“Paranoid” and “Delusional”

Yeah, that’s me; it’s official… by the Veterans Department

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Well, it’s official.  I’m “paranoid” and “delusional”.

That’s how I’m classified by the Veterans Administration.

Heck, I might as well be “cracked up”; and loaded up with “indoctrination”, er, “socially acceptable lunacy”.

I mean, why go halfway?

This is what I discovered when I collected records of my early visits to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Long Beach, California.

My first meaningful exposure to the Veterans Administration was related to loss of sight in my left eye.  By “loss of sight” I don’t mean “blind”; but, rather, it was more like a dark curtain had been drawn over my left eye with a faint strip of light to the left of my normal field of focus.  Total blindness would come about the summer of 2015.

I explained to VA personnel that a contributing factor for this loss was a complex of chemicals (known as phthalates ‘tha-lates’) disbursed thru-out my living quarters by so-called “air fresheners” with the trade name, “Air Wick”.  The VA eye specialists responded to my explanation with glazed eyes and no acknowledgement at all relative to such phthalates.

The cure, they said, was to pulverize the lens in my eye and replace it with an artificial one.  This would probably save vision in my left eye, I was told.  I explained, again, my concern regarding the phthalates.  I had discovered that they were more specifically known as “endocrine disruptor chemicals”.  They were known to feminize men, masculinize women, cause birth defects, disrupt DNA signals necessary to grow or repair cells, along with a host of other adverse effects.

In fact, owing to their influence, I had noticed they were causing me to experience the same pain behind my right eye that preceded loss of sight in my left eye.  I figured that, if I went thru with the operation, it would weaken my immune system and lead to loss of sight in my right eye.  I thot that adequate sight in one eye was preferable to complete blindness.  I explained this to VA hospital staff, and declined the operation until I could find living quarters less hostile to my health (and work) requirements.  Their response was the usual: glazed eyes and, I would learn later, a failure to mention my complaint in their records.

Weeks or months later I obtained a copy of the reports written by VA eye specialists and “doctors”, and learned they had mentioned nothing about the details of my complaint and had, instead, diagnosed my complaint as an “unspecified psychosocial circumstance”.  Despite its classification as “unspecified”, they managed to specify my condition anyway as “paranoid” and “delusional”.

I probably visited the VA hospital 15-20 times, each triggering a report.  Each report would begin with a list of existing problems, namely, “unspecified psychosocial circumstance”.  This problem was “noticed” with my very first visit.  It was listed for the second visit/report; the third… the fourth… it was so repetitive.

I began to suspect that the medical dogma I was dealing with was equivalent to the belief of faith and fairy tales commonly known as religion.  As one regarded non-believers as mentally deranged (or atheists), so the other regarded a question of authority as an “unspecified psychosocial circumstance”.  Thus, any such question, or hint of mental independence, was not allowed existence or was to be suppressed.

Since I could not “escape” my hostile living quarters – astronomical tax liens will do wonders for your credit standing – I eventually irretrievably lost sight in my left eye; but saved it in my right eye -so far.

Still I kept wondering, “Where did the phrase, ‘psychosocial’, come from?”

I found the phrase, “unspecified psychosocial circumstance” in an “appeal from the Department of Veteran Affairs Regional Office in Oakland, California”.  This “appeal” gave no usual definition of the word; so we have to derive a definition by how the word is used.  We find it associated with, a) “alcohol dependence, cocaine dependence-versus-abuse, b) impulse control disorder of pathological gambling”; c) “adjustment disorder with mixed emotional features… d) personality disorder… e) [and] poly-substance abuse”.

I then went to the “VHA Handbook 1162-02” (available by word search).  The term, “psychosocial”, is found at 42 places in this 62-page document.  It can be found another 24 times disguised within the acronym “PRRTP”, “Psychosocial Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program.”

This “Handbook”, also, gives no definition of the term.  Again we have to derive a definition in the classical way: by examining how the word is historically used.  “Psychosocial” is repeatedly found associated with various types of mental illness; such as, “Mental Health”, “Substance Abuse”, “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”, and “Compensated Work Therapy”, along with those disorders mentioned two paragraphs up.

