If there is to be any redress of “official” crimes, it must be done by private men and they must do it thru First-Amendment assemblies; for, public men have their lives and booty to lose from real redress.

Locate or Establish an Assembly

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The law and procedures of assemblies are almost totally unknown to all but a few Americans; thus, before, or concurrently with, using information from this page, I strongly advise that many potential or actual members of an assembly study the book, The Lost Right (4th edition or later) BEFORE they establish an assembly. Until then, I suggest that those interested devote their energy and resources to establishing a health food store based on my health regimen. It will 1) provide immediate health benefits to customers and monetary returns to investors within a year; 2) be far more comprehensive than a mere retail operation (to establish a gold-based currency is the least of what I aim at – to appreciate the urgency of this, see, What Price Gold…); 3) be far easier (far less to learn) to establish than an assembly; and 4) operate as a magnet for those interested in an assembly.

So, a short review is in order.

Ideally, a local assembly should embrace a territory small enough so potential or actual members would have to travel not more than 15 to 25 miles to attend a meeting; and to embrace a population greater than 25,000 and less than 100,000.

A representative assembly, on the other hand, would not be limited by such numbers; it, theoretically, could embrace a territory and population probably without limit.

Furthermore, it will be necessary classify those protected by each assembly as either citizen or person; thrifty or productive; useless or criminal. Here, TLR is essesntial.

Local and representative assemblies are distinguished by the fact that a local assembly is where members vote in person and, thus, exercise sovereignty. A representative assembly is established when redress involves a grievance that affects territories or members of two or more local assemblies. Proposed redress of such assemblies, then, have to be ratified by concerned local assemblies to be enforceable within the territory of such assemblies.

Now, from ‘review’ to general remarks: because of the very small number of Americans who have the necessary knowledge related to assemblies, it would be extremely difficult to organize assemblies with such ideal numbers, at this time.

Because of the very small number of Americans who have the necessary knowledge related to assemblies, it would be extremely difficult to organize assemblies with such ideal numbers, at this time.

To overcome this obstacle, I propose that initial assemblies be organized on a regional basis; in the case of America, I propose 6 such assemblies with the time of travel for each potential member to attend meetings the primary consideration; thus, each regional assembly would embrace relatively equal areas of territory (see below).

Of course, to organize a regional assembly, someone will have to volunteer to carry out this task.

My role in this project is to function as a facilitator and a consultant. In other words, if any action I suggest is to be done, it will require many resources beyond by own labor and capital; unless such resources come forward, nothing will happen.

My role as consultant will be similar to a teacher or guide – not a leader. We organize assemblies so men can learn how to become their own leaders and “law’ makers. Free men, in other words, have no leaders, apart from themselves.

As a consultant, my service will include: 1) access to my experience and knowledge; 2) a service to establish trading networks for friends and boycotts of enemies; 3) an accounting service; 4) a type of compliance-rating service regarding how closely various assemblies follow my suggestions; 5) establishment of internal-security policies; 6) procedures by which to identify and eliminate saboteurs/informers; 7) qualifications for membership; 8) organizing contracts for assemblies and their committees and 9) any other service related to the establishment and operation of assemblies.

Everyone concerned with establishing or joining an assembly should take notice that, altho many assemblies may seek my service, each assembly will be designed to stand in complete independence from all others; and, consequently, that each will comply with all, part or none of my suggestions. This is the reason for my service as a compliance-rating service; newcomers will want to know what to expect from an existing assembly.

Now, the only people that can establish an assembly are those that live within the proposed territory. When such a person comes forward to start an assembly, it will be his task to organize monthly meetings in one to four locations within the region. The different locations, of course, will be determined by the number of persons interested in establishing an assembly. Each meeting should be scheduled on separate Saturdays (for example) of each month. Meetings could be scheduled at a restaurant or someone’s home (a pot luck and with family, if possible). The agenda should be introductory and educational in nature initially and gradually to more substantial issues. All persons involved in scheduling and sponsoring such meetings should be compensated for their work. The book, The Lost Right (TLR) is most important here and thru-out this procedure: that is, every suggestion, every relevant word and phrase in this article is explained more fully in this book.

When 30-50 people become members of the regional assembly (when they purchase a share of the assembly), it is time to split the assembly in two: where there was one assembly, there would then be a northern and a southern (or eastern and western) assembly; and the original regional assembly would be dissolved, and its assets transferred to the two new assemblies on a share-by-share basis.

The process will then begin again: when the northern assembly collects 30-50 members, it should split into two smaller assemblies.

This process of splitting continues until an assembly reaches the ideal condition with regard to territory and population (see above).

At all times, the smallest assemblies will be local assemblies, which will be the assembly where men exercise their sovereignty, where they participate and vote in person. All other assemblies will be representative assemblies; their resolutions will have to be ratified by local assemblies to be enforceable.

