Summary of “Totalitarianism” Articles

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The first task to undertake when opposing tyranny is to identify it.

The second task is to identify its principle movers.

The third task is to design a correction and society consistent with man’s nature.

This Summary deals with the second task.

Building an American Schutzstaffel

Do you have a neighbor that really irritates you?  You say there’s only one position open on the faculty at college… and there are six simpering would-be professors ahead of you… and you’d like to get rid of them?  Is that what’s bothering you bunky?  Well despair no more.  I’ll bet you thought only the CIA, FBI and Mossad were the only legal assassins… and that they worked from lists they compiled.  Well, times have changed.  Yes siree!  The DHS is waiting for your call.  Chair warmers there will take names from anyone.  All you have to do is fabricate a story about how that pesky neighbor, creditor or simpering professor is plotting to damage the “national infrastructure”; deliver your lies to the DHS and, within hours, they will get rid of that pesky neighbor, or whatever, for you.  Don’t worry about being called an informer: you’ll be known as a “submitting person” and your fabricated story will never be examined in court; for, you only have to give an “express statement” that your lies were “voluntarily given” and that you expected “protection from disclosure”.  It’s all there, in the legislation that created the DHS.  But don’t do this without first having your lawyer verify this bonanza; he might also help you fabricate the necessary fairy tale.

Yessiree Bob, the Times they are a changing.  Oh… ah… we should forget that the DHS is little more than a reincarnation of the Nazi SS, the Soviet Cheka and the French Committees of Terror (1792-4) – complete with “watchers” and “listeners”, midnight “domiciliary visits”, secret, or no, trials before eliminating dissidents.  Anyone who even mentions these nasty facts of history… well, you know what to do to them.

Cults of Totalitarianism

A common complaint of those who seek truth is that a large fraction of people “don’t want to hear the truth”.  As a general rule, most, or all, of them will die, or kill, rather than correct their self-destructive habits or beliefs.

Each person in this “large fraction” is driven to this extreme precipice by a relentless battle with a conscience riddled with guilt (for crimes committed or a life wasted). His aim is to silence his conscience; he, or she, will seek to control/destroy any action or word that might give power to his conscience; he will even destroy his own child for such end.

One of the consequences of this policy is that such people will be led by no one but those who reinforce their policy of suppression… one who will tell them every lie they want to hear.

With millions of people who seek such suppression on a personal basis, there is a very secure foundation for totalitarianism.

These people control instruments of power across the globe; as far as they are concerned, if destruction of civilized society is necessary to secure rule by those who are driven by guilt (that is, by cutthroats and thieves)… if extermination of productive and thrifty classes is necessary, it shall be done.

This article (Cults…) explains the psychological dynamics that drive men to self-destruction and points the way to a code of behavior proper for man’s nature.

Exodus #23, part 1.

From 1987-92, upwards of a million and a half Jews fled Russia in anticipation of the planned deconstruction of the Soviet Union.  It was represented as a new day; the dawning of liberty.  But all were not happy with this prospect.  According to numerous stories from pages of The Los Angeles Times, Jews fled in a panic.  Freedom on the morrow… and 1.5 million Jews fleeing in a panic… what’s wrong here?

Exodus #23, part 2.

This is the Biblical foundation for part 1.  You’ll need a copy of the Old Testament beside you when reading this; otherwise you won’t believe it.


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