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By Anthony Hargis,

American Inquisition: a) details the inquisitorial nature of American taxes; b) examines ‘The Mystery and the Fraud’, the real 13th and the fraudulent 14th amendments (which reveals how the English aim to recover its wayward colonies: the French Terror of 1792-4; the American Terror of 1861-5; and the Russian Terror of 1917-1991 are all related to this English aim); and c) demonstrates that probably all internal taxes are unconstitutional, and how import duties have to be imposed to be constitutional.  $15.00, plus shipping and handling (s & h, see below).

Fires that Cry: (95 pp) The nation of Jews (under many different titles) have been favored tax collectors for kings and bishops, nobles and caliphates, war lords and other cutthroats for at least 5,000 years.  During that time period they have continuously plundered nation after nation to a Stone-Age condition and perpetrated mass genocides to eliminate as many witnesses, victims and evidence as possible; thus, to give little warning to following victim nations.  $15.00, plus shipping and handling (s & h, see below).

Fountain of Youth: (46 8.5 x 5.5 pp) my health regimen has reduced my biological age by 50 years, I’ve begun my eighth decade of life and I have the health, strength and coordination of a professional athlete at the age of 20.  My proof is in my performance, which trumps all other forms of proof.  My regimen will benefit people of all ages, from a year before conception to the elderly.  It is especially important for mothers-to-be, if, that is, they want their child to develop to its full potential.  $8.00, plus shipping and handling (s & h, see below)

Invasion of the Admiral, law of the King’s Afterbirth: (90 letter-sized pages) According to the American federal Constitution, the newly created government had no authority to assess or collect coercive taxes within the states of the union; and so it was, until the Civil War of 1861. Since that point in time, the federal government has assessed and seized taxes of all kinds within the states. In the meantime, there has been no amendment to the Constitution relative to the original authority regarding such taxes. Thus, all coercive assessments and seizures, since the Civil War, have been done without Constitutional authority; which entitles anyone who has been a victim of such violations, to recover his losses, plus damages. $15.00, plus shipping and handling (s & h, see below)

The Lost Right, 4th ed.; (240 letter-sized pages) American judges and lawyers will tell you that, before a tax can be challenged in court, the tax has to be paid.  But, American Founders clearly declared the reverse, “redress before taxes”, and that it was one of three “great rights” (other two: consent and jury trial) they intended to secure with the budding Revolution. This book should be considered as an essential companion for Invasion of the Admiral.  $25.00, plus shipping and handling (s & h, see below).

Maxims of Law: (110 8.5 x 5.5 pages) When American Founders created American governments, they delegated authority from, and withheld rights in, the law of nature, or natural law.  Particular terms of this law are known as ‘maxims of law’; concise statements authored by private individuals.  For example, ‘No man shall be a judge in his own case.’  In this little volume, I present my selections for others to accept, or reject.  $10.00, plus shipping and handling (s & h, see below).

Measure of Freedom, 3rd ed.: (90 letter-sized pp) What requirements are needed to prevent debasement of a monetary unit and to preserve its value from year to year and decade to decade.  Official sources tell us the current system is “unsustainable”; they are modest; we actually stand on the cusp of another Dark Age.  It leads to a rather urgent question, ‘What is the business structure that will allow companies (and all related to them) to withstand hyper-inflation, roving gangs of hungry, and desperate privilege-holders and their government pawns?’  $15.00, plus shipping and handling (s & h, see below).

Plantation America, 2nd ed. : American law knows two kinds of citizens: white and black, literally (see USC Title 42, sections 1982-3).  I stumbled on this information as I researched the Income Revenue Code.  And, I discovered that the Income Tax is mandatory only on the “black” citizen: the “white” citizen is exempt from this tax, as the law is written; and it is a constitutional exemption.  Don’t hesitate to have your lawyer validate my work.  $15.00, plus shipping and handling (s & h, see below).

There is a 45-day money-back guarantee on the purchase price of each of these books (does not apply to cost of shipping and handling).  This guarantee should give you enough time to have your lawyer validate my writings and return your book(s) if you are dissatisfied.