Each assembly will be owned by its members; and their ownership will be evidenced by shares with a suggested par (initial) value of ten grams of gold. Each member will be limited to one share (plus one share for each of his minor children, which will descend to each of these children as each reaches “legal” age). I suggest the same for each committee organized by an assembly.

In addition to this share requirement, a performance bond should be required for each member. This is necessary to limit membership to those who don’t have to struggle to make ends meet each payday. This practice usually means the person in question doesn’t have the intelligence to make wise decisions or he is young and has too many mistakes to make before he should be trusted with authority. Since members will be performing investigative and judgment activities that will affect lives of large numbers of people, we want people for such responsibilities to be relatively successful at building capital; and, taking proper responsibility for his mistakes.

American Founders required a property qualification of $500 (750 grams of gold) for a man to be eligible for membership in the sovereignty. This may be a bit stiff for what we propose here. So, I suggest the initial requirement start at something in the 50 to 100 grams range, with a target of 750 grams eventually.

Another possibility is to allow partial payments for shares of the assembly. For example, an assembly may allow members to purchase a share (with a par value of ten grams) with a down payment of one gram along with an interest-bearing payable for the remaining nine grams. In this case, the shareowner would be allowed one tenth of a vote relative to assembly business. With each increment of payment, he would be allowed a corresponding increment of vote.

(An approximate dollar price for a gram of gold can be obtained by dividing the spot price for an ounce by 31.1. Gold at $1,250/oz would convert to one gram = $40.19.)

Each member of an assembly should be limited to only one share (plus a share each for each of his minor children, which will descend to each of these children as each reaches “legal” age). 

For those who are interested in the boycott/trading network (for labor, products or services), I recommend they communicate by the “comment” section of the relevant regions listed below. If a link is not available, it has not been activated yet. As region pages are added, I’ll transfer appropriate comments from general to more particular pages.

Also, comments require my approval; language will be limited to what is found in an average dictionary. Thus, any vulgarity and any personal attack or insult will not be allowed – and comments that do not comply with these rules will go in the “trash”. We aim at to establish a civilized society: its foundation is courtesy.

When posting a comment, display, “Region X, state, county” if you are willing to network with others in your area; and don’t mind the lack of privacy involved when using the Internet. For locations outside the US, display, “Country, province, [more?]”.

For more private communications, see bottom of the Order/Contact web page.

There may be a delay between submission and posting of a comment. It may take me several days to check my website – so please be patient in the meantime.

Currently there are two regions available: Region 4 and a “national” region for all others (see below).


United States

Region 1: Northwest: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, Wyoming.

Region 2: Northcentral: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin.

Region 3: Northeast: Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia.

Region 4: Southwest: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah.

Region 5: Southcentral: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas.

Region 6: Southeast: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

Note: owing to travel considerations for Alaska and Hawaii, they may have to stand alone.

Rest of World use Region 4 until sufficient members for a separate assembly.

Region in which there is activity

Region 4:

Contact person: Anthony Hargis

Location: Orange County, California

Activities: Speaking engagements; and Consulting service for establishment of assemblies or health food stores (by Anthony Hargis), it will include: 1) access to my experience and knowledge; 2) a service to establish trading networks for friends and boycotts for enemies; 3) an accounting service; 4) a compliance-rating service regarding how closely various assemblies follow my suggestions; 5) establishment of internal-security policies; 6) procedures by which to identify and eliminate saboteurs/informers; 7) qualifications for membership; 8) organizing contracts for assemblies and their committees and 9) any other service related to the establishment and operation of assemblies.

Message: To schedule a meeting or speaking engagement anywhere in the United States, please contact me for details.

Contact methods: a) by Comment section (below); b) by any other method, see bottom of Order/Contact web page.

Payments: there are three kinds of payments: a) for a current account (either gold or dollar); b) for purchase of goods or services; or c) for purchase of shares of an assembly.

a) the ‘current gold account’ (cga) represents an alternative currency to the Federal Reserve ‘dollar’; and is identical to what was established and offered by ALH & Co (freely transferable from person to person, and in multiples of milligrams of gold (a milligram at $1250/oz = about 4 U. S. cents; a gram, $41.19)). To establish a cga, this can be done with either gold coins or bars (an Austrian 100 Corona, for example, will be accepted at 30.45 grams or paid at 30.5 grams). Once deposited to a cga, a coin or bar can be payable, or convertible, in milligrams of gold. To establish a cga with ‘dollars’ will involve a conversion always based on the gold coin with the current lowest premium over New York spot. Conversion rates for deposits and withdrawals will range between one half and one per cent.

