Next Dark Age?

Will a Ron Paul Presidency be the trigger for the Next Dark Age?

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Twenty-five hundred years ago, Babylon sat astride the relatively civilized world: India and Egypt were second rate civilizations, at best.  The city of Babylon was to the ancient world what the combination of New York, London, Rome and Thailand are to our time: the world center for commerce, finance, religion and sleaze.

Within two hundred years, Babylon had virtually disappeared from the face of the earth, and memory of men.  Herodotus, about minus 450, traveled in the area of Babylon and referred to its mounds of ruins.  Xenophon, about minus 400, praised the quality and quantity of dates and palm trees that lined the rivers Euphrates and Tigris; and described its sand-covered ruins as “relics of some ancient city of unknown name.”  (Williams, ed. Historians’ History of the World, vol. 1, 366)

And so, for more than two thousand years, men thought stories of Babylon were works of fiction.

In the early years of the nineteenth century, men began to recover tablets of clay from sands of Nineveh, Babylon and nearby locations – tens of thousands of them: commercial contracts, promissory notes, legal decisions, incantations, legends, hymns, letters… all original documents.

An unknown civilization rose from its grave; and, even in our day, only a small fraction of its secrets have been deciphered.

It early was realized that here was a surprisingly advanced commercial empire.  An early nineteenth century writer reported that, in the district of Edin, (sic) just south of Babylon, (Eden of the Bible) the former “system [of canals, dams, waterworks, and engines] is now a vast ruin… there are few instances in the world of a sadder waste of a beautiful and fertile country.”

How is it that an unrivaled world center of so many activities – situated on a major trade route and in the midst of one of the most fertile regions of the earth – utterly vanished from man’s memory, and remained a waste land for over two thousand years?

Can it happen again?

And how are these questions related to Ron Paul?

Ron Paul

From the perspective of liberty, Ron Paul aims at desirable ends: he promises to end subsidies to foreign bandits; to withdraw American troops from their guard duty for the poppy fields of Afghanistan, among other foreign lands; to reduce or eliminate taxes; to abolish the Federal Reserve; to reduce the federal debt, among other ends.

I’ve been active in the so-called freedom movement for more than forty years – and I can agree with these ends.

But, the means by which Ron Paul would pursue them will only lead to futility and a waste of resources – at best; and, in the process, set back the cause of liberty a hundred years – again, at best.

One obstacle Ron Paul and his advisers overlook is that, for any of these aims to be achieved, the cooperation of a large majority of the federal bureaucracy is required.  These bureaucrats sit in government offices and collect $5,000 to $15,000 every month while they impose and collect taxes and enforce regulations that eat out the substance of American society.  And, after they retire from polishing chairs in those offices, they expect to collect similar amounts every month for the rest of time.  (State bureaucrats have retirement systems similar to federal bureaucrats, see Of Lords and Cattle.)

For every aim that Ron Paul achieved, a large number of government bureaucrats would be removed from office, and would no longer collect their booty.

A verdict of history is that governments are gathering places for criminal and useful-idiot classes of mankind; another such verdict tells us that a bandit commits robbery with the intention of keeping his booty and avoiding punishment for his crime.  This greatly appeals to people who have no capacity for productive labor; and, once they learn that more can be stolen with the law – than against, they will do everything in their power to continue the flow of spoil.  Needless to say, a great majority of American bureaucrats would have difficulty finding employment in the private, voluntary, sector at $1,000 a month.  Tree trimmers, employed by Los Angeles County, for example, take home $4,500 per month, plus another $500 per month in benefits.  Who, in his right mind, would expect such bureaucrats to cooperate with policies that would throw them into situations where they could earn only what they are worth?

I have possession of an employment agreement between the city of Garden Grove, California and a class of its employees; it promises increased pay to such employees but only if city tax collections increase from year to year.

This explicit language really wasn’t necessary.  Every bureaucrat knows that his, or her, monthly check (whether for active or retired status) depends on increasing tax collections.

There are twenty to thirty million bureaucrats at all levels of government – and a similar number of private employees who draw similar checks every month, and depend on government contracts for those checks – who will do everything in their power to make mince meat of every reform promised by Ron Paul.

From this consideration alone, a reasonable man would never aspire to public office.

A few questions pertaining to activities of the Mafia and American governments should demonstrate the futility of a Ron Paul presidency.