My next stop was “WikiPedia”.  There, we are told, “psychosocial” was first commonly used by psychologist Erik Erickson in his stages of social development. (one).  Erickson was a disciple of Sigmund Freud, the Judeo-Bolshevik psycho-babbler who, according to Lenin, made the Russian slaughter of 1917, and following years, a success.

This Wikipedia article describes the concept, “psychosocial” in rather benign terms, and then tells of its dark side,

However, not all psychosocial activity is therapeutic. In some environments and social movements, such as with post-WW2 East Germany Stasi’s zersetzung, which has been called psychosocial crime, the development of the individual is intentionally exploited to cause damage to the individual’s ability to form social bonds. [zersetzung:]

Under the article, Zersetzung, Wikipedia explains,

During the first decade of existence of the German Democratic Republic, political opposition was combated primarily through the penal code, via accusations of incitement to war or boycott. To counteract the isolation of the GDR on the international scene due to the construction of the Berlin wall in 1963, judicial terror was abandoned. Especially since the debut of the Honecker era in 1971, the Stasi intensified its efforts to punish dissident behaviors without using the penal code. Important motives were the desire on the part of the GDR for international recognition and rapprochement with West Germany at the end of the ’60s. In fact the GDR was committed, in adhering to the Charter of the U.N. and the Helsinki accords as well as the fundamental treaty signed with the Federal Republic of Germany, to respect human rights, or at least it announced its intention as such. The regime of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany decided thus to reduce the number of political prisoners, which was compensated for [that is, “replaced”] by practices of repression without imprisonment or judicial condemnation.  [Bold and brackets added]

Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, West Germany enacted the 1990 Rehabilitation Act which allowed some compensation for victims of Zersetzung, thus, making the policy a war crime,

Cases of provable [injury:] systematically effected targeting by the Stasi, and resulting in employment-related losses and/or health damage, [were authorized] under a law covering settlement of torts (Unrechtsbereinigungsgesetz, or 2. SED-UnBerG) as claims either for occupational rehabilitation or rehabilitation under administrative law. These overturn certain administrative provisions of GDR institutions and affirm their unconstitutionality. This is a condition for the social equalization payments specified in the Bundesversorgungsgesetz (the war victims relief act of 1950). Equalization payments of pension damages and for loss of earnings can also be applied for in cases where victimization continued for at least three years, and where claimants can prove need. The above examples of seeking justice have, however, been hindered by various difficulties victims have experienced, both in providing proof of the Stasi’s encroachment into the areas of health, personal assets, education and employment, and in receiving official acknowledgement that the Stasi was responsible for personal damages (including psychic injury) as a direct result of Zersetzung operations.  [Brackets and bold added]

In other words, zersetzung, (the policy of tagging dissidents with the label “psychosocial”) was developed to neutralize or eliminate dissidents – those who oppose rule by terror.  It is a tool which criminal and useless classes employ to suppress dissidents while such classes pretend an “intention” to fix a fabricated mental illness – while they practice a “repression without imprisonment or judicial condemnation.”

Normally, it is the practice of a physician to investigate or perform due diligence regarding every complaint of a patient.  Not in my case: when I complained of deleterious effects caused by phthalates, everyone at the VA, whether technician, nurse or doctor reacted with glazed eyes, turned to his computer, and entered in my record that I was suffering from a type of mental illness described as, “unspecified psychosocial circumstance.”

I grew tired of this nonsense.  I pointedly asked an eye doctor if he was willing to perform due diligence on the topic.  His eyes immediately bulged for a fraction of a second before retaining control of his composure, and proceeded with his usual blindness.  I thot about it for a day or two and decided I would not let such quacks near my eye.

Judging by the hasty and careless manner by which VA personnel tagged me with the phrase, “unspecified psychosocial circumstance”, I would suspect that a very large fraction of VA patients is suffering from some form of “unspecified” mental illness.

Now, the question arises, “is zersetzung, that is, elimination of dissidents, official policy of the VA?”

Perhaps we can gain a clue by examining another operation of the Department of Defense: School of the Americas.  By this operation, the United States Army recruited and trained death squads that now rule most, maybe all, of Latin America, several countries in Africa and the Middle East, among other parts of the planet.