The reason for a cga is to facilitate convenient and practical transactions among customers – trading with coins or bars is neither convenient nor practical.

b) for purchase of goods or services, simply pay as instructed by relevant order form;

c) for purchase of shares: by gold or ‘dollars’; if gold is sent, the excess gold amount will be held in a cga or converted to ‘dollars’ and returned to purchaser, or disbursed according to instructions; if ‘dollars’ are sent, they will be converted as above described, and disbursed as instructed.

To become a member of Region 4 requires the purchase of one share (plus a share for each child, as described above) with a par value of ten grams of gold (payable in increments of one gram). For where and how to send payments, see ‘Order/Contact’ link above.

Currently, there are two assemblies available for membership; both are co-plaintiffs on a lawsuit against various officers of the federal government; one is limited to former customers of Anthony Hargis & Co.; the other (region four) is open to anyone victimized by the illegal assessment or collection of taxes, see CrdFunded litigation… against the Admiral (https://redressone.wordpress.com/admiral/).

To purchase gold to exchange for an assembly share: use an exchange rate equal to 110% of New York gold and divide by 31.1. This will give you a rough price (gram per dollar) for a local gold coin that will collateralize your gold. Then multiply this gram-per-dollar by the number of grams needed for what you want. By the time your payment gets to me, I’m sure the price will be different; I’ll convert your payment to gold at an exchange rate the day after collection of your payment; if there is a surplus or deficiency, I’ll refund (or hold on account for you) or ask for payment to settle the difference.

To take possession of such gold, your total gold investments with the R-4 assembly will have to total at least 30.5 grams of gold (the premium on smaller coins is considerably higher); in that case, I can deliver a physical gold coin to you, by your instructions.

If you would like to invest in this project, but are short of funds, I suggest, instead, that you invest by following my health regimen or buying any of my writings. Here, you will receive results immediately: more energy, better health and a reduced biological age (that is, a higher-quality and longer life) – all of which we’ll need to produce – and enjoy – the adventure that I suggest.

A major consideration here: all rights reserved by the Bill of Rights, and other Founding “official” documents, are equal.  If the exercise of one right is tax exempt, all are.

The right of religion is a First-Amendment right; so is the right of assembly.  The former is tax exempt; so is the latter.  And, I have documented several historical examples of this status, merely as an academic exercise; for, if assemblies were not tax exempt, we would have to make them so.

So, all transactions relative to a First-Amendment assembly will be constitutionally exempt from all taxes and regulations – maybe not immediately, but eventually.

There is, like any other investment, risk involved. Invasion by the IRS was a risk, but is no longer; for, all federal tax liens against me have expired; but I still have to deal with California tax liens. The last action regarding the latter was a visit to one of my lawyer’s office by two California tax thieves (about 2008-9) who asked where I lived; my lawyer told them to take a hike – nothing since.

Another risk is the possibility that members of useless and criminal classes may seek to accident or suicide me. If that should happen, everything I propose will probably evaporate.  If we are to have redress, a top priority is to make Judeo-Bolsheviks accountable for the billions of lives they have destroyed or ruined.  The problem here is that the elimination of all dissidents and their offspring is one of their religious mandates (as declared in the Old Testament (for example, Deuteronomy, xx, 10-18; if that’s not convincing, see Numbers, chapters xxv, xxvi and xxxi) and the so-called Communist Manifesto). Thus, I suspect that I am on the list of dissidents to be accidented or suicided when they deem it practical; and, so is my child.  My article, Exodus #23, parts one and two, deal with the mandate of their religion to reduce all non-Judeo-Bolsheviks to utter slavery – or eliminate them.

The above mentioned litigation, in other words, is a rather timely project. It, effectively, renders my demise a rather pointless object from the perspective of useless and criminal classes.

Other facts that may be relevant are mistakes I made with ALH & Co. There were two major mistakes: a) I organized and operated the business before I collected the power needed to protect it; b) the company accumulated assets before I knew how to properly secure investments. These are mistakes I won’t make again.

It seems that I’ve given a few reasons to make readers fear for their lives and property if they should associate with this project I propose – to offer redress to every village on the planet, one neighborhood at a time.

But, who else will do it?  Who else on this planet has the skills, experience and knowledge to accomplish this goal?

My integrity is a matter of the public record – so are some of my mistakes.  My greatest mistake was becoming successful too fast; in particular, I began and operated my gold-based banking service before I collected the power to protect it. When I established ALH & Co. in 1976, I had a tiny fraction of the knowledge I now have (see my publications (https://redressone.wordpress.com/order/) and articles at that web site).

The knowledge I needed was not available when I needed it.  I didn’t even suspect it existed.  I had to accidentally discover it, and rescue it from the graveyard of history.

Who else can claim any achievement listed on my resume? Of 6 billion people on the planet, I was the one that recovered the knowledge found in my experience and publications. No one else even thot to look for it. I use the planet as my stage because grievances happen every day and in every village on the planet.  The need for redress, in other words, is perpetual – and universal.

