Americans have the power to redress any grievance that could be named; yet, they choose to not use that power; they also have a) no knowledge regarding ideals won by the Revolution, and they b) don’t even know many of the real Founders…

A Failure of Power…

…False Flags by Scores

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We hear and see many stories about false flags perpetrated, and that will be perpetrated, by governments and their string pullers – big banks, munitions makers and the cut, burn and poison industry, among others.

You’d think that, with all the publicity, bandit and useless classes would refrain from such false flags; yet, it doesn’t seem to slow them in the least.

How do we recognize a false flag… and why are they perpetrated with impunity??

We can be certain the event in question is a false flag because it is reported by the main stream –that is, the controlled – media. If it is reported therein, we can be sure it is controlled on all sides by big banks, munitions makers and their millions of useful-idiots.

And, how do we know this connection? Here is a story of an attack on a California substation that caused a large power outage in northern California. It happened during the reign of the DHS, and would eminently qualify as a terrorist attack. It happened when a yokel with firecrackers in his skivvies could be arrested at an airport and the story would be splashed across all newspapers and electronic networks as a bona fide terrorist attack; as a result, all official terrorists – er, DHS operatives – would go on full battle stance; and, most Americans would feel fuzzy and warm inside. But here, the substation attack, a large area of northern California was shut down; and it was a year before it was allowed to be reported in the main stream (controlled) media.

By the common definition of ‘terror’, we must include the DHS as a terrorist organization; after all, how else should we classify it, since it is modeled after French committees of terror (1792-4), the Judeo-Bolshevik Cheka (aka KGB, NKVD et cetera) and the Nazi Schuztstaffel, the infamous “SS”.

Now class, what is the lesson here? How do we determine if an event is a false flag? It’s a very simple test: if it is reported (live, or nearly so) in the main stream media (MSM), it is a false flag.

One more point here: by “MSM” I also mean 90% to 99% of all websites that daily report crimes and follies perpetrated by big banks, munitions makers and all their various foot soldiers (FBI, CIA, Congress, Mossad et cetera).

We know such websites are controlled assets because, normally, when an injured party (or dissident) files a complaint, he briefly describes his injury and requests a sensible remedy.  That is, a grievance is another kind of legal complaint: each describes an injury and requests a remedy.

You may ask, ‘If such websites are controlled by the FBI, why do they report crimes perpetrated by the FBI (or other agencies of the 1%)?’ It’s a good question; the answer escaped me for a lot of years. The criminal elite – the so-called 1% – needs millions of foot soldiers to carryout genocides and general plunders. Ideally, these foot soldiers should be dim of wit and relatively useless. Being dim of wit, they wouldn’t have the capacity to learn that more can be stolen with the law than without the law; and, being useless, the only way they could drive a shiny new car and live in a small mansion would be employment under direction of those who perpetrate genocides and general plunders. The prospect of legally-protected crime has to be demonstrated/explained daily to those useless idiots: such demonstrations are recruiting operations to bring useful-idiots into the service of the criminal elite.

An example of this is the Oliver North circus some years back.  For several months the MSM reported how the CIA was involved in drug running.  I explained this to an unemployed neighbor; a few days later he reported that he had applied for employment with the CIA and was quite dejected for doing so; for, he was told that since the MSM publicity regarding the CIA’s drug running, the number of those applying for work at the CIA had soared to record levels.

Bandit and useless classes really have nothing to fear by exposing their own crimes: they control all forums of redress, all prosecutorial offices, all law-enforcement departments, they have a monopoly on all propaganda and indoctrination institutions (media, churches and education) – and they know Americans have no knowledge of historically-proven redress.

With practically all spotlights controlled by big banks et cetera, they will continue to perpetrate false flags, carryout general plunders and genocides – and remain unaccountable for their crimes. Simply because they know that Americans will do nothing to stop them… absolutely nothing… nothing effective.

Americans will do nothing because, while they have the power to redress any grievance that could be named, they choose to not use that power; they also have a) no knowledge regarding ideals won by the Revolution, and they b) don’t even know many of the real Founders.

Let us examine these two points, in reverse order.  Who, for example, has ever heard of Captain Morgan? He commanded the army that won the battle at Cowpens, South Carolina: the battle that broke the back of the English army and convinced them the war was lost. Morgan was young and a relative unknown, while the opposing English commander had established a reputation of daring and never losing a battle.