The Mafia is a type of business that offers services of perversion (drugs, prostitution and gambling) to weaker classes of men.  Altho these services are voluntarily offered and bought, they are usually suppressed by law.  And, I estimate that perhaps two of five Americans would regard it as a hopeless task to reform the Mafia.

On the other hand, American governments were largely responsible for World Wars I and II.  The first established Bolshevism as a world power, which, thus, defined a major purpose of the war; the murder and mutilation of as many young white men as possible was also a major purpose.  The second war delivered half of Europe into the hands of Bolshevism.  During wwii, upwards of two million Russians took the opportunity to flee to the West.  After the war, American and English militaries executed Operation Keelhaul, which forcibly returned most of these Russians to their immediate execution, or to a slow death in various Siberian work camps.

In late 1943, the Japanese made efforts to open negotiations to end the war; American bureaucrats ignored them; American bureaucrats, professors and engineers were developing nuclear weapons – and wanted to test them on civilian populations.

These facts raise a question: ‘Are crimes of the Mafia less heinous and less numerous than those of American governments?’

Do we really need to ask the question?

Now, between the reform of the Mafia and American governments, which would you regard as a hopeless task; and which would you unhesitatingly attempt?

If crimes of the Mafia are less heinous and less numerous than those of American governments, how shall we dispose of these problems?

Sensible men learn to crawl before they learn to walk; to build a raft before they build an eighty thousand ton ocean liner; to write a “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” before they write a Beethoven sonata.

If crimes of the Mafia are less than those of American governments, wouldn’t it be more sensible to reform the Mafia before an attempt to reform American governments?

If this is so, it would be a more wise choice for Ron Paul to campaign for the position of supreme commander of the Mafia, than for supreme commander of American governments.  Such would be more wise – but, it wouldn’t make Ron Paul or his advisers wise; for, a man of reason and justice would soon come to the conclusion that neither Mafia nor American governments deserve to be saved; he would abolish both.

But let’s go further.  Ron Paul promises to reduce taxes.  As president, he would have no constitutional authority to do so (this applies to other reforms he promises).  The most he could do would be to submit a resolution before Congress to reduce taxes.  There, his constitutional authority stops.  Then, he must overcome the lust for booty by an almost unanimous majority of members in each house.

If this is all he can do, why go to all the effort of a presidential campaign?  Any private citizen can lay such a resolution before Congress.  By failing to explain this power held by American citizens, Ron Paul is performing a great disservice to all his supporters, or demonstrating a scant knowledge of constitutional principles.

History declares it to be a near impossible task to dissuade a man his booty.  It tells us that for every man that switches his support from tyranny to liberty, there are a hundred who will switch the other direction for a pittance of $100 per month; some, for a bag of beans each election cycle.

For Ron Paul, the Federal Reserve seems to be his issue of major concern.  I share this concern.  But I also have to report that he does not fully understand forces at work relative to the Federal Reserve.

For example, he recently submitted a resolution before Congress (HR 1275) to abolish the Federal Reserve.  By this resolution, the money-printing function of the Federal Reserve would be turned over to the US Treasury, and pension obligations to Federal Reserve employees would be honored.

This was put before Congress shortly after “to-big-to-fail” banks successfully plundered $700 billions from American taxpayers thru the dual agency of the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve.  And Ron Paul proposed to trust them with a money-printing function… and to pay pensions to these bureaucrats who perpetrated this unprecedented plunder!?

If a man steals your savings, is it an act of justice to give him a life-time access to your bank account?

What were Ron Paul and his advisors thinking?

Another example: during debates in Congress relative to increasing borrowing authority for the US Treasury, Ron Paul suggested that he knew how to immediately reduce the debt by 1.6 trillion: simply void Treasury securities then held by the Federal Reserve.

The problem here is that those securities were/are collateral for Federal Reserve notes (the play money we carry in our pockets) issued by the Federal Reserve.  One hundred and fifty years ago gold served as collateral for issued paper currency; today, US Treasury securities serve as such collateral.

They commit their theft on a world stage; and hardly anyone knows how to describe it.  The only thing that gives value to the US dollar is the belief that the US Treasury will be able to collect, from unborn Americans, taxes needed to redeem UST securities (the collateral for dollars).  People (as in ‘future generations of Americans’) do not cannibalize themselves; only a moderate intelligence will tell you that such taxes will never be collected.

With such facts staring us in the face, we have to conclude the current collateral for FR notes is worthless.  But to people who dominate and staff instruments of tyranny (governments, educational organs (from day-care to universities), propaganda instruments, financial centers and government-protected monopolies), government securities are the most stable and valuable assets possible; and, thus, make ideal collateral for paper money.

