Exodus pt1

 Exodus #23, part 1

From 1987-92, upwards of a million and a half Jews fled Russia in anticipation of the planned deconstruction of the Soviet Union. It was represented as a new day; the dawning of liberty. But all were not happy with this prospect. According to numerous stories from pages of The Los Angeles Times, Jews fled in a panic. Freedom on the morrow… and 1.5 million Jews fleeing in a panic… what’s wrong here?

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No man can look upon that as wickedness, which shall render him sacred; nor fear to attempt that which shall make him God’s vicegerent.

Algernon Sidney, Discourses concerning Government, i. 19.

The rise and fall of the Soviet Empire was, perhaps, the most significant story of the twentieth century.  It was copiously documented and studied; yet hardly a man realized that it represented the fulfillment of a major Old-Testament prophecy.

The prophecy in question relates to the Israelite Exodus from Egypt and the Israelite exile to Babylon.  These have a striking resemblance to the collapse of the Soviet slave pen in 1991, which was only a random step of the full prophecy.  This Soviet Exodus was an on-going project, with most of it happening over the years 1989 to 1992.  During that time, nearly a million Jews emigrated from the Soviet Union, and over two hundred articles appeared in the Los Angeles Times giving details of their progress; when I draw facts from these articles, I cite it with only the date of the article.

I use the word prophecy advisedly; for, the events in question are a replication of a set of instructions laced cleverly thru-out the Old Testament.  These instructions have spilled oceans of blood, and erased whole nations from the face of the globe, and, among those that survived such genocides, some civilizations have remained in a Stone-Age cultural and economic condition for upward of three thousand or four thousand years; all of Europe, for example, moved in retrograde for a thousand years before it began a recovery – most of Europe remains in retrograde motion to this day.

Thus, it will be; until men take their heads from their clouds of fantasy, and hear up to a billion voices that cry from the earth for justice.

The first similarity in all these (Russian and Egyptian Exoduses and Babylonian exile) is that the propaganda and facts are the same.  In all three, the propaganda represents Israelites (Hebrews or Jews) as enslaved masses.  In all three, reported facts describe a horde of people, loaded with booty, abandoning a country, which is wholly uncharacteristic with the status of slave.

In the Egyptian Exodus, it is reported that the emigrating Israelites numbered over six hundred thousand armed men, plus their dependants – for a total population (men, women and children) ranging between two and four millions; the thing to notice here is that armed men are not slaves.  Their story, from the exodus to their entry into Canaan, is one of plunder and mass murder – which, again, is wholly uncharacteristic with the status of slave.  It is the nature of slavery that, after one or two generations, the warlike among them are exterminated, and the remainder has no capacity for self-defense; see, for example, the fate of the Britons and Picts, after the Britons invited the Angles and Saxons to defend them against the Scots and Picts.

Before these warriors left Egypt, “They had asked of the Egyptians of jewelry of silver and gold, and clothing”; and, after suffering ten major afflictions imposed by the Israelites, the Egyptians gladly and willingly gave “what they (Israelites) asked.”  “Thus, they despoiled the Egyptians.”  The verb “despoil” is appropriate for warriors, not slaves.  These Israelites also carried with them “a mixed multitude” of servants and “very many cattle, both flocks [of sheep?] and herds.” (Exodus, xii, 35-38)

When the Israelites returned from their “captivity” in Babylon, their baggage was packed “with vessels of silver, with gold, with goods, with beasts and with costly wares.”  Cyrus, king of Babylon, gave “a thousand basins of gold, a thousand basins of silver, twenty-nine censers, thirty bowls of gold, two thousand, four hundred and ten bowls of silver and a thousand other vessels; all the vessels of gold and silver were five thousand, four hundred, and sixty-nine.” Ezra, i, 5-11)

The assembly that set out on this journey numbered forty-two thousand, three hundred and sixty men (Israelites did not count women in a census).  They carried with them over seven thousand menservants and maidservants; two hundred male and female singers; a hundred and thirty-nine gatekeepers; and various numbers of horses, mules, camels and asses. (Ezra, i, 64-67)

This inventory of gold and silver items was dedicated to the rebuilding of the temple at Jerusalem, and amounted to, at least, one and four tenths tons of gold and five and six tenths tons of silver.  These were wealthy people; if we estimate their personal holdings of gold and silver at just one pound of gold or silver, the total weight would be twenty-one tons.

Servants… singers… gatekeepers… gold… silver…?  This is not a train of slaves.  The reported facts simply do not support such propaganda.

We see the same dissonance between propaganda and reported facts in the Soviet Exodus.  Here, Jews are represented as taking advantage of an opportunity to escape slavery; but reported facts show a privileged class of people, numbering near a million, leaving the scene of their crime loaded with booty.

