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Failure to correct wrong only delays redress, and multiplies penalties.

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The focus of this website is the redress of grievances.

While there are many people who are quite adequate at identifying and investigating grievances, they all struggle with corrections. They all seem to wallow in their memory (that is, ‘their mass of indoctrination’) for a moment and then explain how we can redress the most complicated of crimes – with procedures that have no basis in history, and that have never worked. It never seems to occur to them that the “ideas” in their head are not the sum total of all human knowledge. It never seems, that is, to occur to them that solutions we need can be found in original, and un-sanitized, history and law books.

In other words, we don’t need to re-invent procedures and the law of redress – we only need to learn lessons of those few, and mostly unknown, men in history who have advanced the cause of liberty.

This is what you will begin to learn on this site; begin is the key word – for, there is no end to education.

In the meantime, please be patient with my struggle to construct this site. This means, among other things, that comments will be undependable and untimely for a few weeks – or months.

The frustration is almost tangible.  People complain about events of 9/11, the USS Liberty, the plunder taken by banks, ‘Fast and Furious’, the false-flag massacre at Aurora, Colorado, to name a few.  People don’t know what to do to correct these grievances, “We don’t yet have,” they say, “a Plan B… we don’t even have a Plan A”.  The problem is that those who perpetrated major grievances also have a choke hold on all forums of redress: the media, educational systems, legislatures, courts, law-enforcement agencies, among others.  And no one, even those most competent at describing modern horrors, is willing to proceed to the logical solution: when existing forums fail, we must take matters into our hands and set matters right – as American Founders did, temporarily.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

The days and years that lie ahead will be like no other.  They will be dangerous and difficult; and they will require a wide variety of resources.

For one thing we are on the verge of an unprecedented financial catastrophe.  History tells us that every time a social structure breaks down, a proscription accompanies it.  The criminal and indolent classes pull out their lists of people who have asked too many questions or who have “insulted” the dignity of official thieves and their pawns (foot-soldiers, or useful idiots).  Most historians tell us that a proscription is a time when the members of the intelligentsia and natural-leader classes of a country are murdered.  But, there is more – much more.  A proscription is a time of wanton murder: when debtors murder creditors, when the inept inform on their competitors, whether in business, academy, or sexual hunts; when the elderly too stubborn to die are poisoned, so an inheritance may descend faster; when neighbor informs on neighbor – just to settle a grudge; when too many men will be murdered for frivolous reasons… if any reason at all.

The occurrence of proscriptions is ancient: both Herodotus and Levy mention them. Perhaps the earliest named proscription was Sulla’s, about the year minus 82. Some proscriptions were disguised as religious slaughters, such as Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, in which 30,000 to 50,000 were killed. And then there are common, everyday proscriptions, which 99% of the population never sees. The war in Iraq (or hurricane Katrina) provides another example of this practice of bygone eras. American troops conduct house-to-house searches for insurgents, who are defined as those who own guns. Guns are found, guns are confiscated, a name goes on a list, the list is handed to the political officer (always a Judeo-Bolshevik) embedded with each American army unit. A day or two later, an Iraqi is found with his hands tied behind his back, evidence of torture, and a bullet hole in the back of his head – if he still has a head, that is. A name is crossed from a list. The world is made safer for crime, idiocy and sleaze.  (Harry Potter, or J. K. Rowling, calls Judeo-Bolsheviks a ‘nation of death‘).

The work that I propose will lay a foundation for the next era of advancement of liberty; my proposals are derived from law, procedures and technology employed by men who authored the most glorious eras in human history: those eras initiated by the Athenian revolution of -509; the English of 1620-1650; and the American.  In other words, I do not engage in hallucinations and then announce to the world an unbaked plan to fix problems and crimes that have vexed mankind since before recorded history.  Instead, I searched some 40,000 to 60,000 pages of original histories for men who have gone too long unheralded, forgotten or both.

It seems that I am the only one on the planet that proposes to make Judeo-Bolsheviks accountable for the billions of lives they have destroyed or ruined.

Am I qualified for the task?

Owing to the research I’ve done, one: I rescued from the trash bin of history a major right that was won with our Revolution: the right to withhold taxes until governments redress grievances;

two: I discovered that there is a constitutional distinction between “black” and “white” citizens; and that only “black” citizens are subject to the income tax – and that white citizens are probably exempt from most, or all, other internal taxes;

three: I found, according to American Founders, that it was inconceivable that governments could file legal actions described as “civil actions”;

Four: I “invented” a unit of money that would defeat most, maybe all, attempts to inflate it to nothing (a gram of gold) and my customers used it for 28 years;

Five: I established a gold-based banking service; in doing so, an acquaintance said I had done what no man in all of history had done.

