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The Power of Petition

Natural Law Copyright by Anthony Hargis

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Failure to correct wrongs only delays redress, and multiplies injuries.

Everywhere we look there are puzzles.

Criminal and useful-idiot classes (hereafter, “they”) use the sovereign power to perpetrate genocides and limitless plunder, and to destroy critics, witnesses and victims of their crimes.

They used the sovereign power to perpetrate events of 9/11; operation Keelhaul; Lend Lease to the Soviet Union; attack on USS Liberty; Oklahoma City bombing; Bailout of 2008; among many other outrages.

The puzzle: “the sovereign power” is available to every man on the planet… why do only those who have criminal intent use it… why do men of justice not use it?  Why do men of reason not even have knowledge of it?

By “the sovereign power” I mean the so-called right/power of petition; the same procedures American Founders used to power their Revolution.  The engine of this process is an assembly: its historical definition is, ‘a body of private men who exercise sovereignty over a particular territory’.  In America, assemblies were known as town or county meetings, state assemblies, Continental Congresses; in England, town or county meetings, parliament.  When men desired a redress of grievance or, to use the sovereign power, they crafted a petition to specify what they wanted; they carried it to the appropriate assembly; negotiated and concluded a contract; the assembly delegated the task to a particular committee to perform the redress; in exchange for benefits of redress, petitioners paid money to the assembly to finance the redress and compensate the assembly.  Petitioners agreed to pay this money because they saw profit or recovery of loss in the redress.  This is a tiny depiction of the process; a fair introduction of it is elsewhere.

Now, let’s sketch a picture of how criminal and useful-idiot classes (“they”) used the sovereign power: let us suppose that Oil Cartels decided they wanted possession of Iraqi oil fields.  Their first step was to organize (thru their agents CIA, Mossad, FBI, DoD, DoJ; et cetera) a terrorist strike on American soil.

The way this terrorist strike was organized was done by the procedure known as the petitioning process.  Here, the body of private men, ‘Oil Cartels”, is an assembly; its members are petitioners; the agencies CIA, Mossad, FBI et cetera are particular committees.

You see, the sovereign power is just like any other fact of nature or invention of man: it may be used for evil, or for good.  One way or the other, it all depends on the ethical code of men who use the power.

Let us continue: Oil Cartels’ petitions, or instructions, have been delivered.  Now, targets must be selected; particularly, the accounting office at the Pentagon where an examination is underway to determine how $4 trillion (one, two) went missing from Pentagon books (by this target, Defense Department contractors are enlisted as members of “they”); the next target is Building 7 of the World Trade Towers complex – especially floor 23 where the SEC and Justice Department are preparing lawsuits against major New York banks, who become part of “they”; next, buildings 1 and 2 of the World Trade Towers are to be brought down because of some kind of asbestos problem – out of code and too expensive to replace (this adds the Jewish consortium that owns the World Trade Towers to “they”).

Here, we see another petitioning principle in operation: as the number of petitioners increases, the power available to the assembly becomes greater.

So, now, the collection of petitioners, “they”, is comprised of individual members of these assemblies, Oil Cartels, Defense Department contractors, major New York banks and a gaggle of Jews.  All have enormous profits to gain from the pending terrorist strike.

It occurs: four civilian passenger planes are hijacked and substituted with drones or cruise missiles, and sent toward their targets.  But there is a hitch: the joy-stick controller of Flight 93 (or a substitute drone) gets confused and crashes the plane before it arrives at its target: Building 7.  But it is a minor problem: owing to the dynamite (or thermite) charges placed in the building over the previous three to six months, the building is brought down anyway.  The sedated public doesn’t even know the building came down; and those who noticed saw nothing un-natural about it; I’m not sure whether they are sedated or demented.  It probably does not matter.

Don’t ask what happened to passengers of those substituted planes; it speaks of a crime too heinous for an ordinary mind to grasp.  It is best to let them lie wherever they have been dumped… without notice… without justice… as if they never existed.

Within hours of the first strike, 19 Saudi Arabian yokels are named as hijackers of the planes/drones/cruise-missile(s) – they are blamed despite the race of Arabs being famous for hardly competent enough to organize anything more complicated than a tea party.  Afghanistan and Iraq are immediately blamed for the terrorist strike.  The sedated public never notices the disconnect; but those with an IQ somewhere above 80 see a well-rehearsed operation.

Within months the American military invades Afghanistan and Iraq.  In one the poppy fields, under guard of American soldiers, are restored to their former glory, which helps to keep Americans sedated.  In the other, oil fields are seized and turned over to Oil Cartels.

Thanks to for distributing this and other related pictures.

Thanks to for distributing this and other related pictures.

The result?  Oil Cartels begin taking profits from Iraqi oil fields; Defense Department contractors avoid accountability for more than $4 trillion plundered from the Pentagon; major New York banks avoid an embarrassing prosecution and will reap huge windfalls from poppy-field-related money laundering; and a gaggle of Jews take $4 billion from an insurance claim instead of suffering an expense of a billion to remove asbestos from their buildings.

But, did you notice?  By original American/English law, benefits and expenses of redress are confined only to petitioners.  The reason you did not notice is because this principle of law has been erased from our history and law books.  American Founders repeatedly declared in their declarations that ‘no man is obligated to obey any law or pay any tax except those that have received his personal consent.’  His consent was derived as a result of being a petitioner for redress of grievance; and his obligation expired as redress was completed.  The Continental Congress, without a dissenting vote, declared this principle to be the first “grand right” intended to be secured by the Revolution – and not an American knows it today.

