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Recover the Vitality of Youth

Natural-Law copyright by Anthony Hargis

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The first thing that must be learned regarding optimum health is that there is no magic bullet… no single ingredient that will achieve such health.

I doubt that anyone will ever know the number of chemicals and atoms that are required for optimum health; it may be a million, maybe two million.  And they all work as a team.  Take one away, and imbalance, or non-optimum health, is the result.

The second thing to learn is that optimum health requires the proper functioning of both mind and body.  In both cases, our first obligation is to identify what we have and then discover what behavior is proper for its fullest survival.  We observe that we have hands, for example; they can be used for good or evil; thus, if our aim is to further human life, we have to discover what code of behavior is needed to achieve that end. The same is true for all our other organs.

The following article will deal with health from these perspectives.

When people offer advice on health, they invariably describe it as a means to SLOW the process of aging.  There are few, maybe none, who offer to REVERSE the aging process; or, to REVERSE the march of degeneration; which, ultimately, ends in death.

This is the case, probably, because, no one can produce an example of such reversal… except me.

As of December of 2014, I passed my 71st year; and I have the strength, endurance, coordination and physical condition of a professional athlete about the age of 20.

Why do I say this?  Hitting baseballs is my exercise.  During these exercises I frequently take turns with former pro and college players.  They all compliment my performance in the batting cages: “you are a hitting phenomenon”; if you played competitive ball at the level of a major college, you “would wreck the league”; or, would “carry my weight”; among many other compliments.

College players are around the age of 20; which means I have reduced by biological age at least 50 years.

Actually, I have probably done much more than ‘reduce it 50 years’; for, while major league hitters can barely hit pitches traveling 100 mph, I’m hitting pitches at… well you wouldn’t believe the speed; but you might believe me if you watched a video of two of my hits.  (It measures the time between pitch and hit on a frame-by-frame basis, from which is derived an effective speed.)  If you watch this video, keep in mind that by hitting at the indicated speed, I mean that I will hit 50% to 80% of such pitches into fair territory – and many of those hit balls will speed out at 90-100 mph.

Let me give a little more context: more than fifteen years ago, I had fifteen mercury fillings replaced in my mouth (all acquired before my ninth year). I interviewed four dentists before choosing one to do the work; each one made various remarks regarding the unusually strong bone structure in my mouth. During these removals, a small portion of my jaw, underneath one tooth, had to be cut away. Six months later, when the dentist checked the progress of the healing process, he looked twice and said, “You have the healing power of a teenager.” I have “grown” younger since then: I now do physical exercises that would challenge most teenagers, and, perhaps some professional athletes. My “extreme” exercise is to hit 800 to 1000 baseballs (600 – 800 in hot weather) in two and a half hours in the mid-day sun two, sometimes three, days a week. After my exercise, my muscles and joints repair completely within twenty-four, sometimes twelve, hours without a trace of soreness.

When I did one tenth of these exercises as a teenager, my muscles became sore to the point where I could hardly move; and it took four to six weeks for my body to repair, so poor were my nutritional habits.

In other words, I am living proof that people do not have to “grow old”: they do not have to suffer from arthritis, gout, diabetes, physical degeneration or a hundred other ailments; they can retain the vitality of youth into their seventies (as I am doing), or beyond.

My condition is the result of following several principles of health, namely, 1) physical detoxification; 2) gradual correction of bad habits; 3) raw and 4) organic food; 5) supplementation; 6) proper food combining; 7) variety of food; 8) mental health; 9) heavy or mild exercise (depending on whether I’m addicted to it or not, respectively); and 10) plenty of revenge: a form of mental detoxification. A concise summary of these principles is below.  My booklet, Turn Back the Clock, details these Ten principles – see Order/Contact page, linked below.

I am playing with the conclusion that, if a person breathes, he has the capacity to reduce his biological age by following the principles listed above. These principles will benefit everyone, regardless of age. It is especially important for children (and mothers-to-be); for, if they do not receive proper nutrition while they are growing, they cannot develop to their full potential.

The most perfect part of every organism is its seed. Some of these “seeds” consist of one cell. Within that one cell are contained the blueprint and time schedule that will control the growth of that individual to its adult form; and, perhaps, beyond. What organs will grow, when they will grow, and by how much are controlled by that blueprint and time schedule. If organs do not receive proper nutrients at proper times, the scheduled development does not occur: an arm will not bud; a brain will only partially develop. Nutritionally, from conception to the brink of adulthood, children do not get a second chance. Owing to nutritional failure, children will develop to 50%, 30%, maybe even 10% of the potential that was promised by the one cell from which they grew. This is how children pay a lifetime penalty, in the form of birth defects, for the nutritional ignorance, and neglect, of their care givers.  (Actually, there is probably no such thing as “birth defects”; they are factually, “failures of nutrition”, nothing more.)

