before allowing the destruction of America.  It appears this was done during the 1990s by the so-called gold carry trade; and was probably completed by the summer of 2001.

Judeo-Bolsheviks have aimed at the destruction of the white race for a long time, which they frequently refer to as, ‘Christians’.

“Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.” — Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869

The good rabbi spoke as of 1869; World Wars 1 and 2 swept another 120 million members of the white race off the globe.

Extermination of the white race is thot necessary by Judeo-Bolsheviks because it is the only race that has demonstrated a capacity to develop, or maintain, civilization.  As such, it is regarded as a major enemy of Judeo-Bolsheviks, who aim to reduce all non-Judeo-Bolsheviks to a mass of rotting slaves.

It seems there is a good reason that Harry Potter refers to them as the “Nation of Death“.

And so, Judeo-Bolsheviks aim – not only to annihilate America and its ideals, but – the destruction of any nation that displays a trace of civilized behavior.  Who better to explain this than a Jewish historian?

Item three: judging by results, or subsequent events, the 9-11 “terrorist” attack was perpetrated a) to divert attention away from a number of official crimes, b) to halt investigation and prosecution of such crimes; c) to prepare the American public to accept a reign of terror; and d) to collect a few boat loads of additional plunder.

Sub-items a and b: the cruise missile that slammed into the Pentagon struck precisely the office where a team of accountants were investigating $2-$4 trillion of DoD money that was reported missing.  Watch Donald Rumsfield tell Congress, the morning before 9-11, about part of this missing money.  Elsewhere the Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating several large New York banks for fraudulent activities.  The office doing this work was located on floor 23 of Building 7 of the Twin Towers complex; within 2-3 hours of the strikes against buildings 1 and 2, a raging fire was detected on floor 23 of Building 7, with a few dead bodies laying about..  It was brought down just 7 hours after buildings 1 and 2 came down – even tho it was not struck by an airplane.  Flight 93 was intended to smash into this Building 7 in order to provide a plausible excuse for its collapse; but the plane mal-functioned, or was shot down.

Sub-item c: shortly after these 9-11 strikes, the Department of Homeland Security was proposed, and became law about a year later.  It was  modeled after French committees of terror (1792-4), the Judeo-Bolshevik Cheka (aka NKVD, KGB et cetera) and the Nazi Schutzstaffel.  The primary purpose of these organs of terror was to protect rule by cutthroats and thieves by eliminating all dissent.  If the DHS is modeled after those historical instruments of terror, what possibly could be its purpose?  Ah, yes, that was a silly question.

Now, there is a problem here: Judeo-Bolsheviks have estimated that, with the collapse of America, it will require the extermination of some 20,000,000 American dissidents.  That was 40 years ago; now it would probably require 2 or 3 times that number.  And history tells us that native assassins become useless after murdering 2-5 neighbors, family members or friends.

Who, then, will do the killing… who will staff the DHS?  Will they be members of the ALLIANCE cobbled together by Red China, with full cooperation of the US Congress and several government agencies?  (See, ‘What Price Gold…’)

Sub-item d: it took a few years for the extra booty to arrive; but, when it did it came in unprecedented amounts.  It began with the financial crisis of 2007 (and counting); and now totals $1.5-$2 trillion, at least.  (Anatomy… part 1)

Owing to these items, and a few others, I surmised that Judeo-Bolsheviks had planned to annihilate America and its memory then flee with their booty to Red China while America was disintegrating – as they fled Russia during the face-lift of 1985-92.

In preparation for this flight from America and Europe, the criminal elite of China and their money-lenders have been building so-called ghost cities that now stand empty and desolate.

Judeo-Bolsheviks’ flight from Russia was rather chaotic relative to their housing during and after their flight.  They had to stay in East German army barracks, cheap hotels and other demeaning abodes while mansions were built for them in Israel with a $10 billion gift from American tax payers.


This is located in Zhengzhou, capital of Hanan; a ghost city (above) within a real city; complete with a penis-like structure rising in the center of it – an object of worship in the religion of Baal, an early version of Judaism.  (Source: Mysteryoftheiniquity.)

So, how do we explain those Chinese ghost cities?