However, in our example, and thousands of others, benefits go exclusively to petitioners while expenses/taxes – including cost of military operations – are laid on clueless taxpayers; and yet-to-be-born taxpayers where expenses were paid by proceeds of government debt.

Thus, we have profits to pirates; expenses to taxpayers; on a scale without precedent.

All of it done by using the sovereign power, the same power available to every man on the planet – especially among English-speaking men; the only language group that has officially declared it; and used it with moderate, and fleeting, results.

Here is a short account of how English rebels brought down judges and tax collectors, bishops and kings who thought they had a divine right to impose taxes or debt on other men without the latters’ consent; men who, 150 years later, would guide American rebels.

Let us experiment with an example as to how we could use this power.

Operation Fast and Furious was designed and implemented Jointly by the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).  By this Operation, arrangements were made to allow American gun stores to sell military-grade weapons (mainly AK-47s, AR-15s and .50 caliber rifles) to straw buyers for Mexican drug cartels.  Such straw buyers were then allowed to walk across the border and put these weapons into hands of such cartels.  Natural results followed: a high level of terrorist acts on both sides of the Mexican/American border – all related to drug cartels.  By this Operation, according to Congressional testimony (one and two), upwards of 2,000 military weapons were walked into cartels’ hands.  The ultimate object was to generate public support for legislation to block the sale or seize types of guns that were walked; it would “be a good positive case that we [high-level officer of DoJ] can present to the Government of Mexico as efforts that the US Government is taking to try and interdict weapons going into Mexico.”  See link “one” in previous sentence.

Needless to say, when the Operation was exposed, the Department of Justice saw no need to prosecute itself for its criminal activity.

Some may think this is an outrage.  It is also an opportunity; if, that is, we employ the power of petition.

We could, for example, petition Congress to appropriate $100 million to investigate and prosecute those who orchestrated or implemented, aided or benefited from Operation Fast and Furious.  Additionally, the appropriation would be placed at the disposal of an assembly established and supervised by petitioners.

We could draft a petition to this end and post it on the White House website.

Does this sound like a reasonable project to you?

We could draft another petition relative to the upcoming theater on increasing the federal debt ceiling.  This would be a real easy one: reduce the debt by recovering the nearly $9 trillion that went missing from several federal agencies.  Again, we can’t trust the government to conduct this investigation; so, the appropriation would be placed at the disposal of an assembly established by us.

Or, a petition to change age limits for militia or military service from 18 years to 35 years.  You see, one of the prime objectives of every society is to perpetuate its ideals; for this transmission to be successful, children of that society must survive; they must be given a chance to produce and raise their own children.  To send those children, instead, to the frontier to be slaughtered does not serve this prime objective.

Better yet, we could petition to declare war to be a war crime.  War is the ultimate in violence.  The purpose of due process is to prevent disputes among men from escalating into violence; hence, where there is violence, there is a failure of due process – whether in the home, among neighbors or at the frontier.  Thus, if we strictly apply due process to all men – whether domestic or foreign – we eliminate practically all forms of violence.

All these redresses are available to us.

As I’ve noted, “they” use the sovereign power to routinely perpetrate genocides, limitless plunder, and the destruction of witnesses, victims and critics.

What’s stopping us from using it for the service of justice?

Ignorance… that’s all.

You say there are other reasons, such as, “Congress will NEVER appropriate $100 million to investigate crimes in which it is complicit; so, why try?”

“Well,” I would say, “I suspect you are right… and you are off point.  We don’t need money from Congress for this purpose.  There are enormous sums of money in private hands that would be eager to finance such a project; but ONLY if there are sufficient numbers of serious and qualified people who are willing to work on such a project.”

So, what’s next?

My part is to post each of the above proposed petitions on the White House Petition site.

Your part – if you are interested, and depending on your level of interest – is to go to the White House Petition website and attach your signature to the petition.  The petition relative to Fast and Furious is here,

[Link, not yet posted; I plan to upload the FaF petition by mid, maybe end of, Feb; in the meantime I’m trying to enlist people to help me spread this article thru-out the webshpere.]

I feel that the Fast and Furious petition is more timely than others owing to the frenzy to disarm Americans because of the school shooting in Connecticut.

I’ll give notice when others are posted; or you can check my website every four or five weeks for additional petitions; the navigation path: “Topics by Category”; “Redress”; “Petitions”.

The next level of interest would be to distribute this message to personal e-lists or leave it on comment or blog/forum sections of various websites.  I’ve been working comment sections for about a year now; please contact me for suggestions and samples.

The next level of interest would be to study the history, law and procedures of redress.

There is a very important concept here: the business of assemblies is the redress of grievances; it is the essence of an American Revolution.  Every man on the planet has this right – despite his ignorance of it.  Grievances occur every day and in every community on the planet.  Thus, the business of assemblies is universal and perpetual.  It will always be so.  When people begin to realize the power available to them thru First Amendment principles, the service of redress will be in high demand.

Timely and related pages

Petitions (or yet-to-be posted), follow this path: “Topics by Category”; “Redress”; “Petitions”.

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