As UST securities serve as collateral for the dollar, so the dollar serves as collateral for a sizeable fraction of the major currencies of the world.

The reason foreign bureaucrats use the dollar as collateral for their currencies and bank reserves is because they actually believe they will profit from the cannibalization of future generations of Americans.

If Ron Paul managed to void UST securities held by the FR, he would shatter this belief, and trigger a financial panic that would destroy major banking systems around the world within hours, and drive the value of most paper currencies to zero within a week.

Financial Cannibalism

Another problem Ron Paul overlooks is the fact that the US financial and political systems cannot be saved; and do not deserve to be saved.

Governmental debt is the instrument by which one generation financially cannibalizes following generations.  Such obligations are so large that, if a 100% tax were imposed on the income of every American, the proceeds would not be sufficient to pay the interest on governmental obligations.  Thus, there is now enough governmental obligations on the books to cannibalize following generations of Americans to the end of time.

Civilized men do not eat their children; even chimpanzees know better.

Nevertheless, this money of cannibalism and the instrument that makes it possible (the Federal Reserve) are mandated by Congress.  It is the law of the land that we must cannibalize our children thru mechanisms mandated by Congress.  If anyone attempts to provide an alternative to this cannibalistic money unit, he will be judicially assassinated, at best (see what they did to me).

In other words, promises to cannibalize following generations of Americans serve as the collateral for a major portion of paper money and bank reserves around the world.  It is a system that cannot last.  Don’t take my word for it: see what a former Comptroller of the United States, and others, say about it, Bad News.

The proper conclusion here is that, ‘A nation that knows – or does not know – it is cannibalizing its young does not deserve to survive.’

Missing Trillions

Ron Paul and his advisors have another shortcoming: imagination.

A major problem that frequently draws attention is the budget shortfall experienced by every level of American governments, as well as bloated retirement systems for 1) bureaucrats, 2) public school teachers, and 3) staffs and faculties of universities – not to mention the 4) Social Security retirement fund.

Of these four retirement systems, only the Social Security is a lawful obligation to its beneficiaries.  If we must keep them all, SS beneficiaries should switch places with public employees; for, taxpayers financed both salaries and pension contributions for these public employees.  (See, A Tale of Two Bribes)

And then there are the missing trillions from several federal agencies: over four trillion from the Department of Defense; two trillion from Housing and Urban Development; two and a half trillion from SSA.

When Congress debates the problem of closing the gap in the federal budget, its members discuss higher taxes; cutting expenditures; or, in the case of Ron Paul, voiding 1.6 trillion US Treasury securities held by the Federal Reserve.

Congress decided the time not ripe for any such remedies; and authorized an increase in the federal debt.

In the midst of this babble, Ron Paul could have addressed Congress to propose an appropriation of ten million (or fifty million) to finance an investigation, and then recovery, of the trillions that went missing from DoD, HUD and SSA; but he didn’t.  Wouldn’t this recovery of eight to ten trillion compare more favorably to the imaginary thirty-five billion in savings that finally came out of Congress?

Both Ron Paul and I have complained repeatedly about the Federal Reserve.  He chose to work thru existing forums to rectify the problem.  I realized, forty years ago, that existing forums of redress were corrupt beyond recovery.  Instead, I set out, thru private means, to provide a private alternative to the Federal Reserve.  With my alternative, people had an immediate opportunity to use a gold-based money unit, instead of providing resources to the Federal Reserve (by using its paper money); with Ron Paul’s, people still wait.

However, cutthroats and thieves do not enjoy light cast on their crimes by a better alternative.  Eventually, the IRS and DoJ sent their judicial assassins after me, probably at the urging of the FR.  During this inquisition, I sat in jail for five months rather than turn over customer records to the IRS.  In the meantime, two or three of my customers approached Ron Paul thinking he might intervene or give some kind of aid to my case – as an ordinary Congressman sponsors a dinner (or some other special event) and urges support for a communist assassin that sits as the head of a foreign state.  After all, I was providing an alternative that allowed people to not participate in the cannibalization of generations of unborn Americans.

But he lifted not a finger.

When the financial crisis became evident in late 2007, there was panic in DC and Wall Street; they finally decided to send $300 to every adult in the country.  Of course, this benefited recipients; but added another burden on future generations of Americans.  As an alternative, Ron Paul could have laid a resolution before Congress to double tax exemptions for all Americans for two years; thus, making tax-free the first 18,000 (approximately) of every taxpayers’ wages.  But he didn’t.