Were they built for peasants of China? Based on an investigation by the Australian website, ‘MacroBusiness, this doesn’t seem likely. In these ghost cities, you have…

millions of expensive homes and millions of Chinese who can’t afford to live in them. George Jao is one of them – his rented home lies at the end of a narrow alley in the capital of Beijing. He knows that one day soon, all this will be demolished. In its place, more upmarket condominiums like the ones that tower above his neighborhood – a daily reminder of his own frustrated efforts to buy a home… there’s a communal sink and toilet – there is no place for children here, which is why their daughter remains with his parents in Sichuan – they see her once a year… “What worries me most is polarization, according to Deng Xiaopin, if it leads to polarization, then our reform has failed. Right now, China is polarized – it continues to be polarized – that is a big worry.” Professor Zhou Xiao Sheng, People’s University, Beijing… Buyers are required to pay 50% of the asking price upfront and the balance within 3 years… “Will there be anger and disgruntlement?” [Reporter] “Yes, it increases the chance that you get some form of social unrest.” [Gillem Tulloch] [Brackets added.]

Elsewhere, it was reported that residences in these ghost cities were being offered at $300,000 to $10,000,000… while the average employed Chinese earned $5,000 to $6,000 per year… hardly adequate to support a mortgage one tenth the lowest price.

The Daily Mail of the United Kingdom reported that the duplicate Italian city in Africa consisted of 750 8-story blocks of apartments; with each apartment offered at £75,000.

My guess is that they were/are intended refuges for Judeo-Bolshevik money lenders and their millions of foot soldiers while they wait for fires of rebellion to die down in Europe and America.

They have gone to extraordinary measure to make sure every looter may live in the style he may desire, a replica of an English village; the trappings of Paris, a miniature Manhattan, canals of Venice; or town replicas of Germany, Sweden, Austria, “North European Town”). It is almost as if every city or culture duplicated on Chinese soil represents a city or nation that is scheduled for obliteration – and Judeo-Bolsheviks want an example of it preserved in China, or Angola, or… who knows where else(?), as a hunter likes to mount trophies of slaughtered animals in his den.

Many of these ghost cities are built as copies of cities of Europe and America.


Here is a copy (apparently) of Venice, Italy… located in Shanghai (above).  (Source, YouTube)

If their plan is the destruction of America – that is, a destruction effected by inflating the dollar to zero – followed by a flight to safety in China or Angola, they seem to have overlooked a few major factors.

For one, since US Treasury securities purchased by the Chinese central bank serve as collateral for a major fraction of Chinese currency and bank reserves, the destruction of America – that is, the dollar – would also trigger the destruction of the Chinese banking system – along with banking systems of many other nations. As of January 2015, China held $1,239.1 billion in US Treasury securities; Japan, $1,238.6 billion; European Union, $1.1- $1.3 trillion; Belgium, $354.6 billion; Caribbean Banking Centers, $338.5 billion; Oil Exporters, $290.8 billion; Brazil, $256.7 billion; UK, $207 billion; Switzer, $205.5 billion; Hong Kong, $172 billion; India, $91.2 billion; Russia, $82 billion et cetera). (Anatomy… part 2)

The destruction of the dollar, in other words, would cause each of these central banks to suffer a total loss on such securities, thus, erasing collateral for bank notes and bank reserves issued IN EXCHANGE for those US Treasuries.

A second factor is that China is seething with tens or hundreds of million peasants on the verge of a historical slave uprising. They have many long-standing grievances: enforced sterilization after the birth of a child; the disparity between peasant hovels and palaces of ghost cities; tens of millions murdered and another billion or so lives ruined under Judeo-Bolshevik-financed and -directed communism. A recent report indicates that some 1500 riots occur in China on a daily basis – ranging from one dissident to thousands, from mere shouting to shooting or knifing official thieves.

More than 1,000 migrant workers went on a rampage in Zengcheng after a pregnant street vendor in her 20s was roughed up by security guards… the center of town was bedlam, with smashed windows, blazing police vehicles and teargas explosions as rioters hurled missiles at an official building.

Armored cars were used… to quell a riot over the death of Ran Jianxin, an official who had led the fight against corruption in the town of Lichuan but died mysteriously in police custody…

Protests followed bomb attacks on government facilities in two other cities…

Some Chinese academics believe that the true number of protests in the country last year was more than 180,000.

Beijing remains terrified that the fast-rising tally of localized protests could be linked via mobile social networking and Twitter-style websites.

