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Invitation to join action against IRS

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To: 1) Customers and Shareowners of Anthony L. Hargis & Co. and 2) those who may be interested in our cause.

In early 2003, the IRS and Department of Justice (DoJ) began legal action against ALH & Co. that eventually resulted in my incarceration for five months; seizure of all Company assets; destruction of the Company; among other consequences.

For crimes they alleged there was no evidence, no witnesses, no victims.  I was denied possibility to defend; no discovery, no jury, no trial – just a summary judgment for a crime that never happened.

I was denied possibility to defend by two major factors: seizure of resources before trial and by grossly arbitrary violations of rights and procedures perpetrated by the IRS and DoJ – which operated to terrorize all who might have given me assistance before, during and after the prosecution.

It was a classic inquisition, more commonly known as a judicial assassination and plunder disguised with color of law.

Perhaps I should be grateful; for, where else could I get a more substantial validation of my writings and service I offered?

When I was released from jail, and from the perspective of material resources, I had to start my life over again as if I had just turned eighteen.  If it hadn’t been for my experience, knowledge and a few fearless friends, it would be another ten or twenty years before you would hear from me.

After jail, I was also confused.  I did not understand what I had just lived thru; I did not know the rights, rules and procedures that should have been observed – but were not.

Before I could begin the research needed to remove my confusion, I had to deal with the minor struggle to secure food and lodging, which slowed my recovery considerably.

It eventually took me five to six years to adequately understand the many violations customers and I suffered.  I also had to deal with the question, ‘How could we obtain redress?’  All existing forums of redress were corrupted beyond remedy.  This took several years to realistically resolve; that is, all that I propose is professor-proof and lawyer-proof.

I am now ready to begin the process of recovering what we have lost, plus damages and costs.

Under damages, for example, I spent 170 days in jail.  What penalties could we demand for wrongful incarceration?  Ordinary men have obtained $10,000 per day as compensation.  I’m not an ordinary man.  Of the millions of men who have complained about the Federal Reserve and its cannibalistic procedures, I was one of a half dozen or so who did something about it.  Of these alternatives, mine (a gold-based banking service) was the most practical and effective.  I allowed people to boycott the Federal Reserve.

And my customers gave aid and assistance to my effort, whether by intention or not.

Thus, my customers and I made this banking service/alternative possible, which had the potential to save hundreds of millions of people from economic destruction.  This is a major consideration that should be a factor in the equation that determines what would be an appropriate amount for damages.  Are our injuries worth one kilogram of gold/day (approx $50,000)… ten… twenty?  What could we demand for each day of injury and each violation suffered?  What would be an appropriate penalty for those who destroyed a service that had the possibility to save large numbers of people?

This, of course, is beyond our actual losses.

There is much more to consider; too much to discuss in this ‘call to action’; I’ll provide links below.

The project I have outlined is somewhat comprehensive.  Its outcome will affect numbers of people far beyond customers; and it will require participation by many people with time and labor, knowledge and skills.  I cannot do it alone.

To make it happen, I need 1) investors (customers or not) and 2) support from customers.

From investors, I need cash investments to finance part of the project.  I think I can finance the other part by selling products and services.

From customers, I need them to provide labor and skills to organize presentations, and to promote the website, ‘ – among many other tasks.

My plan is to collect losses, damages and fees from those who injured us.  Thus, all expenses related to this prosecution will eventually be paid by wrong-doers.

Now, let’s review violations I’ve identified so far, and proposed damages for each.

Violation of due process description amount
1 Violation of “judicial estoppel” (contradictory arguments in same proceeding) Kilogram of gold (kg-Au) per customer
2 Failure of notice Kg-Au per customer
3 Summary judgment Kg-Au per customer
4 Prosecuted as maritime action, disguised as “civil action” Three times amount demanded
5 No evidence and no witnesses Kg-Au per customer
6 No discovery, no jury Kg-Au per customer
7 Seizure of resources, no means to defend Kg-Au per customer
Other violations
8 Taxes wrongly assessed and collected Three times amount demanded
9 Imposition of money of cannibalism 5 kg-Au per customer
10 Incarceration of Anthony Hargis, 170 days Kg-Au per day

For findings and law pertaining to violations 1, 2, 3 and 4, see, ‘Miraculous Trial of Anthony Hargis’.

For findings and law pertaining to violations 5, 6 and 7, see, ‘Anthony in Wonderland’.

For an introduction to 8, see review of ‘Plantation America’.

For 9, see, ‘Bad News for Alternative Health…

At the time of the inquisition, the Company had 400-600 active customers; it also had 100-200 customers with accounts that had been dormant for one year or longer.

