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Probably the grievance that impacts the largest number of Americans is the topic of retirement checks issued by the Social Security Administration.  It is, of course, not the most heinous of grievances: it is the one that, if we could properly redress it, it would directly affect the most people.

So, ‘Who are those impacted by this grievance?’ and ‘What, in particular, is that grievance?’

First, who?  There are some 50 million people now receiving retirement checks from the SSA, and there are 60 to 80 million who are employed, pay SS taxes on their income and expect to receive retirement checks when they become eligible; thus, a total of 110-130 million people would receive significant advantages from its redress.

Now, what is the grievance?  There are several aspects to this grievance: 1) the effect of a fraudulent Consumer Price Index (CPI); 2) the unconstitutional enrichment of one group of people (retirees) at the expense of another group of people (active workers); 3) there are other grievances related to the SS tax; but they are more fundamental and wide-spread than a single tax; we’ll save those for another time and place (Plantation America and Turncoat at the Gate).

The first grievance: those who receive retirement checks from the SSA have their amounts adjusted every year based on the CPI.  And this CPI is the source of the fraud.  Since at least 1970, particular categories have been removed from the CPI (such as gasoline, food items, rent, housing) so as to keep the CPI from looking worse.  See, for example, this article by a former employee of the Federal Reserve who performed surgery on the CPI, (  You can probably go to “” and search for “stone-cold-proof”.  Another source is Shadow Stats, which explains how the government has falsified several economic indicators (home,

My article, Bad News for the Alternative Health… also deals with the issue; I carry the examination a bit further than the two mentioned above.

As a result of altering formulas for these indicators, the CPI now is reported at 2%; but, by using the formula in use during 1970, the CPI is currently closer to 10%; other indicators are also fraudulently reported: the unemployment rate reported at 7%, actually over 20%; GDP reported at 2%, actual, minus 5-8%.

What’s more, the statute that authorized such CPI adjustments is unconstitutional. It authorized the SSA to adjust such payments according to the CPI “as published by” the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. It is usually the practice of Congress, when writing legislation, to provide legal definitions for particular words and phrases within the proposed legislation. The Internal Revenue Code, for example, is loaded with definitions; and such definitions cannot be changed or disregarded except by future legislation or by constitutional amendment. The reason for this should be clear; for, to change a definition can change the law. Thus, by allowing the BLS to alter the definition of the CPI constitutes an act only allowed by the legislative power or by amendment power.

In other words, Congress, by the words, “as published by”, has transferred the legislative power to legislate to an agency of the executive branch of government; it is, thus, an unconstitutional transfer of power.

And, by altering the definition of the CPI, the BLS has actually exercised the legislative power; and has defrauded some 130 million Americans, according to current numbers.

Thus, regarding SS retirement checks and the altered CPI, recipients of such checks have been defrauded since 1970.  It is an impairment of contract; it is a violation of that principle of law which requires a contract, or law, to be interpreted according to original definitions of terms of the contract, or law.  Further, since 1970, bureaucratic offices have altered terms of the law in question, which constitutes exercise of the legislative function: an unconstitutional action by a bureaucratic office, which is a branch of the executive branch.  In other words, even if Congress gave such power to such offices, it would be an unconstitutional transfer of the legislative power.

Redress for first grievance should require the SSA to compensate SS retirement recipients for what they should have received if their adjustments had been calculated according to the formula as of 1970 (or, the year of relative legislation).

Second grievance: The problem now is, ‘How are these adjustments to be paid?’ or, ‘Where will the money come from?’

For many years, the SSA collected more SS taxes than were necessary to pay retirement checks.  These surpluses (now about $2.5 Trillion) were loaned to the US Treasury for general disbursements.  Currently, SSA collections, owing partly to the real 20% unemployment rate, are less than what is necessary to pay obligations of the SSA.  Thus, just to pay current obligations, the US Treasury must redeem securities that were sold to the SS Administration.  This redemption process requires the Treasury to borrow additional cash from the general public or impose new taxes.  The former option imposes taxes on following generations of Americans, and is unconstitutional regardless of its purpose; and the second option is politically and practically impossible because of the real 20% unemployment rate.