The US School of the Americas was founded in 1946 and originally located at Fort Gulick in the panama Canal Zone.  In 1984 the school was expelled from Panama under the terms of the Panama Canal Treaty.  From 1961… [it] was assigned the specific goal of teaching “anti-communist counterinsurgency training to military personnel of Latin American countries.  At the time and in those places, “communists” was, in the words of anthropolotist Lesley Gill, “… and exnomously elastic category that could accommodate almost any cirtic of the status quo.”… “As the Cold War drew to a close around 1990, United States foreign policy shifted frocus from “anti-communism” to the War on Drugs, with narcoguerillas replacing “communists”  This term was later replaced by “the more ominous sounding ‘terrorist’.  (See, Page 1)

As events transpired, those terms, “critic of the status quo”, “narcoguerillas” and “terrorist”, could all be reduced to “any critic of rule by terror”; more commonly known by the single word, “dissident” – about which, the First Amendment has much to say.

The actress Susan Sarandon made a video about this School of the Americas.  One of her guests was Father Roy Bourgeois, he declared,

As a Catholic priest, as a U.S. citizen, I really feel a responsibility to speak out against that because of this [school]. This does not lead to healing, it leads to death and suffering. In a way, this is a death machine. And this, I want to say, is very close to home because it’s in our backyard. It’s not out there in El Salvador. This is not in South Africa. We’re talking about a school of assassins right here in our backyard being supported and financed through our tax money. It’s being done in our names…

And then there was the massacre at El Mazote, a small village in El Salvador (1981 Dec 11).

Over 900 men, women and children… of 143 bodies identified… 131 were of children under the age of 12… Ten of the 12 officers cited as responsible for the El Mazote massacre were graduates of the School of the Americas.

Sarandon also reported that Congressman Joseph Kennedy proposed (1993 Sep 30) to eliminate funding for this School of Assassins; but it was defeated 174 to 256.  He tried again a day later with the same result: a defeat with a vote of 175 to 217.

There would be other attempts to close the school.  In 2001 Congress renamed the school, Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC).  A “former director of instruction at the school, said in 2002 that “there are no substantive changes besides the name. […] They teach the identical courses that I taught and changed the course names and use the same manuals.”

“Defenders [of the school] argue that today (2007) the curriculum includes [instruction on] human rights.”  But such “instruction does not prevent human rights abuses.”  (Sarandon video)

In August 2007, according to an Associated Press report, Colonel Alberto Quijano of the Colombian army’s Special Forces was arrested for providing security and mobilizing troops for Diego León Montoya Sánchez (aka “Don Diego”), the leader of the Norte del Valle Cartel and one of the FBI’s 10 most-wanted criminals. School of the Americas Watch said in a statement that it matched the names of those in the scandal with its database of attendees at the institute. Alberto Quijano attended courses and was an instructor who taught classes on peacekeeping operations and democratic sustainment at the school from 2003 to 2004.  (Sarandon video)

Other former students include members of the Atlacatl Battalion, responsible for the El Mozote massacre. See pages 1-3. [Bold added.]

So, we have the DoJ (thru the FBI), and DoD (thru the Army) working from the same page – despite their public pronouncements.  What else are we to conclude when those guilty of atrocities declare, No “school should be held accountable for the actions of its graduates.” (at page 3, above link)

A thing (or person) is judged – not by its words, but – by consequences of its actions.  It is the purpose of death squads to eliminate dissidents; it is also their purpose to protect those who provide funding for such death squads – and to prevent dissidents from discovering the billions in plunder congressmen have stashed in off-shore bank accounts.

I suppose Congress was looking for obedient taxpayers, and for a population that could be used to corrupt the ethics, political system and gene pool of American citizens – who were becoming more intolerant of rule by American thieves.  But before this Stone-Age population could be allowed to flood into America, any potential dissident should be eliminated first.  It would, you see, be easier to eliminate dissidents while they lived in Latin America.

After all, what’s the risk of assassination in a territory ruled by death squads?  Anyone who would think to investigate – much less, prosecute – such assassinations would be… what?  Assassinated with impunity?

