A Measure of Freedom,

3rd edition

Natural-law copyright by Anthony Hargis

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This little booklet deals with a problem that has vexed mankind for all of history: ‘What are requirements of a monetary unit that will prevent its ultimate debasement?’  Historically, such debasements are “solved” by re-defining the monetary unit’s relationship relative to gold or silver, iron or copper, labor hours or sea shells – or whatever a population can be tricked into accepting as a monetary base.  This “re-defining” is what I call definition looting.

This examination also includes a procedure by which existing companies or startup companies can immediately reduce labor costs, create an internal security system, and establish a costless and guaranteed sales force.  Overall, this procedure will enable such companies to withstand financial and political catastrophes that now thunder on the horizon – or closer.  All this, and more, will be achieved – not by tax resistance, but – by strictly complying with applicable regulations and tax statutes.

Along with the publication of this 3rd edition, I offer a business consulting service based on principles explained in this booklet.

My service is available for existing, as well as, startup companies.  Everyone associated with such companies can benefit from principles I suggest – from “employees”, owners, to lenders.

I’ll examine each situation and determine what I can, or cannot, deliver.  For those with solid and market-related products or services, those associated with such companies should become financially independent within 2-4 years (wealthy, in 5-10 years).  In any case, I aim to exercise various levels of control over startups for 15 months; at which time I will be, or not be, an ordinary shareowner.  For existing companies, I’ll simply offer advice and suggest directions.

Regardless of your interest, one, start your due diligence with this booklet, two, request a meeting, or three, both.

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