But there was something different about this battle… something very different from all stories of human warfare. Despite uneven odds, Americans won the battle, captured 500 English prisoners, and marched them, in the dead of winter, 200 miles to an American stronghold.

That’s what sanitized histories will tell you. But… ah… the details, the details, they tell a different story. The Americans forged frigid streams in tattered rags and trod ground covered with ice while bare of feet. They had to hurry their march because their feet left a bloodied trail easily followed. English prisoners forged the same streams and walked the same ground; but they wore the finest clothing and shoes money could buy.

This is the word-picture painted by the original historian; and he provided no caption; he left the task to us. By his words, we “see” that Americans had the power to take warm clothing and shoes from their captives; but chose not to take what was not theirs; they chose, instead, to preserve their honor, not their feet.

And it was all for naught; for, who today knows it? I first reported this some twenty years ago in my essay, The Mystery and the Fraud, an examination of the original thirteenth and the un-ratified fourteenth amendments; the essay is now included in my book, The American Inquisition, 2nd ed.

No, their memories do not turn in their graves; they incline their heads as they regard current Americans, who cower in the dark night of shame. It is a judgment we, also, must give; for, these Americans, as noted, have the same power Founders had, and refuse to use it; they even refuse to learn it. Their brains are little more than cesspools of indoctrination shoved in by media and education, governments and commerce; for them, it is a matter of life or death to not disturb this neatly packed cesspool; they will, literally, die or kill rather than admit truth into their brains.

We should waste no more time on them; for, what less can we say of a nation that has consented to the cannibalization of its children… to the end of time. Most people know this process by the name, ‘governmental debt’. Do you question the duration I give? Would you be satisfied with data, assumptions and formulas from Financial Reports of the US Government and Federal Reserve? These are sources for my articles, Bad News… and Anatomy of a General Plunder, part 1.

As noted, Americans do not even know several of the rights/powers won/confirmed by the Revolution.

Three of these rights/powers are 1) the right of consent; 2) the right of “redress before taxes; and 3) the power to declare taxes or governmental debt imposed without the consent of those taxed or indebted to be capital crimes.

The right of consent: Founders repeatedly declared that “no man is obligated to obey any law or pay any tax unless he has given consent to it”.  Did they mean this literally?  Of course they did.  From the first English settlement to the Revolution this was how affairs of the colonies were managed.  Every “law” and every “tax” had its origin in contracts between colonial assemblies and those who petitioned for redress of grievances.  The terms of the contract were sometimes referred to as “laws” of the contract while its money payments were treated as “taxes”.  And only petitioners were obligated to obey such “laws” and pay such “taxes”.  When redress was completed, related “laws” and “taxes” expired.

(There were actually two “governments” in the English colonies: one established by the crown, nobility and privilege holders (which consisted of crown courts and crown prosecutorial offices) and the other dealt with all other affairs of the colonies as explained in the previous paragraph.)

This is the origin of English/American law: that is, a legislature, just as a court, is a passive instrument.  It does not move until someone petitions it for redress.  Thus, according to English/American law, only petitioners are obligated to obey resulting “laws” and pay resulting “taxes.”

This is opposed to what is generally known as Persian law (it goes by many names: Maritime, Martial, law of the conqueror et cetera).  Under Persian law, petitioners are exempt from resulting laws and taxes; thus, non-petitioners are made subservient to such laws and taxes.  For example, if munitions makers, big banks and media want war, they first perpetrate a false flag or two, the complicit media agitate the public into a maniacal frenzy, taxes and debt are laid on the slow-witted populace which also sends its sons to slaughter.  Thus, expenses of the war (money and blood) are paid by non-petitioners; and booty beyond counting is taken by petitioners.

Redress before taxes: Americans have a constitutionally-protected right to withhold taxes until government redresses their grievances.  This “redress before taxes” was unanimously declared by the Continental Congress and declared to be one of the three Grand Rights Founders intended to secure with the Revolution.  This right is secured by the First Amendment as an integral part of the right/power of redress.