Owing to these two factors, it seems reasonable that the destruction of the Chinese banking system would trigger a slave rebellion of unprecedented proportions. Formerly oppressed serfs would pour into streets in search of anyone and anything remotely connected to former Communist Party members and slaughter them without regard to guilt or innocence, age or condition; and possession of a fair amount of wealth would signal that its possessor would be such a member; for, no “privilege” – own a business (with more than 5 employees), attend a university, produce a movie – is possible in centrally-planned societies but those who espouse prevailing fairy tales. Being favored tax collectors of tyrants, Judeo-Bolsheviks have had much experience with these slaughters.


Thames Town (above), located in Songjian; peasants now travel hundreds of miles just to have their photos taken in its midst.  (Source, BBC News.)

There is a third factor. Because of the $1.2 to $1.5 trillion in US Treasury notes held by Red China, I’m sure they, and their JB money lenders, feel that they have a valid mortgage on resources and people of America. (In a feudal society (probably the earliest centralized society), serfs are regarded as attached to the land: thus, bought and sold with land.)

However, a valid claim and collection of that claim are two different things. When a mortgage represents a claim on an entire nation, and when that nation is partly comprised of people who are relatively free, Judeo-Bolsheviks have learned, over 5,000 years of experience, that such people will not easily submit to slavery: that the only way to deal with them is a mass genocide; and, to carry out that genocide, native assassins become practically useless after killing 2-5 neighbors, friends and relatives.

Native assassins? No, Judeo-Bolsheviks have learned, during that same 5,000 years, that foreign assassins are required: those that can slaughter thousands, even millions, before they become useless.

Where can they recruit such assassins?

To address this problem, it appears they have plans to organize one or more collection teams comprised of a) members of the ALLIANCE cobbled together by Red China; b) members of American street gangs; 3) members of the Red Army or 4) any combination of the foregoing.

Collection team one: the ALLIANCE, as noted above, was cobbled together by China and includes Mexican and Columbian drug cartels, the Red Army, Chinese Triads, Communist Party of China, and other world-class criminal organizations; all done with aid and encouragement of Congress and several federal agencies. (See Building…)

Collection team two: a little background:

Last year [1996] US Customs in Oakland seized 2,000 AK-47s delivered on a COSCO ship (China Ocean Shipping Company)… going to street gangs in southern California.

Apparently, Customs and the White House don’t talk to one another; for

Wang Jun, chairman of Polytech, the manufacturer of these [seized] weapons, attended a White House function in February, 1996. On April 14, 1997 the AP said two truckloads of illegal Chinese arms bound for Mexico [that is, Mexican drug cartels] were found in a San Diego warehouse. According to the evidence there were four other truckloads of arms from China.

Thus, China has been arming American street gangs as well as Mexican drug cartels since, at least the early 1990s.

[Such] street gangs are being recruited to be used as shock troops by the government during a national emergency partly to disarm the public and to make arrests. In June, 1996 the Justice Department said it was going to hold a conference with gang leaders to discuss common problems. [Brackets added]

“Common problems”… like, the difficulty of collecting extortion money from non-members… avoiding prosecution for crimes committed… arranging false flags… exterminating dissidents, or “trouble-makers”?

The San Jose Mercury News [actually, Gary Webb] last year explained how the Contras supplied illegal drugs to the Crips and Bloods in LA, apparently with CIA knowledge [and complicity].

Owing to this assistance by the CIA, Crips and Bloods are now operating nationally.

COSCO has been attempting [as of 1999], with White House support, to lease the closed naval facility in Long Beach. Under the agreement US Customs could only inspect one in 8 COSCO ships; so it will be impossible to prevent illegal drugs and weapons from entering the US. [Brackets added]

Collection team three: members of the Red Army. Practically all large companies (excepting those with 20 or fewer employees) are essentially controlled by the Red Army: this is done thru the practice of including at least one army officer (and communist party member) on the board of directors of those companies. He is there, not because he has any useful business expertise, but because he serves as the political officer for such companies. Where strict party discipline is not followed, the Army (or CP) is notified, and necessary corrections are taken.

This is especially true where Chinese companies are organized in foreign lands. A sizeable fraction of US dollars accumulated by China has been used to buy (or establish) thousands of American businesses. Thus, when these companies carryout an operation that involves several kinds of products and services, it can all be done under the watchful eye of the Red Army. This makes it very difficult for American investigators to gather evidence of illegal activity. (See a summary report of export cases, since 2008, that involve numerous foreign nations; about a third of them related to China.)