Six: and then there is the health regimen I developed that has reduced my biological age some 50 years (from 70+ years); it has given me the health, physical condition and reflexes of a professional athlete. What is my proof? I hit 115 mph fastballs better than major league hitters can hit 95 mph fastballs.

Seven: plus the many articles available on this website.

Can anyone else come close to these credentials?

“The work that I propose… Can anyone else come close…” big words, aren’t they; yet, all that have challenged me would learn that all I have done is report what men of yesteryear discovered, originated or risked.  If I have contributed anything, I’m afraid it amounts to little more than organize my findings into presentable packages.  I deal in law and procedures that are historically-proven; that are professor-proof and lawyer-proof.  Still, don’t hesitate to perform your own due-diligence.

If we (dissenters and victims and witnesses of grievances) are to survive this social breakdown and set society right side up, we must organize numerous First-Amendment assemblies; we must provide protection for everyone involved in the redress process; we must identify and eliminate informers; we must raise capital to finance our operations until we start to recover the trillions stolen by criminal and useful-idiot classes; among other actions.

Let me tell you of the people who will not survive a social breakdown: those who stock up on food items, buy piles of gold, guns and ammunition, and move to the country side.  It is alarming how short-sighted they are.  As noted, when it happens, starving men will roam city and country-side like a cloud of locusts looking for food.  As soon as one starving man learns of the booty locked up in a survivalist’s home, every starving man within fifteen miles will know about it; and, the minute our survivalist leaves his house for an errand or falls asleep, is the minute he will be eliminated from the gene pool, plundered to the bone, or both – if not sooner.

The government, in some cases, will not wait for a social breakdown to eliminate some dissidents.  Edgar Steele was a very vocal dissident, accumulated precious metals and food, moved to the countryside.  He thought he could fight the system as a lone individual, he had his stash of precious metals, a cabin in the woods… he was prepared – and look what happened to him.

All who seek to survive as lone individuals – or, without the mechanisms of First-Amendment assemblies – will merely engage in missions of suicide.

In other words, the first task of First-Amendment assemblies should be to arrange for the protection of its members; then protection for dissidents and victims and witnesses of grievances.  This task is rather critical at this time relative to my self; for, official cutthroats and thieves have made it quite clear they want me silenced.  I have endured a judicial assassination and, since that time, a perpetual test of dealing with various forms of sabotage (hacked email, email contact list deleted (and un-recoverable), email sent but not received (in both directions), obstructions of Internet access, among many other obstacles).

Perhaps I should be grateful for such gentle treatment; for, as they realize such harassment won’t stop me, they will probably accident or suicide me.  And, if that happens, everything that I envision and propose will simply evaporate.  And I will be erased from the Internet and disappear from the memory of all.

What is needed is to establish an assembly local to me that will inherit all my rights and assist in what I propose.  With such an assembly, my death would mean little or nothing at all regarding my works.

In general terms, I have historically-proven answers and solutions for every question and problem related to the redress of every conceivable grievance.  And, I have particular suggestions relating to a few grievances.  In fact, I seem to have a monopoly on this knowledge; not because I have tried to maintain this monopoly, but because too many people are convinced that they can fix these problems with the soup of contradictions, bad law and non sequitors they learned at the knees of professors, B-movies directors and other talking heads that speak from scripts sanctioned by the criminal class.  Or, by waiting for aliens from the planet “Aldaran”, circling the brightest star in the Taurus constellation to teleport themselves to earth to save a mass of rotting slaves; so ferociously do people cling to nonsense.

Thomas Jefferson stated that Americans should produce a revolution every twenty years.  The business of an American – as opposed to a Bolshevik – revolution is the redress of grievances (distinctions between Bolshevik and American revolutions).  Grievances occur every day, in every community, around the world.  Why let grievances accumulate twenty years before correcting a tiny fraction of them on a small spot of the earth’s land mass?  An American revolution should be an everyday activity; and we should carry it around the world.

However, there are many obstacles that must be overcome before people can establish an assembly; a few examples.

One obstacle is that there is hardly a judge, lawyer or professor who can, or will, tell you what a First-Amendment assembly is.  You can read all law reviews and all court reporters pertaining to the right of redress and you might find an obscure mention of the real history of redress.  (Court reporters are volumes that contain legal opinions of state and federal courts.)