The capital crime of illegal taxes or illegal governmental debt: All, or most, of the rights now protected by the American Bill of Rights can be traced back to the Petition of Rights issued by the English parliament of 1628.  During the same session, the House of Commons passed a resolution that declared taxes or debt imposed without the consent of those taxed, or indebted, to be capital crimes.  Commons would later (1640-50) use this resolution to take down tax collectors and clergy, judges and kings who preached the divine right of kings and thot they had a right to lay taxes, and debt, on men without their consent; among other charges.

All these rights and powers were won/confirmed by the Revolution… and who knows them?

With or without these rights and powers won/confirmed by the Revolution, it really doesn’t matter: if they hadn’t been routinely employed by Englishmen for over 600 years before our Revolution, we would have to invent them.  But, inventing them is also not necessary; we only have to learn them, and then use them.

All these historically-founded rights/powers are explained in some detail in my book The Lost Right, edition 3.5.

Now, why do bandit and useless classes perpetrate false flags with impunity? There are several reasons: they have a complicit media, and several other instruments of society, at their disposal; they know that the current breed of Americans will do absolutely nothing to oppose them; I mean nothing sensible, nothing effective.

Now, why do Americans refuse, or fail, to use their power?  There are three main reasons for this failure: one is that they have no knowledge of such power; the second, they’ve been herded into a kind of impotent stupor by medication and indoctrination; the third, that they aid, benefit or were complicit in such false flags; and they will die or kill rather than admit or condemn the most heinous of crimes.

Oh, sure, a few Americans will sit on their haunches and howl; and they might as well bray at the wind for all they accomplish.

There’s a remedy for each one of these failures: for the first, a few Americans (1%-2%) must learn, then use, the law and procedures of redress (The Lost Right, edition 3.5); for the second, the task of redress will not be quick nor easy, hence, unusual strength of mind and body will be required; for this, those interested must REDUCE their biological age to that of a healthy teenager (see following paragraph); for the third, see remedy one.

A solution for the second group is a health regimen by which I have REDUCED – not slowed – my biological age by fifty years.  Hitting baseballs is my exercise; and I’ve had many former pro and college players tell me that, if I played ball at the level of a major college, I would wreck the league among many other similar comments.  Players at this level are around 20 years of age; I am over 70. (Video and Turn Back the Clock; each leads to the other)

As to the first group, they have to fix their problem by the most difficult of tasks: abandon long-held indoctrination and replace it with real facts of history and law.

What could we do with this neglected power?

We could, for example, begin an investigation and collection of the $9-$11 Trillions (at least) that went missing from DoD, HUD and SSA; among other amounts and agencies. Here, watch Donald Rumsfield tell Congress that he couldn’t account for $2.3 Trillion stolen from DoD. It was very conveniently timed. It was disclosed elsewhere that a team of accountants were then examining related documents at an office in the Pentagon. Within 24 hours of his testimony, a cruise missile reduced this office to a pile of smoldering rubble.

Then, there is Catherine Fitts, a former bureaucrat at HUD will tell you about Trillions missing from HUD; and any Financial Report of the US Government will tell you about the $2.7 Trillions (as of 2013 Sep 30) taken by the US Treasury from the Social Security Administration.

Or what about the $2 to $5 Trillions in surpluses that show up on books of city and county, special districts and state governments. These surpluses are held as cash and bonds, real estate and stocks, domestic and international; they represent taxes that were not needed, and, hence, over-collected… for who knows for how many years? When I did my research on this (about 2000), such surpluses for California divided out to $20,000 for every man, woman and child in the state; then I factored in amounts hidden in footnotes, the “dividend” ballooned to over $40,000 for each individual. See, for example, “Who Owns City Hall?“ and Of Lords and Cattle.

Criminal and useless classes are convinced they stole this money fair and square. What do you think? In my opinion, it was stolen, regardless of how bandit and insolent classes feel. And I want it back… even if it takes me ten years, or have to chase them to the ends of the earth. This time span and the chase are why you need to reduce your biological age; you’ll need the energy and quality of life to enjoy this work/adventure.

When we consider the enormity of their crimes, and desperation of their efforts to destroy evidence and murder victims and witnesses, it becomes fairly obvious we can’t depend on them to punish themselves for what they have done. Their safety lies in ever more heinous crimes.

No, we will have to take matters into our hands, as American Founders did.

