Good Health and Success,

What Good is One without the Other?

Natural-law copyright by Anthony Hargis

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Many people suggest that we arrest, or execute those responsible for any number of crimes: 9/11, financial crisis of 2007 (and counting), the looming slaughter of major assets (stocks, bonds, real estate et cetera).

I disagree. First, all prosecutorial, judicial, legislative and media offices are dominated by those guilty. For example, Eric Holder, head of the US Department of Justice, authorized, aided and abetted the “Fast and Furious” operation, which delivered military grade weapons and ammo to Mexican drug cartels.

As head of the DoJ, he is the chief prosecutorial officer at the federal level: he decides who is prosecuted and who is not.

Did you notice? He decided that he shouldn’t be prosecuted for felonies or treason.

So, really, guys, who would arrest them… or execute them?

Further, if we execute them, I would regard it as an act of mercy: it would put them out of their misery too soon… shorten their pain of guilt too quickly. I would rather prolong both as long as possible. I also suggest something that no one else seems willing to even mention: an investigation and recovery of the booty they took.

And then I would add to my list the best revenge of all: personal success: successful child-rearing, a profitable business, good investments, an honorable character. But success will all be for naught if you don’t have the good health to enjoy it. You won’t get that good health by taking small doses of poison disguised as “medicine”; nor with “food” barely distinguishable from plastic or lubricating oil. I have a better alternative: a health regimen that has REDUCED my biological age by 50 years; I am over 70 and several former pro and college baseball players tell me, effectively, that I have the physical condition of a professional athlete around the age of 20.

I turned the corner from slowing to reducing the aging process about 20 years ago; and I have “grown” younger each year since. By this I mean that I have become stronger, more stamina, faster reactions, stronger immune system, more efficient digestion, whiter teeth et cetera. And, I have done this despite being trapped in living quarters extremely hostile to my work and health requirements; it’s sort of tough recovering from the DoJ/IRS inquisition against me, and tax liens adding to over $100,000,000; the entire amount based on my customers’ property (a large fraction of which was tax compliant.

Other health professionals are usually reluctant to offer to REDUCE the aging process; probably for fear of prosecution, or because they can provide no proof their plan or product actually works; instead, they might offer to SLOW the aging process.

In my case, I may be the only person on the planet that can provide irrefutable proof of reduction of biological age. After all, there aren’t many people who can hit 115 mph fastballs: see my video and webpage – each leads to the other. And by, “hit”, I mean that I hit 50% to 80% of such pitches into fair territory, and many of them leave the batting cage at 100 mph.

Please don’t get the impression that only elderly will benefit from my health regimen; it can benefit anyone at any age. In fact, it is especially important for the very young; for, growing individuals (from fetus to teen-ager) obey an internal time schedule for periods of growth. If proper nutrients are not available for these growth periods, the growth does not occur, and will never occur. In other words, from fetus to teenager, individuals do not get a second chance: they do not grow to the potential promised by the single cell that gave them life.

It would seem that parents would want better for their children.

Most people call these failures, ‘birth defects’ or ‘failures of genetics’. They are not. They are simply, ‘nutrition failures’; and easily preventable.

Owing to results I have achieved with my health regimen, I have come to the conclusion that the condition of every individual on earth is the result of a long string of voluntary decisions. If a man is miserable and longs for death, he has voluntarily produced such condition; if parents bring forth children with “birth defects”, they did so voluntarily. There may be cases where blame can be cast on others; such as tax-collectors, news editors, teachers, priests et cetera. Even here, the question of voluntary action arises: “Did, for example, the person in question accept the imposition of taxes without protest… or with protest?”

One of the many consequences of involuntary taxes is that it compels men to neglect or abuse their children; for, when money is taken from men without an equal exchange, they are less able to provide for their children.  The Supreme Court has even acknowledged this consequence – and it still ruled in favor of the Social Security Act.

Thus, how a man reacts to coercion should decide how to apportion blame for the damage done by his actions.