Without my work, there will be no redress – for anyone; just rivers, without number, of blood; and an ocean turned red by them; and another Dark Age, many thousands of years longer than the latest one.

Now, how will you overcome that fear of associating with me?  By experimenting; by making a small investment and, a few weeks later, request the return of it.  That’s partly how I built my gold-based banking service: I focused on taking care of my customers – who became my sales force.


The memory: I took my daughter to a large shopping mall in Orange County. We were on the third floor and came to a large circular space, an atrium that reached from ground level to third floor and above. Up to this point in time, she danced and skipped everywhere she went; she was in a hyper-active state as she wanted to touch, see and experience everything that impinged her senses. Everything, in other words, was quite normal.

The atrium was surrounded by a hand rail about shoulder high to Aurelia. She jumped onto one of its railings and swayed, actually, bounced, from side to side – so much energy to use, so many things to see and touch, so little time. She kept up this movement as she surveyed the scene, from first floor, to second, to third, and above. The atrium was crowned with a stained-glass window.

Her swaying slowed, then ceased, as she focused her attention onto her sense of sight. She was perfectly still, head tilted upward. Finally, after 10 to 15 seconds, she said, “The whole world is beautiful, isn’t it?”

Here, a scene that will haunt me to the end of my days.

For, how was I to respond… when should I tell her?

Come away, O human child / To the waters and the wild / With a faery, hand in hand, / For the world’s more full of weeping than ye can understand.

Stolen Child / William Butler Yeats / performed by Loreena McKennitt

When the quiet evening comes…  I’ll be gone, Pozo Seco Singers

Timely and Related Articles

Genocide by Endocrine Disruptors, How to feminize men and masculinize women: Recently The Endocrine Society released a statement on Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals specifically listing obesity, diabetes, female reproduction, male reproduction, hormone-sensitive cancers in females, prostate cancer in males, thyroid, and neurodevelopment and neuroendocrine systems as being effected biological aspects of being exposed to EDCs… Are we dealing with a conspiracy to reduce Americans to a mass of rotting slaves? Perhaps – it really doesn’t matter. We are dealing with facts of reality. And, there’s got to be a better option. Please read more.

Killing the Tyrant… “What was the end of killing the tyrant, but to be free from tyranny? A ridiculous motive, and empty exploit, if our slavery survive him.” Cicero

The quote by Cicero is part of the legacy won by the American Revolution; not because he said it, but, because the English rebel, John Elliot, authored an example of it. And, there’s hardly an American alive who knows it.

American Founders relied heavily on English rebels for direction and procedures needed to successfully win their bid for independence; the Petition of Rights of 1628, the Grand Remonstrance of 1640, the so-called Bill of Rights of 1688, among many other milestones of liberty.

One of the more significant items was the resolution introduced by John Elliot by which taxes imposed without the consent of parliament was made a capital offense. The measure was passed by the House of Commons before Charles dissolved parliament and arrested several members. Twelve years later, parliament used Elliot’s resolution as the basis to take down judges and tax collectors, clergy and kings for asserting “the divine right of kings” and imposing taxes that had not received the assent of parliament; these were actual charges.

Failure of Power:  We hear and see many stories about false flags perpetrated, and that will be perpetrated, by governments and their string pullers – big banks, munitions makers and the cut, burn and poison industry. You’d think that, with all the publicity, bandit and useful-idiot classes would refrain from such false flags; yet, it doesn’t seem to slow them in the least. How do we recognize a false flag… and why are they perpetrated with impunity? …It’s because Americans have the power to correct any grievance that could be named… and they choose not to use that power. There are three main reasons for this failure… (full article)

What Price Gold $7,000… $14,000… $60,000?  You may think this will be a wild ride. If you think collateralization, currency equivalents, double-entry bookkeeping and mortgage-backed securities are dull subjects – if you think wishful thinking is a harmless activity – if you think taxes are essential for the development and maintenance – rather than the destruction – of civilization, then, yes, this will be a very wild ride. We are about to study concepts and actions, crimes and fictions that few, if any, others have examined yet relative to their influence on gold. It may also be a disturbing study; for, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. It is used as gold once was used: to serve as backing, or collateral, for issued currencies around the globe; in the dollar’s case, for the world’s major currencies and a few dozen others. Thus, today, wishful thinking has replaced gold as backing for most of the world’s currencies.

Money is the basis for practically all human action; as it is based on solid ground so man’s society will endure. Forget about the house built on shifting sand; we should be concerned about societies built on houses of cards.

We also have to deal with another major issue: the Fort Knox gold that went missing. When reporting their financial positions, the US Treasury and central banks world wide list number one on their asset statement, “gold and gold receivables”. In other words, some of the gold formerly possessed by them now exists in paper form only. It is an open admission that this gold has been “plundered”. Our question, “Who took it… and how do we recover this gold?”


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