For this to be done will require a small number of Americans (1% – 2%) to learn the law and procedures of redress, to organize assemblies, and then carryout redress. Owing to the desperation of criminal and useless classes, each assembly will have to organize and direct a militia to protect assembly members, witnesses and victims of grievances. This is why victims, witnesses and whistle blowers are savaged… there are no assemblies to protect them.

To locate or establish an assembly, these two articles should be regarded as essential reading, When Less is Better and Locate.

Not only do we have to protect ourselves from American governments, but we also have to protect ourselves against the ALLIANCE among Mexican and Columbian drug cartels, Chinese Triads, the Red army, cobbled together by Chinese communists. There are other criminal organizations included in this ALLIANCE… but you get the idea. Don’t believe me? Would you believe testimony given before a Congressional subcommittee? See, Anatomy of a General Plunder part 2.

The problem is planet-wide. When the dollar, a paper house of cards, collapses, most of the world’s currencies will follow its demise (see Bad News… as well as Anatomy…) Governments across the globe will simply evaporate because they’ll have nothing to pay their chair warmers and assassins. Assemblies will have to be ready to take possession and operate properties formerly possessed by those governments: airports, harbors, borders, streets and highways, lakes, rivers, et cetera. The list is so long; and the clock ticks…

But there is a major problem: Americans do not know the tremendous power available to them: they first have to learn it: they can do this by trial and error, or, learn lessons of Founders.

Trial and error can be very tedious… and messy. The English first publically declared their right of redress with section 61 of the Magna Charta. It took them 400 years and oceans of blood to develop reasonably effective procedures of redress. This is the method of “trial and error”. And, with these procedures, English rebels (1620-50) brought down tax collectors and clergy, judges and kings who preached the divine right of kings and thot they had a right to lay taxes, and debt, on men without their consent; these were actual charges.

These are some of the powers and rights won by Founders, and inherited by us. It doesn’t really matter, had they not been our legacy, we would have to invent them. And Americans are blind to such powers and rights, even tho they lie, literally, at their fingertips (an intro).

So you have a choice: one, trial and error, which requires 400 years and, of course, rivers of blood; the other, a study of my writings and my experience, will take you 2 to 5 years to become reasonably effective.

It will not be quick, it will not easy… but, unprecedented adventures never are.

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Timely and Related Articles

Locate or Establish an Assembly: The law and procedures of assemblies are almost totally unknown to all but a few Americans; thus, before, or concurrently with, using information from this page, I strongly advise that many potential or actual members of an assembly study the book, The Lost Right (edition 3.5 or later) BEFORE they establish an assembly…  My role in this project is to function as a facilitator and a consultant.  In other words, if any action I suggest is to be done, it will require many resources beyond by own labor and capital; unless such resources come forward, nothing will happen.  My role as consultant will be similar to a teacher or guide – not a leader.  We organize assemblies so men can learn how to become their own leaders and “law’ makers.  Free men, in other words, have no leaders, apart from themselves.  Read more.

When Less is Better: Looking for an investment with a return of 10%-20%?  Or would you like something better, like an investment with an annual return of 5%-10%.  Ah, how can this be… the second better than the first?  The first is a dollar denominated return; the second would be gold-denominated.  Thus, with the first a RETURN of capital and interest would eventually amount to zero value (with a dollar collapse).  The second would give you the appreciation of physical gold plus 5% per year.  These are options I suggest for those who organize First-Amendment assemblies for the financing needed to investigate and collect the $9-$11 trillion that went missing from several federal agencies…  BEFORE they act on such, I also suggest they consider several qualifications…  No, I can’t guarantee anything…  As I’ve noted a few times, if anything that I propose on this website or in my books will lead to actions, they will require resources well-beyond my personal means.  In other words, I am almost stretched to the breaking point, and ready to quit and “disappear” for 10-15 years.  My living quarters, for example, are very hostile to my work and health requirements… (Read More)

What Price Gold $7,000… $14,000… $60,000?  You may think this will be a wild ride. If you think collateralization, currency equivalents, double-entry bookkeeping and mortgage-backed securities are dull subjects – if you think wishful thinking is a harmless activity – if you think taxes are essential for the development and maintenance – rather than the destruction – of civilization, then, yes, this will be a very wild ride. We are about to study concepts and actions, crimes and fictions that few, if any, others have examined yet relative to their influence on gold. It may also be a disturbing study; for, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. It is used as gold once was used: to serve as backing, or collateral, for issued currencies around the globe; in the dollar’s case, for the world’s major currencies and a few dozen others. Thus, today, wishful thinking has replaced gold as backing for most of the world’s currencies.