Hints: shipping cost is less per book as more are ordered: on a purchase of 5 different titles, Book Rate would total $8; one title, $4.  If you know several friends who are interested, order all titles, pass them around, read enough (10-15 pages) to decide keep or return, return those not wanted for refund within 45 days.  This is quite okay with me. ALH

Shipping: Book Rate (7-10 days): $4 for the first publication; $1 for each additional publication; Priority flat env. (2-3 days): $8 for first publication; $2 for each additional.

For non-domestic shipping: obtain postage rates from a local post office and send appropriate amount with your order.  For books, use 14 ounces for each book.  If you overpay, I’ll refund the difference.

Send payment in the form of a Postal Money Order or a check payable on a bank that has a branch in Orange County, California.

My address is at the bottom of this page.


Price Lists

Under construction.

(The prior list was out of date; most of its prices have declined while 2 or 3 have increased; prices still good are below.  Customers who express a desire to follow my health regimen will be provided with a list of suggested supplements along with their prices and related s & h, and then provided with a request to pay before shipment.  This is explained more completely below.)

Phytase (in re-sealable bags of 225 grams each, price $68.00/bag; a sample test amount of 57 grams (2 ounces) is also available for $10.00/ounce; in either case, US shipping will be $6.00.

DMSA: bottles of 120 capsules, 125 grams each, price $55./bottle; US shipping will be $6.00.

To begin using my health regimen,

1) Start with my book, Fountain of Youth, it contains several suggestions that cost nothing to try.  Follow these suggestions for one to two months; they should produce noticeable results.  2) Then send to me a letter describing a) what you want to achieve; b) a list of your ailments; c) a list of supplements you are taking; d) a fairly detailed list of foods typically eaten over 2 or 3 days (organic, processed, cooked/raw, oils); and e) $20.

With this information, I will respond with a letter explaining an elementary, and small, first step to address your situation. It will include a suggested payment schedule in case you want to proceed. After your first payment of $20, your only monetary obligation would be for products; unless explained otherwise on a case by case basis.  If I am not able to help, I’ll return your $20.

You can send the information by e-mail or by US Postal Service, depending on the level of privacy you want (see bottom of page).


by e-mail: redressone@gmail.com

by phone: 1-714-568-9803 (Mon. – Fri., 8:00-4:00, Pacific Time; message only)

by “mail”: for more private communication:

Anthony Hargis; c/o VetAdmin, #150, 888 W. Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, Cal. 92701

A slightly greater level of privacy would be to send by a private mail service (such as UPS or FedEx).

More privacy yet: personal delivery of your message at the above address, with current hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Pacific Time.


6 Responses to Order

  1. “The Lost Right, edition 3.5 25.00”

    I’m interested in the book above. Please send me invoice in a proper manner to help facilitate my purchase.
    Thank you.
    Kure Anifowoshe

    • redressone says:

      An invoice is proper after receipt of payment.

      To make the purchase requires a money order or check (payable in Orange County California) for $30 ($25 for book, $5 for p & h).

      More complete instructions are above.

      Thanks for your interest, Anthony

  2. Great information and very interested in the book but complex to buy from my Country (Brazil). Plans to make a digital edition? And payment via PayPal?

    • redressone says:

      I’m relatively un-informed regardiing “digital editions” (how to protect copyright, mainly); and “PayPal” (the threat of tax liiens adding to $85-$90 millions can do strange things to one’s life, see “About/Intro”, “Anthony… bio”) I’ll look into both; and, owing to certain obstacles, it may take me a few weeks. Thanks anyway for the feedback, Anthony

  3. afriqmuzik says:

    Do you still sell “Reflections”? I would like to get the whole collections of books with one payment. How do you know if someone is buying books or buying supplements if all you request is the payment? Would it be advisable for the buyer to include a piece of paper listing items being bought and their breakdown of payments? thanks.

    • redressone says:

      Yes, I still have a few copies of ‘Reflections’.
      Ah, you’re right: if would be advisable to suggest a list of desired items with orders. As you have probably noticed, my order page is not inter-active (you can’t check items you want, there’s no way to click a button which will send an e-mail to me or which will allow payment by electronic means. I’m working with a very limited budget and the free website I have does not yet have these features.)
      Anyway, “Reflections” is $15 and has the same guarantee as the other books.
      Thanks for your comment, Anthony

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