Fountain of Youth

Reversing the Aging process

Natural-law copyright by Anthony Hargis

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It may not seem consistent to combine a fountain/waterfall of youth with a “jock” hitting a baseball.

And more, it may seem highly irresponsible to claim the capacity to reverse – instead of merely slow – the aging process.

But, here, there is a time and place for everything. The former (fountain of youth) is what I’ve achieved; the latter (hitting baseballs) is my proof.

Not many health advocates would make such a claim; and of those that do, they offer no proof.  Instead, they offer statistics, opinions and healthy men or women 20-25 years old to pitch their snake oil.  My proof is my performance; and nothing trumps this kind of proof. (go to YouTube, search for “1668-85”).

I’ve had many former pro and college players tell me that if I played competitive ball at the level of a major college, I would “wreck,” or “lead”, the league, among other compliments.  Those who play such ball are about 20 years of age.  I’m over 70.

These compliments began about the year 2000; when I was “older”, and had less strength and slower reactions.

My regimen will benefit anyone, at any age; from a year before conception to elderly.  It is especially important for the young; for, if they do not get proper nutrients at proper times, they will not develop to their full potential.

No, I can’t promise that my regimen will make you more beautiful; but I can give you the strength, health and youth­ful condition you should have had as a teenager.

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Confessions and Confusions of Treasury: So, how did we go from an examination of the federal government’s annual report (in Part One) to the GDP, street gangs and drug cartels, the government’s role in arming, protecting and forming alliances with such gangs and cartels… and a dozen or so other items? They all point to a conclusion that a vast operation is being perpetrated… I began this Part 2 with the question, ‘What financial shock do Judeo-Bolshevik’s plan?’ Do they plan to inflate the dollar to zero… push stocks to PE ratios of 300, then slam them to a ratio of single, or even negative, digits… repudiate the federal debt… replace Federal Reserve bank notes with Treasury bank notes. (In Part 1, federal accountants made 75-year projections as if the government would not pay interest on its debt instruments.) And, how do China’s ghost cities fit into this unprecedented operation? And, when will they trigger this unprecedented slaughter? …And, most of all, who will they use for tax-collectors and assassins… members of those street gangs and drug cartels? Else, why did they form an alliance with them?  …I would like to think that Americans could stop this horror; but, I don’t think it’s possible. America is a conquered nation: by the slow-poisoning of medication, its people have been doped to a condition of stupidity, made lame of body, and have become a nuisance to everyone that crosses their paths. Part Two… There are, of course, a few Americans who are worth saving; but they must do so themselves – as American Founders did.

Redress for Pedophilia: If we are to have redress regarding a very long list of grievances, we need to operate on a very large stage. And to do that, we need an issue that moves large numbers of people to outrage and readily propels them to action. The kidnapping, torture and murder of children is that issue. Even convicted felons get in on the act. It seems to be general knowledge that when a child molester is placed among convicted felons, the life expectancy of the former is 2-3 days. It is also general knowledge that no one is employed by criminal and useful-idiot classes but those who are subject to blackmail; and a sizable fraction (70%-90%) of them are child molesters. Here is a feast handed to the dissident community on a golden platter; for dissidents could use this issue to take down almost anyone perpetrating grievances… and dissidents do nothing with this gift. It puzzles me… until I remind myself that, fully, 90% to 95% of all dissident organizations on this planet are counter-intelligence operations. The only question is, “Are they controlled by witting cointel agents, or are they just plain dumb?” It doesn’t really matter; for, a controlled dupe can wreak more damage among dissidents than a conscious agent. You can identify a cointel operation by its refusal to allow any discussion regarding historically-proven redress among themselves or followers. It seems the only place on this planet where this information is available is this website.

Building an American Schutzstaffel Do you have a neighbor that really irritates you? You say there’s only one position open on the faculty at college… and there are six simpering would-be professors ahead of you… and you’d like to get rid of them? Is that what’s bothering you bunky? Well despair no more. I’ll bet you thought only the CIA, FBI and Mossad were the only legal assassins… and that they worked from lists they compiled. Well, times have changed. Yes siree! The DHS is waiting for your call. Chair warmers there will take names from anyone. All you have to do is fabricate a story about how that pesky neighbor, creditor or simpering professor is plotting to damage the “national infrastructure”; deliver your lies to the DHS and, within hours, they will get rid of that pesky neighbor, or whatever, for you. Don’t worry about being called an informer: you’ll be known as a “submitting person” and your fabricated story will never be examined in court; for, you only have to give an “express statement” that your lies were “voluntarily given” and that you expected “protection from disclosure”. It’s all there, in the legislation that created the DHS. But don’t do this without first having your lawyer verify this bonanza; he might also help you fabricate the necessary fairy tale… Yessiree Bob, the Times they are a changing. Oh… ah… we should forget that the DHS is little more than a reincarnation of the Nazi SS, the Soviet Cheka and the French Committees of Terror (1792-4) – complete with “watchers” and “listeners”, midnight “domiciliary visits”, secret, or no, trials before eliminating dissidents.

From Unprecedented Crisis to Unprecedented Opportunity. The mortgage crisis revealed that those banks too-big-to-fail produced 50 million mortgages with seriously clouded titles.  It produced a situation where no one could provide lawful authority to collect or foreclose on such mortgages.  In other words, property law 4,000 years old had been violated on a national scale.  So far, solutions require that bank shareholders, bank depositors, and taxpayers suffer losses -while those who engineered the crisis waltz away each with millions in plunder.  What can be done about it – without creating a new class of victims?  My solution employs property law 4000 years old, and has been lawyer-proofed.  Please see the full article.

What Price Gold $7,000… $70,000… $infinity?  You may think this will be a wild ride. If you think collateralization, currency equivalents, double-entry bookkeeping and mortgage-backed securities are dull subjects – if you think wishful thinking is a harmless activity – if you think taxes are essential for the development and maintenance – rather than the destruction – of civilization, then, yes, this will be a very wild ride. We are about to study concepts and actions, crimes and fictions that few, if any, others have examined yet relative to their influence on gold. It may also be a disturbing study; for, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. It is used as gold once was used: to serve as backing, or collateral, for issued currencies around the globe; in the dollar’s case, for the world’s major currencies and a few dozen others. Thus, today, wishful thinking has replaced gold as backing for most of the world’s currencies… Money is the basis for practically all human action; as it is based on solid ground so man’s society will endure. Forget about the house built on shifting sand; we should be concerned about societies built on houses of cards… And, does anyone want to help recover gold stolen from Fort Knox?


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