Money is the basis for practically all human action; as it is based on solid ground so man’s society will endure. Forget about the house built on shifting sand; we should be concerned about societies built on houses of cards.

We also have to deal with another major issue: the Fort Knox gold that went missing. When reporting their financial positions, the US Treasury and central banks world wide list number one on their asset statement, “gold and gold receivables”. In other words, some of the gold formerly possessed by them now exists in paper form only. It is an open admission that this gold has been “plundered”. Our question, “Who took it… and how do we recover this gold?”

Turncoat.  Here are excerpts from The American Inquisition which explain three points on which internal taxes are unconstitutional relative to “we the people… and our posterity”.

Turn Back the Clock.  Have I discovered the fountain of youth? Men frequently declare that they would like to go back in time to re-live certain events or to take back unkind words. Well, I can’t send men back in time; so, I haven’t invented a time machine. But I can reduce one’s biological age to the condition one should have had as a teenager. In my case, I’ve reduced my biological age by 50 or more years. So, how can I prove or demonstrate this claim? My primary exercise is hitting baseballs (go to YouTube, search for “1668-85”); I’ve had many former pro and college players tell me that, if I played competitive ball at the level of a major college, I would “wreck,” or “lead,” the league with a “.700 average”; that I’m a “hitting phenomenon”, among other comments. Those who play college ball are about 20 years of age; I’m over 70. This is what I have done despite a current living arrangement that prevents me from complying completely with my health regimen. Still, I’m looking forward to another fifty years with the health and physical condition of a near-professional athlete. Thus, I fully expect, at the age of 120, to have the same or better condition. If it comes to pass, I’ll have another 50 years. It raises the question, ‘Will it ever stop?’ Check back in 50 years and I’ll let you know. Better yet, maybe you, also, would like to give it a try. Your age makes no difference: my regimen will benefit anyone, at any age: from a year before conception to elderly. It is especially important for the young; for, if they do not get proper nutrients at proper times, they will not develop to their full potential. No, I can’t erase those unwanted events or unkind words; but I can give you the strength and youthful condition to play another, and better, game.


4 Responses to FailPwr

  1. Dwain Dibley says:

    Wow, it reads like it was written by controlled opposition, “give up now, all hope is lost, you are surrounded”.


  2. Thanks for the opening.
    Ordinarily I would be inclined to ignore (“trash”) a comment like this; but, it gives me an opportunity to illustrate how “controlled opposition” mis-represents people they deem to be threats to rule by thieves.
    I conclude the above article with these three paragraphs:

    “These are some of the powers and rights won by Founders, and inherited by us. It doesn’t really matter, had they not been our legacy, we would have to invent them. And Americans are blind to such powers and rights, even tho they lie, literally, at their fingertips (an intro).
    “So you have a choice: one, trial and error, which requires 400 years and, of course, rivers of blood; the other, a study of my writings and my experience, will take you 2 to 5 years to become reasonably effective.
    “It will not be quick, it will not easy… but, unprecedented adventures never are.”

    And Dwain interprets them as, “give up now, all hope is lost, you are surrounded”.

    How are we to judge a mentality like this? Yes, if a person thinks society owes him an effortless existence – free of learning, “all hope is lost”.
    If someone provides such an existence for Dwain, how will he reward that person? Ah, why do I ask? Since the mentality in question expects an effortless existence, one would be a fool to provide Dwain with anything.

  3. Dwain Dibley says:

    You wrote the self-indulgent doom and gloom BS text, I didn’t, so don’t blame me.
    You don’t know me and you really shouldn’t presume that you do.

    • Say… Dwain, can you get back to us when you are sober?
      And, when you do, please reply with something that is connected to reality.
      I know it’s a tall order; and I doubt your Mossad handlers can manage it.
      Give it a try anyway; you’ll be surprised what you learn.

      Sincerely, Anthony

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