By eliminating these potential dissidents from Latin cultures before they reach the United States would decidedly reduce any possibility of due process accountability for US Army trained assassins. But there is a disadvantage. The probability of asking too many questions is directly proportional to a person’s capacity for productive ability.

By eliminating these people in Latin America, those that are allowed to flood into this country are relatively useless on one side, and the other side, I think they are females, will give a person a very bad experience if he should accidently glimpse their profile.

Oh, but they do have a use as an army of occupation. In former times, cutthroats and bandits, disguised as a military would openly plunder (thru confiscatory taxes) a host population. It was only recently, that Judeo-Bolsheviks discovered more plunder was greater and easier to collect if it was disguised as aid or assistance for disadvantaged individuals – such taxes and presence of a Stone-Age-culture populace would also corrupt the host population’s tendency to resist rule by thieves thru corruption of its gene pool.

Another disadvantage: once the host population is thoroughly corrupted, or eliminated, the population used as an excuse to collect confiscatory taxes would no longer be necessary; and, it would have to be eliminated. For, you see, in a society ruled by thieves, all must be servile slaves, or perish in the tiaga and tundra of Siberia – or northern provinces of Canada or Alaska.

My oh my, oh my: problems, problems, problems…

Yes, open massacres would be decidedly more difficult in a country where the number of privately-held guns is greater than the number of death-squad-held guns.

In this country, death squads are disguised as Army, Navy, Marine Corps – all of which are organized under the Department of Defense; the same as School of the Americas is organized – unless we believe one hand does not know what the other is doing, for 70 years.

It seems, based on my experience, that personnel of the Veterans Administration will not let a veteran be classified as anything except within the categories a) “mental illness”, b) “substance abuse” disorders or c) as socially maladjusted (incapable of productive work, or locating living quarters, for example)  (A common companion of “psychosocial” is “Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program”.

And, there is good reason for this.  A common meme peddled by the military establishment is that, America owes veterans a huge debt for saving the country’s rights, or freedoms.

Nonsense, pure nonsense.  For there are no facts that would justify such a debt.  We can draw this conclusion with a casual examination of recent history.  World War I was billed as the war to end all wars; after the war, Allies gave all of Russia to Judeo-Bolsheviks.  Harry Potter calls them a “nation of death”.

World War ii was supposed to make the world safe for “democracy”; it resulted in delivering East Europe, Italy, and France and all of China to Judeo-Bolsheviks.

The Korean police action delivered half of Korea to Judeo-Bolsheviks.

The Vietnam War was to prevent Judeo-Bolsheviks from capturing a warm water sea port; the Army Corps of Engineers and Navy Seabees built roads, international airports, jet-fuel storage tanks, bridges, hospitals.  When these and other projects were completed, American forces abandoned Vietnam in a panic – and delivered the country, and built-up infrastructure, to Judeo-Bolsheviks.

And, Persian Gulf wars?  We delivered Persian Gulf oil fields to Judeo-Bolsheviks.

Ah, the list goes on.

No, I am not claiming the country does not owe veterans a debt for their service.

Yes, there is a debt – not because we saved America’s freedoms – but because we were duped into surrendering America’s freedoms and for turning the rest of the world into a cesspool of death squads.

And this debt is limited to those veterans who are driven by justice; not those who actually enjoyed killing with impunity.  In my book, the latter – along with munitions-makers and Judeo-Bolsheviks – should be held accountable for what they have done.

Who are “they”?  Members of Congress that voted funds for anything related to this School, or policy of delivering three-quarters of the world to Judeo-Bolsheviks; members of any bureaucratic office that assisted the same; private parties that lobbied for such; munitions makers; lenders of money; among others.

No, these people cannot be held accountable if we use existing forums of redress (legislatures, courts, media, education et cetera); we have to use the same law and procedures employed by American Founders.

And, some of our best witnesses will be veterans who participated in atrocities perpetrated by the Defense Department.  They have many stories to tell, which probably explains why the Veterans Administration is so eager to classify every one of them as mentally deranged.  It’s known as discrediting testimony of witnesses before they get a chance to testify.

Really, who would give credit to someone who is “paranoid” or “delusional”?

And I thot, at one time, that I might make something of my life.

Such a disappointment.

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