Either of these options creates discord between the two groups of impacted people: retired and active private workers.

Redress for second grievance: How to finance SS obligations has been a major problem for many years; and the only solutions proposed so far have been raise taxes, cut government expenses, pile on more government debt or any combination thereof.

No one has suggested a more logical, and just, solution: namely, the recovery of the $9-$11 Trillions that went missing from DoD, HUD, SSA and other amounts from other agencies.

Watch Donald Rumsfield explain to Congress that he couldn’t account for $2.3 Trillions that went missing from DoD accounts; Catherine Fitts, a former bureaucrat at HUD will tell you about Trillions missing from HUD; and any Financial Report of the US Government will tell you about the $2.5 Trillions taken by the US Treasury from the Social Security Administration.

Donald gave his testimony 2001 Sep 10.  It was very conveniently timed.  From other sources we were told that a team of accountants was then examining records pertaining to the missing money in a particular office of the Pentagon.  Within 24 hours a cruise missile reduced this office to a pile of smoldering rubble.

This missing money has caused alarm among a small number of Americans, including David Walker, a former Comptroller General of the US government.  In his opinion, “the Social Security and Medicare programs are unsustainable in their present form.”  He became so alarmed that he and other special interest groups organized the Concord Coalition which toured the country in an effort to gain support for reforming such programs.  (See my article, Bad News…)  But Concord was composed of bureaucrats, professors and others who had a very great interest in not suggesting a sensible solution; for, they all look forward to enormous retirement checks financed by government tax collections, see Of Lords and Cattle.

Their solutions consisted of 1) raising taxes, 2) cutting government services, 3) reducing retirement checks, 4) piling on more government debt; or 5) any combination thereof.

Absent from their list was an effort to find and recover the missing Trillions mentioned above.  For many years, SSA collected taxes substantially in excess of disbursements to retirees.  The existence of this unused cash was too great for Congress and the plundering class to resist.  They petitioned Congress with numerous half-baked projects to get at this money.  Congress responded with appropriations to allow this money to be disbursed to the plundering class.  It was very easy and painless: the money had already been collected and, thus, no new taxes had to be imposed on Americans.

Redress for second grievance: should consist of compiling a list of all appropriations, during the time in question, that were not accompanied by an increase of new taxes.  We do this – not to increase taxes, but – a) to identify all who lobbied and voted for such appropriations, b) to identify all parties (principles and their agents or employees) that received related disbursements, c) to identify all who disbursed such money and d) to recover such money from the estates of all those who aided or benefited from such disbursements.

Perhaps this looks like a lot of work, doesn’t it?  Alright, let’s try a far more simple method.  Instead of compiling all this data, it would be far more simple to repudiate an amount of US Treasury securities equal to the amount taken from the SSA (DoD and HUD) and spread this loss proportionately across all US Treasury security holders.  This method would be just as fair as the one described in the previous paragraph: those who purchased US Treasuries, necessitated the imposition of taxes on future generations of Americans, which amounts to a kind of financial cannibalization of our children and grandchildren to the end of time (owing to the amount now on the books).  Such taxes can neither be constitutionally, nor practically be imposed.

This method could also be used for any other grievance that involves government actions financed by debt.

By recovering money stolen from the public treasury, both retired and active private workers will have a common cause: the former can have their retirement checks adjusted according to the real CPI; and the latter can look forward to reduced taxes as a result of collections from those mentioned in the previous three paragraphs.

Now, HOW do we obtain redress for these grievances?

For now, I suggest a class-action law suit against the SSA to compel it to adjust retirement checks according to the 1970 formula.

Simultaneously, I suggest a separate action to investigate and collect the missing trillions.

The problem here is that all existing forums of redress (legislatures and courts, media and education) are complicit in the plunder of these trillions.  Even private lawyers have difficulty with the project: I’ve approached a 4-5 law firms that offer class-action services, and every one of them declined to take such action against the SSA.

What’s more, according to evidence I collected from government sources, government offices across the land have been captured by gangs of pedophiles, who perform a complete range of related activities, including snuff films and ritual murders.  Still, I suppose we should pursue actions in existing forums mainly to demonstrate their complicity with the plundering class.  Then, as our supporters realize the futility of trying to persuade those guilty to punish themselves, they’ll be ready to sign on to a historically-proven method of redress; a method employed by American Founders.