As my health regimen is especially important for the very young, I also believe that those who raise or produce children should be held to a very high level of responsibility. Where they fail in this responsibility… where they fail to provide proper nutrition for their children, they impose a life-time penalty on their children (failure to develop to full potential). In my opinion, it should be regarded as one of the more heinous of crimes.

If you are still breathing, and barring any extreme conditions, I can reduce your biological age 5 to 50 years, depending on how closely you follow my regimen.

Taking care of your health is not enough: you also have to protect your success; for, if you have good health, what’s the advantage if you don’t have means to enjoy it?

Unfortunately we live in a social system that resents achievement and seeks to control and take part of such achievement in the form of taxes, or some other form of robbery. And where they can’t extort a cut from transactions, they seek to destroy them.

This destruction of achievement reaches an apex during times of social stress or breakdown.

You may think that hoarding supplies and moving to a rural area would provide protection for your life and property. A major verdict of history tells us that would be a very big mistake… usually a fatal mistake.

Every social breakdown is well-planned and reasonably well-executed by criminal elements of the age in question. For example, in the time period before the French Revolution, monopolists and money lenders intentionally withheld food from markets to cause as much panic, and blood in the streets, as possible. Owing to this withholding, French peasants (farmers), shop keepers and those with a little foresight also withheld or withdrew supplies from the market. Accordingly, monopolists and bankers blamed peasants, shopkeepers and private hoarders for the crisis. They (peasants et cetera) had their supplies seized, were arrested and paraded thru Revolutionary Tribunals before being carted away to the guillotine.

We saw the same during the Judeo-Bolshevik slaughter in Russia: those who tried to protect themselves by withholding supplies had their supplies seized, were arrested and paraded thru Revolutionary Tribunals… before receiving a shot in the nape of the neck.

Why should we be concerned about these facts of history? It’s because the American Department of Homeland Security is modeled after French Committees of Terror (1792-4), the Judeo-Bolshevik Cheka (and its successors), and the Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS); all of which were designed to protect criminal and useless classes from their victims; that is, to suppress those who ask too many questions, or show a trace of intelligence, sense of justice, or independence… or possess stores of food, ammo, weapons or gold.

So, why do you think those criminal and useless classes established the DHS… and what do you think the Federal Reserve, FBI, Congress and CIA are trying to provoke?

That’s right; they are planning to create situations – well, actually, false flags – that can be used as excuses to impose martial law: that is, rule by terror. You see, shortly after 9/11 they told us, “Arabs hate us because of our freedoms,” and, shortly thereafter, Congress took away our freedoms with the Patriot Act, DHS Act and a few others.

Was Congress trying to make Arabs like us… or, has Congress been captured by “terrorists”?

When shortages appear, who do you think DHS jackboots will visit first… those who have prepared for the crisis… so-called preppers? Of course they will be first. Why should a copy of French Committees of Terror, or a copy of Judeo-Bolshevik organs of terror, be any different from the original?

They are even now recruiting and training people to be informers. By the act of Congress that established the DHS a system was created by which informers could make false allegations against anyone they please with near-total impunity. Of course, such informers aren’t described as informers; rather they are given the title “submitting person” and the DHS Act provides that their falsehoods will never be examined by any court or legislature or law enforcement agency. The legislation even specifies how this immunity is obtained. The “submitting person” only has to give an “express statement” that his lies were “voluntarily given” and that he expected “protection from disclosure”.

Normally immunity is decided on a case-by-case basis by bureaucrats or prosecutors. But not here. Under the DHS Act, authority to grant immunity is given to those who provide false testimony. What more could as thief want?

It’s all there, in the act that created the DHS.

If we, and our property, are to survive, we have to combine our efforts and resources with other people of like mind; and it should be done thru First-Amendment assemblies, as American Founders did. Our Revolution was powered by a network of hundreds of such assemblies.

Again, ‘What’s the point of success if you don’t have good health to enjoy it?’

And, ‘What’s the point of good health if you take no measures to protect yourself (and property) from DHS storm troopers?’

Remember, your condition is the result of a long string of voluntary decisions.

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