Empty China Paris

Or, how about Paris, France, located near Tiaducheng  (Source, Zerohedge.)

All three of these collection teams were aided and encouraged by Congress, White House, Department of Justice, FBI, DHS, CIA, DEA and several other agencies. And so, this operation against America is not the work of China alone, which is probably a temporary tool used by much larger forces: namely Judeo-Bolsheviks who, as I’ve noted a few times, has been conducting plunders of nations and genocides for at least 5,000 years.

Now, will employees of such federal agencies cooperate with these collection teams just mentioned?  Of course they will.  I explained in Part One of this article that federal employees (civilian and military) are members of the federal Retirement System (RS); and that such RS is 97% unfunded.  Which means that, if such employees are to collect their $5,000 to $7,000 retirement checks each month, they, somehow, will have to collect $55 trillion to $70 trillion in taxes that are now uncollectible.

When America’s criminal and useless classes are confronted with the choice between a) forsaking their retirement checks and b) aiding and assisting Judeo-Bolshevik assassins, I think we know what their choice will be.

I don’t think we will see large numbers of Chinese troops on American soil; for, they will be needed to maintain Chinese peasants in subjection. If too many of such troops leave China, it will give a green light to increased social unrest in China, which would probably escalate into a full-scale avalanche.

Of course, these collection teams would be rather ineffectual without a nation of informers. Don’t worry, they’ve already thot of that.

By the act of Congress that established the DHS a system was created by which informers could make false allegations against anyone they please with near-total impunity. Of course, such informers aren’t described as informers; rather they are given the title “submitting person” and the DHS Act provides that their falsehoods will never be examined by any court or legislature or law enforcement agency. The legislation even specifies how this immunity is obtained. The “submitting person” only has to give an “express statement” that his lies were “voluntarily given” and that he expected “protection from disclosure”.

Normally immunity is decided on a case-by-case basis by bureaucrats or prosecutors. But not here. Under the DHS Act, authority to grant immunity is given to those who provide false testimony. What more could a thief want?

There is another possible factor that would aid China’s seizure of American property: Endocrine Disruptors.  These are poisons that disrupt hormonal systems of human beings: they feminize men and masculinize women, cause birth defects, interfere with DNA signaling (from conception to old age), and a host of other adverse effects.  They are found in homes, offices, work places and thousands of other locations.  They are so ubiquitous that they seem to represent a kind of chemical warfare.  The Red Chinese and their Judeo-Bolshevik handlers do not want to destroy property that secures their investments; they only want to eliminate the population that currently occupies such property.  And these Endocrine Disruptors are too surgical and too ubiquitous to be accidental, or without an ulterior goal.


Manhattan, in Tianjin 2

And, who can overlook Manhattan, located in Yujiapu, Tianjin (the two images above)?  Scheduled for completion in 2019, at a cost of RMB 200 billion.  (Source, Teacher Mar(?); also, BBC News.)

The replica of Manhattan is perhaps the most curious of ghost cities.

“Our goal is to build a first-rate base for financial revolution and innovation and to steer international finance towards Yujiapu,” said Li Cailiang, supervisor of the policy research bureau in Binhai.

It is scheduled to have three main landmarks: one skyscraper modeled after the Rockefeller Center and one Tishman Twin Towers, the result of investment and construction from Tishman Speyer’s China arm, Yinfeini Property.  “More than 40 years after his dad built the Twin Towers, Dan Tishman is doing it (“rebuilding ground zero”) again.”  Source.

And then there is the major contributing factor of this project: “its construction and planning company.”

The Rockefeller Group officially announced the start of operations in the financial center on August 8 by establishing an affiliate company, Luo Si Luo Ke, with Tianjin Innovation Finance Investment, the direct operator of Yujiapu.

This means The Rockefeller Group is directly involved in the investment and construction of Yujiapu’s infrastructure.

What makes the replica so curious is that it is being constructed by those who have the most to lose by it – apparently.