This Soviet Exodus was so very strange.  The Soviet Union was on the verge of break-up; “democratization”, liberty and private enterprise were expected on the morrow.  It was a time for oppressed Russians to take heart and rejoice.  Why, then, did Jews flee the country in “panic”?

It is normal, when a slave system breaks down, that slaves rush into the streets and countryside and search out and slaughter slave masters.  It is a time-honored and inevitable tradition all over the world; it is a slaveholder’s greatest nightmare.  The collapse of the Soviet Union was no different.

A full year and a half before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was reported that each step toward reform “unleashed a wave of anti-Semitism” thru-out the Soviet Union. (LA Times, 1990 Ap 14, S-1).

Four months before the planned break-up of the Soviet apparatus, there was an abortive (that is, unplanned) coup in August of 1991, “It was tense for a few days, they (Jews) were afraid while the coup was going on.” (91 Aug 25, A-18)  Another Jew, “I went out of my mind.” (91 Aug 30, A-8)

While native Russians entertained hopes of freedom, Jews huddled in fear of anti-Semitism.  Let a Jew speak, “There is no future for Jews here (with freedom about to dawn).  History shows the Jews are always blamed” for crimes of a totalitarian system. (91 Sep 9, A-6)

Some notable confessions were intermingled with expressions of fear, and facts of recent history.  With the advent of “political liberty… [and] private enterprise…. The Jews here (in Lithuania) are afraid that people will search for the guilty”, relative to Soviet repression.  During World War ii, Soviets – that is, Judeo-communists – occupied Lithuania for a short time; when the German army pushed them out in 1941, pogroms erupted in more than forty places in the country, and six thousand Jews – that is, Judeo-communists – were slaughtered. (91 Sep 24, A-1)

Report after report painted pictures of the old Soviet empire as a Jewish dominated instrument used to enrich Jews and eliminate dissidents, or “anti-Semites.”  In the Soviet Union (Europe and America) there is no difference between “anti-Semite” and anti-communist.

Russian nationalist groups blamed Jews for killing the Czar’s family, Stalinist repression, forced collectivization, among other grievances. (90 Jul 23, A-1)

A Jew complained, “When countries loosen up totalitarian regimes, people seem to feel they have the right to say terrible things about others.  Jews are dragged into the streets, beaten, harassed and robbed.”  This raises obvious questions, ‘Why is a totalitarian regime necessary to prevent people from criticizing, or beating Jews?’ And, ‘What is it about a totalitarian regime that makes people hate Jews?’ (91 Jan 14, B-4)

Jews everywhere watched events surrounding the Russian coup (near the end of August, 1991) with “much intense and informed interest”; “distinct nervousness” and “alarm.”  “The question now is saving lives of Jews, leave everything behind [which proved unnecessary] and save his life.”  “Leave everything behind”?  Who is it that would have property to leave behind?  Slaves have no property; marauders take it all. (1991 Aug 22, A-9)

A Jewish woman from Orange County(California), who supervised a humorously named “freedom flight” of two hundred Jews, said, “None of us will ever have to answer to our children if they ask: ‘What did you do in 1990 when the Soviet Jews could get out [of the Soviet Union]?’”  From the perspective of rational men, the spectacle was almost incomprehensible – if Jews were innocent bystanders, and with freedom on the morrow, why did nearly a million Jews flee Russia“under a sense of urgency”? (91 Jan 14, B-4)

In other words, while the Soviet system perpetrated its barbarities, nowhere did Jews feel any “sense of urgency” as to the safety of Jews within the Soviet Union.  But when events bring reform that promise freedom, Jews flee for their lives.

I mean, isn’t this funny?

But then, it makes perfect sense if we regard “Jew” and “communist” as identical terms.

If Russia was the scene of Exodus #23, Ethiopia was the scene of Exodus #24.  On the weekend of 1991 May 26, rebels overthrew the Marxist dictatorship of Mengistu. Israel had supported his Marxist regime for at least fifteen years with military and economic aid – derived indirectly from American taxpayers.  During that weekend Israel evacuated over fourteen thousand Jews in thirty-three hours, “one of the fastest human airlifts in history.” (91 May 26, A-1)

What made these Jews nervous?  Jews will tell you, “When central (Marxist) authority decays, there is danger.”  Another, when “crowds run thru the streets pulling down pictures of [the Marxist dictator] Mengistu…, it becomes very dangerous.” (91 May 26, A-1)

That is, it becomes dangerous for a dictator’s tax-collectors, interrogators, singers and dancers; for them, it’s either flee, or answer to the mob.