Ron Paul purports to support principles of freedom.  This, presumably, indicates that he strives to preserve the ideals of freedom.  For this to occur, we must pass these ideals on to our children.  For this transmission to succeed, our children must survive, and produce children of their own.  There is a problem here: every society on the planet follows policies that guarantee the destruction of their children.  Ron Paul could have attempted to rectify this by laying a resolution before Congress that would require men to be 35 years or older – or to have raised two or more children – before they would qualify for military service.  But he didn’t.


Perhaps he failed to perform these actions because he feared assassination; perhaps, because he has been recruited by the CIA as a counter-intelligence agent; perhaps, because he is ignorant of the law and procedures of redress.

If Ron Paul or his supporters or advisors had knowledge of redress, they could have established several First-Amendment assemblies, which are historically-proven engines of redress.  With these assemblies, he could have reduced, or eliminated, the threat
of assassination; he (we) could have reformed, or abolished the CIA; he could have done all these actions; but with no knowledge of redress, he cannot do any of them – and he, and his supporters, never will.

The power of redress – as in First Amendment – resides in every person on the planet: it exists with, or without, a First Amendment.  And only a few readers of my book partly understand it.  This power is like any other fact of nature or invention of man: it may be used for good or evil; properly or improperly.

In today’s world, it is used exclusively by evil men.  Men of reason and justice have virtually no knowledge of redress; and they seem to want to remain petrified in their conditions of ignorance and futile actions – while they wish that perpetrators of evil hang or drown themselves… even tho ten thousand years have failed to produce an example of such redress.

The Next Dark Age?

Earlier, I indicated that a Ron Paul candidacy for the White House would be a mission of futility and waste of resources – at best.  It could be much worse.

The criminal organization that dominated and annihilated Babylon, and then kept it an “everlasting waste” has operated continuously from that time to the present.  Here is a story – derived entirely from Los Angeles Times articles – of how this gang exited Russia after it had been looted to a Stone-Age condition.  It almost totally dominates every aspect of American society.  Its members decide who may hold public office.  If any potential or actual office holder expresses opinions disliked by such members, they remove or eliminate such dissident.

If a dissident is allowed to hold public office, or is given air time on the criminally-dominated media, it means the elite criminal class regards such dissident as a potential useful dupe.

So, how could Ron Paul serve the criminal class?

The American system cannot be saved.  It is impossible, practically and ethically, to collect enough taxes to redeem the federal debt.  We sit on the precipice of a world-wide economic catastrophe.  When it happens, those who sit in public office – from welfare offices to the White House – will be blamed for it.  They will be apprehended by angry mobs, cut to pieces, and their heads mounted on pikes.

Who do we want in public office when that happens… Ron Paul… or a useful idiot?

Another way to ask the question, ‘Who do we want cut to pieces by angry mobs?’

If members of the criminal class choose to let Ron Paul into the White House, they will give him three to six months of extensive airtime on their various media outlets.  Ron Paul and his advisors will endlessly (seemingly) explain free-market this and free-market that, from morning to night, seven days a week; and simultaneously exhort the public to support such policies.

After this period of exposure, members of the criminal elite will shift gears of commerce and finance into reverse and drive the world economy to its knees.

Men will lose their jobs, watch their children starve, lose their homes, their families, they will sleep in parks or on public property…  Take a walk, and you will see a modest beginning of all this.

Angry welfare recipients will descend on welfare offices, legislatures and other public offices with pitchforks, hatchets and broken bottles.

Starving men will swarm thru cities and over countryside like a cloud of locusts.

Death squads will take in hand pistols and a list of Ron Paul supporters and other dissidents; and, in a matter of days, a check mark will appear next to each name.

Some men will regard it as an unprecedented horror; but it will be a routine proscription: a time when men will die who identify crimes of the criminal class, and ask inconvenient questions.  Another routine proscription… the one by Sulla… the St. Bartholomew Massacre… the Catholic Inquisition… the Bolshevik proscription from 1917 to the present… Operation Keelhaul… Operation Phoenix… and, of course, the current training exercise in Iraq, Afghanistan and a few dozen other places.

A time when debtors falsely inform on their creditors; men murder neighbors for a meaningless grudge; the inept murder (or denounce) competitors in business, academia, or the sexual hunt; the impatient poison the ancient too stubborn to die – so an inheritance will descend sooner – there are a million excuses for barbarism.