This naturally raises a few questions: ‘Why would major dominate players on Wall Street finance and build a replica of their main base of operation that would take business and influence away from it… unless these players were planning to raze and burn the original Wall Street and reassemble it in China?’  It would not be the first time they have done this: in the time of Hammurabi (about the year minus 1800), Judeo-Bolsheviks (then known as Babylonian merchants, priests and money lenders) re-wrote their “religion” to be centered at Palestine/Egypt; changed their name; moved to Palestine (modern Judeo-Bolsheviks call it an “Exodus”; and reduced Babylon to a pile of rubble.

Is America to be the next Babylon – as Russia (1985-92) was the most recent scene of a Judeo-Bolshevik “Exodus”?

Another curious item about this China Manhattan project is that about 3 days after I published this article, I went back to the website where I found the above images of Manhattan only to find they had disappeared.  Fortunately, I had also copied original sources for such images; which appear under images above.


So, how did we go from an examination of the federal government’s annual report (in Part One) to the GDP, street gangs and drug cartels, the government’s role in arming, protecting and forming alliances with such gangs and cartels… and a dozen or so other items? And, let us recognize that a government is a mere agent, a mask, for those who direct and control its actions.

They all point to a conclusion that a vast operation is being perpetrated.

I began this Part 2 with the question, ‘What financial shock do Judeo-Bolsheviks plan?’ Do they plan to inflate the dollar to zero… repudiate the federal debt… Issue Treasury bank notes… perpetrate a mass genocide of Americans?’

And, how do China’s ghost cities fit into this unprecedented operation?

It should be easy to see that they are well-positioned to perform an extermination of dissidents: the DHS, modeled after three historical organs of terror; alliances with street gangs and the Chinese ALLIANCE support such a claim.

After all, why would they expend billions of dollars and millions of man-hours to establish an organ of terror if they had no intent of using it… if they planned no tyranny that would provoke social disorders, or slave uprisings?

Of course they plan to use this organ or terror. Of course they intend to use one or more of those “collection teams” I outlined. Of course they plan a tyranny far in excess than what a few Americans will tolerate… those who ask too many questions; describe too many “official” crimes; show a trace of independence; a sense of justice or intelligence; or possess a store of food, ammo, guns, or gold…

And then there are those budget projections as if the government didn’t have to pay interest on its debt. This points to a plan to replace bank notes issued by the Federal Reserve by bank notes issued by the Treasury. The former is collateralized by US Treasury securities (and several other types of bad paper). The latter would be collateralized by nothing; just printed and spent into circulation. If these Treasury bank notes were used to redeem Treasury securities, there would be no interest to pay.

What, then, would former holders of Treasury securities do with their “cash”? The answer would be as varied as there are such holders: some would invest in other securities, some would spend it; some would hoard it. And, unless they can invent a method to suspend economic law, it would eventually lead to driving the dollar to zero, probably within a few weeks.

It comes down to inflating the dollar to nothing – thus, repudiating the federal debt – and a flight to safety while America is consumed in flames. I believe that in early stages of their plan, they seriously considered destruction of the dollar and, hence, destruction of America and its founding ideals. But somewhere along their path, they realized that destruction of the dollar would bring down the financial structure of the whole planet; and that there would then be nowhere for them to flee. Wherever they went, or are found, they would be met by angry slaves. After more than 50 centuries of capturing, plundering and perpetrating genocides in numerous nations, they seem to have reached their end. Their religious mandate to reduce all other nations to abject slavery depended on new victims after each one they destroyed. Now, after the destruction of America, there is no other country on the planet worth plundering… and nowhere to run.

And, it appears they know it. If they don’t, it’s up to you and I to correct their oversight.

While tyrants of the earth aimed at the destruction of America since the so-called Treaty of Peace of 1783, the final phase seems to have been underway for nearly 45 years, at least.


They even built an Italian ghost city (Nova Cidade de Lilamba), in Africa, near Luanda, Angola (above).  (Source, Daily Mail)

Images of many more ghost cities of China; be prepared to spend a couple of hours here.

My conclusion: yes, the dollar will be inflated to zero; but, central banks will do everything possible to delay it as long as possible while the plundering class also does everything possible to provoke the masses to senseless violence. This violence then will be blamed on those who saw trouble coming and stocked ammo, weapons, gold and food. Judeo-Bolsheviks, thru DHS shock troops, will then arrest these hoarders, seize their stockpiles and eliminate them as they were eliminated by guillotine in the French terror and by a shot in the nape of the neck during the Russian slaughter. They have done it many times; and America will be no different; it will pass from existence and, in fifty or so years, even from man’s memory – as happened to Babylon (within a hundred years after its fall, the world regarded stories about it as little more than fairy tales) and as it almost happened to Greece (which was rediscovered about the thirteenth century).