Americans, in other words, have the power to redress any grievance that could be named – and thus, exercise sovereignty; but they REFUSE to use that power. There are three main reasons for this failure: one is that they have no knowledge of such power; the second, they’ve been herded into a kind of impotent stupor by medication and indoctrination; the third, that they aid, benefit or were complicit in such evil.

There’s a remedy for all three of these failures: 1) learn, and use, the law and procedures of redress (full article); 2) follow a health regimen that has REDUCED – not slowed – my biological age 50 years; and, 3) see number one.

This health regimen has given me the coordination, health and physical condition of a professional athlete around the age of 20; I’m 70 years of age (for validation, video and webpage – each leads to the other).

With this health regimen, one can recover, or maintain, the health and physical condition that he or she should have had as a teenager; and this condition (strength and health) will come in very handy for the work that has to be done; and to enjoy benefits of our work.

In the meantime, we could, for example, petition Congress to appropriate $100 million to investigate and collect these missing trillions; and, because of Congress’ inaction or complicity in such plunder, we would request the money be placed at the disposal of a group of private citizens who would carry out the investigation and recovery.  This could bridge the chasm between relying on Congress and taking matters into our hands.

Just think how grateful Congressional members will be when it comes time to agonize over increasing the federal debt limit.  Instead of haggling about what amounts to shift from one accounting period to another to show an improvement in one period without mentioning the red ink in the other, they can point to us and the trillions we will recover.

A little humor there.

By these two projects (adjustment of SSA retirement checks and recovery of missing trillions), there are some 130 million Americans who would realize tangible benefits: 50 million retirees, 60 million private workers and another 5 to 20 million who would like employment but have given up looking for work.

Of course, there would be some 30 to 40 million public workers (active and retired) who produced this society based on cannibalism, and who, subsequent to our actions, would be made accountable for what they have done.

I realize it’s a big project; but the effort should be like any other adventure: it will bring many unexpected opportunities for a large number of people.

Reality Check

Now, if any of what I suggest is to happen, many other people will have to be involved in the effort.  I hate to tell you, but, I can’t do everything.

For this project to move forward, it will need many brains, many hands, and some cash.

My role in this project will be limited to offering a kind of consulting service: assist in the establishment of assemblies and related companies, design internal security systems, provide a bookkeeping service; and provide a referral service as to how well various assemblies and companies follow historically-proven law and procedures of redress.  This service would also be available to establish trading networks for friends and boycotts for enemies.

The first action that I request of those interested is to spread this message as far and wide as possible, repeatedly.  Remember, there are potentially 130 million people that would realize tangible benefits.

The second action, send money.  If we are moderately successful, several people will have to be hired to perform day-to-day work.  I’m looking for small amounts from a large number of people.  So, if you’re inclined to send $500, don’t; instead, send $50.  If you send the larger amount, it is likely you’ll be disappointed at the slow progress I make.  I have a lot of obstacles I have to work thru owing to what the DoJ and IRS did to me; and, until I can bring in several people to help me, I can only promise slow progress.

Thereafter, of you are satisfied with my/our progress, you can send more money.

As far as brains are concerned, the first task here is to get rid of that stuff in your brains that goes by the name indoctrination, and replace it with real facts of American history and law.  Articles on this website are merely introductory in nature; my writings add a fair amount of substance (see Products and Services at top of page).

What I aim at here, is a tad bit more complicated and comprehensive than what I did before: the establishment and operation of a gold-based banking service.  Here, I aim at nothing less than a re-establishment of ideals confirmed by the American Revolution, and immediately lost by lethargy and ignorance.  The nation of America, as known today, is irretrievably lost (governmental debt is the means and measure of that loss).  It is corrupt beyond recovery; after all, what less can be said about a nation that voluntarily, and ignorantly, allowed its following generations to be so badly used, as I have described many times in other places.

The vast majority of affected following generations are not even born yet; they had no voice in the transactions that doomed them to a birth without promise; no voice, that is, but ours.

So, perform your due diligence, and act accordingly.

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