I mention only a few of the proscriptions that have darkened our unread history books.

When it is all over, a whole world will hate Ron Paul and every ideal he promoted while acting as President of the United States.

And, with such hatred irrevocably burned into the minds of several billion people, the world will be safe for tyranny for a thousand years.

It would probably be worse than the European Dark Age.  That destruction was powered by debt limited by currency that had substance.  In our case, the world’s currency is the product of wishful thinking: a few key strokes can create trillions; the destruction will be measured by the amount of governmental debt; and, as noted, there is enough such debt to cannibalize following generations of Americans to the end of time.  The same is true for most Western societies.  Thus, while an earlier Dark Age grounded men to dust for a thousand years, the Ron-Paul Dark Age could run to five thousand years.  Perhaps, if Egypt, Persia, Babylon can serve as examples, it will endure to the end of time.

If Ron Paul, his advisors/supporters and others of like mind are to correct above-mentioned grievances (and a million others)… if they are to survive death squads set loose by a system-wide breakdown, they must employ procedures that are historically proven – not derived from the propaganda issued by universities and media dominated by the criminal class.

A Beginning

Issues I have discussed above are major problems; constitutionally, they are known as grievances: ‘acts that subvert the rights of man’.

And, none of them can be redressed by depending on those guilty of such grievances.

Since all existing forums of redress are dominated by criminal and useful-idiot classes, the only method of redress left to us is to take matters into our hands and turn society right side up – as American Founders did (temporarily).

The service of redress is only one of many we must provide if we are to have redress.  The activity of redress is dangerous: those guilty of grievances will not voluntarily give up their plunder, and will not hesitate to murder whole towns to silence one or two victims or witnesses, investigators or dissidents – these need protection.  Those guilty will also not hesitate to employ informers and saboteurs – these need to be indentified and eliminated from our midst.  The work of redress is the activity of making rights and property secure.  No other employment is more valuable; and should be well-compensated.  Redress requires capital to finance its activities until stolen property is recovered from those guilty; with 8-10 trillion missing from DoD, HUD and SSA, we should have more than enough to redeem investments; compensate investigators and witnesses; and provide restitution to victims.

All of these actions – redress, protection, and financing – must be done thru the mechanism of numerous First-Amendment assemblies.

But this leads to a great obstacle: while English colonists utilized this method of redress on almost a daily basis from the first colonial settlement to the Revolution, present-day Americans have virtually no knowledge of such redress.

If men are to have redress, the first step is to erase practically everything they know about American/English history and law (constitutional and natural), and replace the void with facts of history.

After this first step, there are three options:

One, attempt to re-invent procedures and law of redress; and endure a) four or five centuries of trial and error and b) oceans of blood during that time – as the English endured from their Magna Charta to their revolution of 1620-50.

Two, take twenty years to read thirty to fifty thousand pages of original (and hard-to-find) histories; and endure another twenty years organizing one’s findings into a presentable form (as I have done); and witness only two or three oceans of blood.

Three, take three to six months to study my book, The Lost Right: a history, law and procedures of the right of revolution.  Here is a related article.

But, we have studied enough for now; we need to take a break, let’s listen to Katie Melua.

Comments, Notice

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    From the beginning of human societies, every habitable acre of the planet has been dominated by bodies of private men. These bodies have gone by many names: magicians, elders, priesthoods, army, senate, merchants, land holders were names of long ago. Today they go by names such as Council on Foreign Relations, American Bar (Bankers, Medical) Association, the 300, Defense Department Contractors, Oil Cartels, Drug Cartels, Communist Parties. There are many more. Generally, they are all known as assemblies. And, unfortunately, in a very high percentage of the time, such assemblies have been used by those with criminal, or tyrannical, intent. After reading 30,000 to 50,000 pages of original histories, I found only three examples where assemblies were used to advance the cause of liberty: Athens, England and America – all of which were eventually sabotaged.

Turn Back the Clock

      1. .  I am entering my eighth decade of life (as of 2014 July), but I have the health, vitality and physical condition of a near-professional athlete, about the age of 20. I routinely have former pro and college baseball players tell me I would “do well” (a modest remark) if I played “men’s senior league”, a level of play equal to a major college; for, who else on this planet

can hit 117 mph fastballs

    1.  … at the age of 70? In other words, I’m living proof that people do not have to grow old; they can retain or recover the health and vitality of youth; they don’t have to suffer from arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure or any of hundreds of other ailments; they don’t have to be a burden on their children.  Look what you’ll gain: more strength and a longer life to enjoy the adventures we all know are coming. You might even want to take part in them.