With the passing of America, the world will enter another Dark Age, which, owing to the “miracle” of central banking, will last far longer than the original Dark Age – perhaps 5,000, even 10,000, years.

(Prior to the invention of central banking, Judeo-Bolsheviks could plunder only living generations and perhaps some of their children; but, with central banking, unborn generations could be plundered, in the case of America, to the end of time.  This time period is what we get based on facts, and formulas provided in the Financial Report of the US Government.

And, when will “they” pull the trigger on this ages-old plan of destruction?

The Rockefeller Group estimates that the replica Manhattan in China will be completed by 2019.  I estimate that it would take 2-5 years to reasonably transfer personnel from New York and London (and a few other financial centers) to China, and to adequately coordinate them.

Does this mean we have until 2021 for them to implement their financial shock… hyperinflation… issue US Treasury bank notes… repudiation of the federal debt… et cetera?

I can only speculate on this question.

This is what I see as they frantically try to locate a safe place to flee.

I would like to think that Americans could stop this horror; but, I don’t think it’s possible. Americans are a conquered nation; not by ordinary warfare, but, by a lethargy induced my medication, an ignorance molded by indoctrination, and a corruption brought on by a mania for dope, foul language and perverted sex.

So, you see, there aren’t many people worth saving; those who are worth saving are concentrated in ages up to 15 years.

Save yourself and your children; arrange your affairs so you don’t finance the hell others have created, and desire. Let others have, and suffer, what they want… and deserve.

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2 Responses to CCT2

  1. Scot Kelly says:

    Thank you for your research and tying this all together. In the section where you list a few major factors that they overlook in the eventual destruction of America you state: “…since US Treasury securities purchased by the Chinese central bank serve as collateral for a major fraction of Chinese currency and bank reserves, the destruction of America – that is, the dollar – would also trigger the destruction of the Chinese banking system – along with banking systems of many other nations.”

    This is true on the surface but there are credible reports that China is selling its Treasuries and buying hard assets such as gold. They obviously can’t do this all at once or they risk drawing attention to the sell off and spooking the markets. So it also seems that they are doing direct payments of Treasuries to African and South American governments in exchange for mines, drilling rights, ports and other infrastructure. And finally I have seen reports that China has deposited the bulk do their Treasuries with the big TBTF money center banks in the USSA and are using this as collateral to buy up USSA real estate, resources and businesses. If true, then the TBTF banks are using this additional collateral for more leveraged derivatives as well as the repo market.

    So if all of that is true (which I cannot verify as financial reporting is now mostly fraudulent and mark to fantasy at best), then when the dollar collapses China will default on their loans to the TBTF banks and let them keep the worthless collateral while they keep the real assets that they purchased. Even if the above proves to be false, a dollar collapse hurts China less than almost any other nation as they have built brand new infrastructure, have productive assets and have stockpiled gold and other commodities.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this scenario and whether it hastens the collapse of the USSA.

    Thanks – Scot

    • Thanks for your comment.
      My research didn’t go as far as your remarks about China trading US Treasuries for real property wherever possible; but I would be enormously surprised if China was not doing so.
      China using US Treasuries as collateral for loans from TBTF banks to purchase American properties seems to be well underway; as I’ve seen remarks that, over the last 10-15 years, members of Chinese criminal or communist classes (for, no others would be allowed to accumulate plunder) have bought tens of thousands businesses and homes in the US.
      When the 50th or 60th sucker (out of each thousand) realizes what is really happening, China’s actions won’t make a lot of difference. The bottom line is that a lot of banking systems and governments will come crashing down: the latest (as of 2015 March) Treasury report of foreign holders of US debt issues showed China and Japan each holding $1.3 trillion in US Treasuries, then Belgium at 0.35 trillion; Caribbean Banking Center banks (where US congressmen stash their plunder) at 0.3 trillion; followed by scores of others.
      In other words, it will be a planet-wide slaughter; and difficult, or impossible, to predict who will “lead” the way.
      I have more about this topic in my article, What Price Gold…

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