This story paints a conflicting picture.  Jews interviewed for it were pictured as ordinary, inoffensive Jewish peasants.  You see, Israelis had to rescue a few peasants in order to provide cover for the thousands of Judeo-Marxist bureaucrats that were rescued.

The picture painted by these reports shows Jews that fled Russia were – not the huddled, frightened or oppressed masses of Russia, but – privileged and professional classes; and they, by the nature of such classes, were loaded with spoil.

A Jewish engineer sent his family to America and stayed behind to liquidate his furniture. (91 Aug 22, A-9)

A Jewish family sold most of their belongings except what they could carry; boxes of books would be shipped later. (91 Aug 25, A-18)

It was reported that when some Jews arrived at their destinations, they were able to buy homes. (89 Oct 10, I-8)

Owing to the large number of Jews leaving the Soviet Union, the country experienced a notable hard-currency shortage, which led to food shortages.  This also demonstrates that Jews used the Soviet government to aid their escape. (90 Nov 27)

A week later, it was reported that Israel shipped oranges and tomatoes to the USSR.  This freed sufficient hard currency to allow Jewish bureaucrats and professionals to exchange their commie scrip for hard currency – and flee.  The Soviet government response caused the Israeli government to remark, “Thanks for [facilitating] the emigration.” (90 Dec 6, A-14)

Many functionaries in this Operation Exodus felt that the United States was obligated to give aid to resettle these fleeing Soviet bureaucrats, to make a “new life as comfortable as possible.” (91 Jun 30, A-12)

Accordingly, Israel began pestering Congress for a ten billion dollar loan to build homes for former Soviet professionals, bureaucrats and army officers – all Jewish, of course.  The money was also to be used “in aid for immigration” and “make work” projects. (91 Ap 28, A-17)

Jews told Congress, “We think we deserve” this booty; and complained that it was a loan; so Congress made it an outright gift. (91 Feb 19, A-20 and Jun 23, A-12)

This seems fair to me; for, if Jews had not established and maintained the Soviet terrorist apparatus, American defense companies would not have been able to engorge themselves at the expense of American taxpayers; nor could have American socialists sent millions of young American males off to fake wars to be mutilated.  Besides, it was more a bribe than a gift; the more Jews complained, the more likely observers might ask difficult questions – and, with exposure of the decades-long cooperation between Judeo-communists and American warmongers, too many American bureaucrats and defense contractors, aiders and abettors would have to hang.  Jews got their gifts in order to silence them; they only had to threaten to talk in order to get any sized bribe they wanted.

Owing to the large number of Jews leaving the Soviet Union, there were inevitable bottlenecks.  Where to put them…? Where to put them…?   Some were housed in East German army barracks; here, Jewish bureaucrats could exact one final insult to their former victims, who, as taxpayers, were forced to provide protection and lodging for their fleeing tormentors.  (90 July 9, A-6)

Once beyond the Judeo-communist frontier insults took another form.  Ladispoli, an Italian resort, became a favorite “refugee camp” while American taxpayers prepared suitable abodes for them.  It was reported that Ladipoli’s deputy mayor and a majority of its citizens were commies.  Jews interviewed for this vignette included an engineer, a doctor, two construction engineers, a physician, a design engineer and a singer.  In the Soviet Union, the road to such positions of power, privilege and wealth was closed to all but members of the communist party; the “party [was the] vehicle for career advancement.”  An early story reported that, of eighty three hundred Jews arriving in Israel, over five thousand were professionals; they spawned the riddle, “What is a Russian immigrant who is not a physician or engineer?  A computer programmer.” (90 Jun 4, A-4 and 91 Dec 31, p 1)

Ha, ha, ha.

It was a simplification: in this and other reports, Jews interviewed included, construction engineers, teachers, theater critics, biologists, playwrights, singers, mathematicians, musicians, technicians, nurses – the list goes on. (90 Jul 3, E-1; 90 Oct 8, A-1; 91 Jan 25, B-3; 91 Feb 6, A-9)

The influx of Judeo-communist singers and musicians was so great that several new orchestras were established in Israel from their ranks. (91 Dec 29, A-8)

These were elite members of the communist party, and part of their expenses was reimbursed by the U. S. government. (89 Feb 19, I-15)

A later report explained that the U. S. government paid five thousand dollars per Bolshevik bureaucrat – er, Jew. (89 Sep 4, 1-1)

The USIA sponsored a tour to collect information on Russian nationalist groups, who blamed Jewish bureaucrats for the oppression of Russian peasants.  This established the presence of rampant anti-Semitism in Russia; and made it easy for fleeing Jewish war criminals to obtain refugee status.  The American taxpayer would then support them until they were “able to get on their feet economically.” (90 Ap 17, A-13)

The Jewish Family Services of Orange County (California) offered support for four months to these Jewish “refugees”; then they were eligible for welfare. (91 Jan 14, B-4)

These people are so wickedly generous.