From Unprecedented Crisis to Unprecedented Opportunity. The mortgage crisis revealed that those banks too-big-to-fail produced 50 million mortgages with seriously clouded titles.  It produced a situation where no one could provide lawful authority to collect or foreclose on such mortgages.  In other words, property law 4,000 years old had been violated on a national scale.  So far, solutions require that bank shareholders, bank depositors, and taxpayers suffer losses -while those who engineered the crisis waltz away each with millions in plunder.  What can be done about it – without creating a new class of victims?  Please see the full article.



3 Responses to Next Dark Age?

  1. Pingback: Summaries | redressone

  2. While I agree with most of what you’re presenting, I don’t understand how use of Ron Paul as an example of how not to do things will see his supporters turn to your way of thinking. Let’s say you thought to yourself, “Ron Paul supporters are missing the boat and need to look elsewhere for answers.” Associating Ron Paul with a dark age scenario isn’t likely to attract his supporters to your way of thinking. If you thought “Ron Paul is ignorant of what it will take to fix this systemic problem”, then I would say you’re not getting the complete Ron Paul story.

    Ron Paul, when asked point blank what he thought of Voluntaryism responded that he thought it was the best form of government and political ideology. However, he said it would take time to arrive at it but that inevitably it would become the system for America. Had that question not been asked of him, he would have never made such a statement.

    You’re conclusions seem to assume either Ron Paul’s intent when taking an action or what he expects to result from his actions. I’ve never believed he’s been able to be forthright with his true intentions or strategies. I only support him as I’ve been able to theorize where he’s going in all of this.

    For instance, you see him glorifying Gold and Silver as real money and more than hinting at it being a good backing of currency. However, I don’t think Ron is oblivious to the true history of gold and how it has been mostly hidden since the early 20th century, nor do I think he’s unaware of how it actually has backed the currencies of most nations during this time. As such, he is likely demonstrating the criminal nature of the Fed while pushing for a commodity-backed currency. He probably does this using Gold because he knows the American public isn’t aware of the complexities of the problem. And, he can’t simply start telling the truth as you know what that will bring him.

    Then there’s the question of whether he is a shill or not. I tend to look at the most obvious of indicators when judging a person of authority; their wealth and lifestyle. I see no indication that Ron Paul has used his position to amass wealth. In fact, he seems to be squeaky clean in this area and is even known to mow his own lawn. Fundamentally, a corrupt person of his status simply cannot exist as Ron Paul does. In short time, cracks would emerge in their facade and the truth could be discerned by a more critical eye.

    So, in the end I think you might be right about Ron Paul’s strategies. Although, I certainly hope not. But, I think you overlook how the public messages he and his followers may present might actually serve to forward his underlying strategies. I mean, you don’t think Ron Paul would take office as President and make excuses for both a corrupt House and Senate? Think of it as a colossal prank, this timid and reverent campaign.

    On a side note; I hope more people read your distillation of the redress of grievance process.

    • redressone says:

      Derrick S,

      Thanks for your observations and compliments; both are welcome; please send more (especially the latter).
      Changing one’s way of thinking is never easy; even for me. Most people will die or kill rather than change a habit. Once you understand their mental dynamics, you’ll see why it is,literally, a life or death matter for them (see, ‘Cults of Totalitarianism’ (cursor on “Posts by Category”; then, “Grievances”; then, “Totalitarianism”; then “Cults”)).
      It used to take me 6 months to a year before I would accept the possibility that I was wrong ahd had to do more research. Since then, I’ve developed a rule that I try to follow, “Keep my mouth shut or my pen still until I have researched a quesiton from four or five different perspectives; for, I’ve decided that I’d rather listen to reason in the privacy of my living room than be embarrassed on a public stage.”
      And so, I realize many Ron Paul supporters will have difficulty with some/many of my observations. All I’m trying to do is initiate the first step to correction of incomplete knowledge; and to help people avoid embarrassment or worse.
      Yes, I fully realize that Ron Paul is somewhat limited in the truth he can speak. In fact, I think he may be limiting his remarks too much. I like to believe that he, his advisors, and his supporters would all like to learn the power of redress. It is knowledge that all of them could use… ah, I feel like I’m about to repeat myself.
      When I discuss Ron Paul, I always try to keep in mind his practice of returning part of his Congressional pay to the Treasury. How rare is that?
      Thanks again, A

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