For each customer, proposed damages unique to customers add to 181 kilograms of gold plus “three times amount demanded (by IRS) (that is, violations 1-7 + 10).

Damages for violations 8 and 9 would be added to 181 kg-Au.

Remember, numbers I suggest would seem reasonable to some and not reasonable to others; and, the claim, “three times demanded” is based on a common-law rule that allows a cross-complaint for demands filed as a maritime action that properly should have been filed as a common-law action (see, Invasion of the Admiral, not yet posted).

If 400 customers joined in this proposed prosecution, we’re dealing with huge amounts.

As to damages, I am much inclined to share these with investors; after all they suffered losses by not having an opportunity to participate in the service (protection from economic destruction) we offered.  This issue (sharing of damage) will be settled in early meetings with customers and shareowners.

Let’s keep this discussion in perspective: numbers I propose, so far, are just marks on a “piece of paper”.

If we are to make them more substantial, we have to recruit investors to finance our prosecution until we begin to collect restitution.  To attract them, I suggest that initial collections be divided between customers and investors until latters’ principal is fully paid; thereafter, investors would receive 5%-20%/year of some, or all, collections, based on their principal, and according to whatever money unit they choose.

For any of this to happen, it will have to be done by one or more First-Amendment assemblies.  A main reason for this is that an assembly would be an appropriate recipient for my right of action in case criminal or idiot classes should accident or suicide me.  If I should suffer such a fate without such a bequeath, the action I propose would be destroyed.

(Actually, it would be a good idea for everyone (related to our action or not) to will their right of action to any person desired, and for an assembly to guarantee its true performance.  This would provide substantial protection against being accidented or suicided by official pedophiles.

(I refer to “them” as official pedophiles because it is thru the mechanism of governmental debt that one generation financially cannibalizes following generations; central banks facilitate this process; “they” are employed by governments and central banks; and financial cannibalization of the unborn is a form of pedophilia.  See “Bad News…” link above.)

I don’t expect anyone to rush into this project.  What I propose is very comprehensive and based on facts of history that no one else is aware of.  If you are interested in this legal project, there is a fair amount of reading and studying to do; and, you’ll have to erase indoctrination that has been absorbed over a life time.

In other words, this legal project will not be easy, it will not be quick; but it will be based on law and procedures developed by men of past eras who advanced the cause of liberty.  So, as our numbers and knowledge increase, so our aims will be certain.

This project will effectively begin when a sufficient number of investors and customers answer this “call to action”.  What you read here are “proposals”; they will serve as an agenda to be finalized during meetings of an assembly.

Remember, I can’t do this alone.

Perform your due diligence, and routinely check the website, ‘’ on a regular basis.

When you’re ready to give assistance (labor, connections, capital or other resources), contact me with your questions or offers.

If you want to participate in this recovery project, I can be contacted at 714-543-2619 (message only) or at 17632 Irvine Bl, #265, Tustin, Cal 92780 (a mail drop).  Please allow one to two weeks response time; I should be more dependable as this project progresses.

For the time being, I recommend communication by regular post-office mail, for the sake of privacy.

If you must, you may use e-mail ( with the understanding that for the last eight years official pedophiles have been monitoring my electronic communications.  So, compose your message with the understanding that they will probably read it before I do.

In the meantime, we can arrange face-to-face meetings every Wednesday (noon to 1:30pm) and Sunday (10am to noon) at the Tustin Souplantation.  This schedule is about 90% dependable; so you might want to confirm it by e-mail or other.

To understand issues involved, and options available to us, see the following,

Anthony in Wonderland, mainly an anecdotal account of crimes and folly of inquisitors.

The Miraculous Trial of Anthony Hargis, findings and law relative to major violations perpetrated by inquisitors.

These above links are not light reading.  I would suggest reading 5-8 pages at a time, give yourself time to absorb the information, then go back for another 5-8 pages.

Now, let’s do a limited reality check: the project outlined above will not be easy and it will not be quick.  Therefore, I suggest that everyone, interested in such recovery, make a high priority of improving their health.  In this regard, I have developed several health principles that have given me the health, vitality and body of a near-professional athlete 25-30 years of age.  In other words, while my chronological age is almost seventy, my biological age is somewhere between 25 and 30 years.  If I can do it, I figure anyone can: all you need to start is the activity of breathing.  With this activity and if you will reasonably adhere to health principles I have assembled, you should be able to reduce your biological age five to twenty years.

These health principles will give you greater strength, a higher-quality and longer life to enjoy the adventures that lie ahead.  See my article, ‘Turn Back the Clock


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