The prospect of freedom brought a terrible dilemma for the Jewish couple Mariya and Leonid: they were both music teachers, and had to bring themselves to renounce “a life of wondrous ease” in order to flee the mob that reluctantly made it possible.

[They lived] in a house that for most of their countrymen would seem a palace out of tales of Scheherazade.  The ceilings, thirteen feet high, draw up the heat of the day and keep the five vast rooms livably cool.  The combined living room/dining room area is big enough, according to official Soviet norms, to house two or three entire families.  The Gensons (Mariya and Leonid) have crystal from Yugoslavia, china from Dresden, a color television set and a Zhiguli sedan.  Their supper table, set out on the veranda under a grape arbor, is laden with the bounty of Central Asia: juicy strawberries and cherries, apricots, Uzbek brandy, grape leaves stuffed with stewed beef and plums, platefuls of steamed white rice. (91 Aug 25, LA Times Magazine, 20)

Mariya was concerned for her safety because of the murder of her brother, a factory foreman (a position of privilege), by workers that he supervised; they were scheduled to complete their prison sentence in three years.  Their trial was a rather raucous affair; the accused men shouted from the dock, “You other Jews, you just wait!”  Outside the courtroom, an Uzbek woman shouted at Mariya, “Your turn is next!  We should kill you all!”  A native non-Jew, who ran the arts academy, told Leonid, “The times when you people (Jews) were the first are gone.” (91 Aug 25, LAT Mag, 20)

These native peasants just don’t get it: Jews established this commie state as a workers’ paradise; if a Jew enjoys the “life of wondrous ease” purchased with the ruin of a thousand workers, so what?  Workers are supposed to be happy.  What’s the matter with these stupid workers?

A plank in the commie manifesto requires the confiscation of the property of all dissidents and émigrés.  In story after story, Jews are reported to have left the Soviet Union loaded with spoil.  How are we to reconcile manifesto with reality?  Does this mean that Jews were neither dissident nor émigré – but a nation of marauders escaping the fury of their rising victims?

Or, was this Exodus undertaken to avoid a public-relations nightmare?  How could Jews in the West – and their toadies – explain the slaughter of a million Jews during the collapse of the Soviet Union?  If such a slaughter were to occur – and was properly understood, it would expand to every acre on the planet.

As I’ve noted, the Soviet Exodus was the final stage of a sequence of events prophesized some twenty-five centuries ago; and this Soviet sequence of events was merely a duplication of scores, perhaps hundreds of such sequences that have occurred thru-out history.

A similar sequence of events began in America more than a century ago, and the final stage, an American Exodus, approaches.

If we do not take appropriate measures, we will suffer the same fate of all previous victims of this nation of marauders.  If we are to take appropriate measures, we must open our eyes.

It is a long and horrible story; and, what follows (in Exodus #23, part 2)  is only a part of it; I treat it more completely in my book, Fires that Cry.

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5 Responses to Exodus pt1

  1. great articles! Two decades ago I bought some property in Jewish occupied Nevada, naively believing in pursuit of happiness and personal property rights, only to have armed bureaucrats show up for not having ‘papers’. When I arrived at the local apparatchik office of ‘bend over for a building permit’, they weren’t to amused when I made the loud comment that I had spent years in the Military ‘fighting Communism’, and nobody had informed me that we had lost the war!
    Since that encounter, it has been a long road of connect the dots and false ‘gatekeepers’ in trying to get to the truth.

  2. redressone says:

    Clawed D,
    Thanks for your comment/compliment.
    I’ve been on this road of learning for sixty years; and I’ve discovered there’s no end to it. This is not to say ‘it is hopeless’. Far from it; with each discovery/resolution, there’s the natural-high of achievement and adventure that usually follow.
    Now, you need the health and vitality of youth; for that, see my article, “Turn Back the Clock” (put cursor over “Products…”; then, “Health”; then, “Turn…”.

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  4. @Redress one —– Impressive material; and accurate. I do hope you won’t mind me saying that you might do well to have headings, bullet-points, and so on to make the message clear. What you’re saying is so widely different from what the victims of Jewish media believe that (imho) it’s best to stake the claims unambiguously and without irony etc

    • I don’t mind at all. I’m aware of my shortcomings; and on this issue the main reason is that I am sort of a one-man operation (I have a few local friends that help on minor matters, but not this one). And, for the near-term, my time on the Internet is limited to use of library computers. I’d tell you more but it is generally against my policy to load friends with burdens, or tell them about such. Thanks for you comment.

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