Before I proceed, I need to make sure we understand who are “care givers” for children.  First care-givers are parents.  The second level of care givers are friends and relatives.  The third level consists of teachers and priests, governments and media.  It is the duty of this third level to properly inform and educate upcoming generations relative to proper nutrition.  So, when we seek to place blame for birth defects, we first look to parents.  Where they are subservient to governments or churches, we apportion blame thereto.  It is the nature of taxes and regulations that they fall most heavily on the weakest members of society; and, who is more weak than children and, in this age of central banking, those yet-to-be-born?  I’ve written about this practice of mankind to cannibalize his children in several places (one, two and three).

So, what will you achieve by following my advice?

Children will grow to their fullest potential. With optimum nutrition, parents will produce children with strong immune systems; they would avoid eye and teeth problems. Such children, except for his or her parents, would make other parents feel inadequate.

Most parents who bring forth a child with birth defects will usually do anything to blame “genetics” for such birth defects: they cast wildly for any excuse to avoid responsibility for the penalty they laid on such child. What’s more, for every birth defect, whether visible or not, blame can be laid in several directions: perhaps poor nutrition can be blamed on political oppression (extortionate taxes and regulations), fraudulent advice given by health professionals, teachers, news editors, priests; a war-time condition. There’s nothing that can be done to undo a birth defect; but it is possible to prevent future birth defects; and, it is possible to make those responsible for “birth defects” accountable for what they have done.

With policies that I suggest, those above the age of childhood a) will turn back their biological clock five to forty years; b) improve the quality of their lives; c) extend their new high-quality lives twenty to seventy years and d) owing to more efficient digestion of food, save money that otherwise would be spent on health insurance, drugs, and food barely distinguishable from plastic or cardboard.. among many other pluses.

In other words, by observing principles listed above, a) they will become your “health insurance”; b) they will utterly abolish the need for drugs (prescription and mind-smashing) and c) you will eventually require two, and maybe, one meal a day – instead of three. And, in some cases, you will choose to eat because you think you should – not because you are hungry.

The simplest way to start these principles is a mix of various enzyme blends that I have put together. I offer a mixture of eight different such blends made by five different companies. They do a wide variety of work in the body ranging from digestion of food, digestion of old and scar tissue, removal of toxins, conversion of some toxins into nutrients, and repair and building of tissue.  (Numbers indicated in this paragraph may vary owing to my constant research on this topic.)

(Caution: if you have ulcers or stomach lesions, the above enzyme blends that contain protease must not be taken: the protease would worsen such injuries. Instead, a protease-free enzyme mix should be taken until ulcers or lesions are cured. Please inquire in this case.)

Very few health food stores carry these enzyme blends because of their relatively high price: you can buy a bottle of enzymes at such stores for about one third the price I offer; but these store enzymes will have about one third the potency of what I offer; and it would be difficult to get the variety that I offer.

Services and products.  To begin using my regimen, send to me a letter describing a) what you want to achieve; b) a list of your ailments; c) a list of supplements you are taking; d) a detailed list of foods typically eaten over 2 or 3 days (organic, processed, cooked/raw, oils); and e) $20.

With this information, I will respond with a letter explaining an elementary, and small, first step to address your situation.  It will include a suggested payment schedule in case you want to proceed.  After your first payment of $20, your only monetary obligation would be for products; unless explained otherwise on a case by case basis.

You can send the information by e-mail or by US Postal Service, depending on the level of privacy you want (see Order/Contact).

Owing to the obstacles placed in my path (by the IRS and DoJ), I am not yet able to maintain an adequate inventory of supplements (as of 2015 March); thus, it may take 10-15 days for me to fulfill your order.  I aim to make up for this delay with substantially lower prices than you could obtain elsewhere (this is also a long-term aim).

To arrange a meeting, contact me (see Order/Contact) and your desired meeting locations and times, include a phone number (if you have one) and times during which you will answer such phone.

If travel takes me outside central Orange County, the cost of travel and lodging will be requested.

At this time I have no phone, sorry.

I usually feel like I should apologize for the difficulty I have regarding travel and communication; but I have to keep reminding myself that I had a lot of help from the IRS and DoJ as they put a number of extraordinary obstacles in my path.

Thanks, Anthony

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