The historical definition of an assembly is, ‘a body of private men who exercise sovereignty in a particular territory.’

Thus, such an assembly is the supreme court, the supreme “legislature” and the supreme commander of its militia – all at the same time.

Every adult within the assembly’s territory will be either a member of the assembly or a person – except for minors and mentally incompetent.

Members: Membership in the assembly will be limited to those men who have displayed a dedication to reason and justice – a status known as ‘civil rights’. Historically, this will limit the membership to 5% to 10% of the general population. Members will also enjoy absolute protection of life, liberty and property.

Persons: All other adults within the territory will be known as persons, who will only enjoy ‘property rights’, which includes the right to appear before an assembly to file a petition for redress.

Every plot of habitable land on the planet, in every age has been dominated by one or more assemblies of private men.  Historically, these assemblies have been known as elders, big men, priesthoods, armies (fraudulently known as “nobility” in some territories), landowners, merchants, senates, political parties (communist, democrat, republican), among others.  In America, dominating assemblies are the American Medical (Bar or Bankers) Association, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, masons, Skull and Bones, drug cartels, among others.

An assembly is like any other fact of nature or invention of man: it may be used properly, or improperly; it may be used in the service of reason and justice, or in the service of evil.  Men, for example, can use their hands to play a Beethoven sonata; or to break another man’s neck.  If an assembly is used properly, its purpose is to make secure rights and property of its members.  If it is used improperly, its purpose is to protect its members from consequences of their genocides and plunder; those who live honestly, be damned.

When men use assemblies for evil, they establish a government to deflect blame for their crimes onto a gaggle of puppets and useful idiots (this gaggle is commonly known as a government).  In other words, where men use assemblies properly, governments serve no purpose.

In America, assemblies are used exclusively by evil men and women; men of reason and justice have virtually no knowledge of assemblies.

While the main function of an assembly is to redress grievances, a secondary and essential purpose is to provide protection to its members and to all those involved in the business of redress: investigators, witnesses and victims of grievances.  This latter purpose is necessary because those who have committed grievances have demonstrated they are likely to intimidate or murder such investigators, witnesses and victims.  We need to demonstrate to the criminal class that any harmful action against our members will result in a greater reaction.

As people become aware of the power and protection offered by assemblies, it should operate to encourage more witnesses to come forward with their evidence; victims, with their complaints; investigators, who have gone silent or into hiding for their safety, to come home; others, to provide resources for our cause.

But, let’s not act too fast.

[2012 June 10]

If we are to duplicate the work of American Founders – and do it right, the first step is comprised of three parts: a) narrow our focus; b) improve our health; and c) replace superstitions with facts of history relative to redress.

Part a): a major problem embraced by most activists and dissidents is the aim to save everybody, to convince everybody of the true nature of a grievance.  What makes this a problem is that not everyone wants 1) to be saved, 2) to know the truth, or 3) to correct a grievance.  When these people give no response to your view about events of 9/11, the USS Liberty, or a hundred other grievances, they are trying to tell you something: they believe they benefit from grievances; and they would rather die, or kill, than abandon a superstition or be held responsible for their aid, benefit or perpetration of crimes.  These people structure their lives on the basis of wishful thinking; when they learn they have made a mistake, they also learn, for all but the very strongest, there is no going back: they don’t have the strength or intelligence to confess they have been bamboozled.  For them, the effort to maintain the sanctity of their pleasing set of lies is, literally, a life or death struggle.  The only solution for these people is to let them have exactly what they want, and to make sure that they – not us – suffer consequences of their actions – let them suffer the taxes that finance such grievances; let them deal with the midnight knock on their doors.  An attempt to save (or persuade) such people wastes resources and time and, therefore, perpetuates grievances.  Our aim should be to save only those who are worth saving; and to set an example for those who are searching for truth.

How do we determine who is worth, or not worth, saving?  This can be simple: only those who are willing to endure expenses of freedom are entitled to share in the profit of freedom.  One can “endure expenses of freedom” by providing labor (manual or mental), cash, or any other kind of resource to the effort of redress.  All these “expenses” will be compensated as we recover the missing trillions that have been plundered by those guilty of grievances.

Part b): grievances occur every day in every community of the planet.  The business of redress is the essence of a civilized society: without it, societies inexorably drift to extinction; or, never rise from a Stone-Age culture.  The business of redress is complicated and requires knowledge that very few men, thru-out history, have possessed; and even fewer have used it to lift their societies from Stone-Age conditions.  Thus, to redress only major grievances will be a multi-generational, and probably a planet-wide, project.  If we are to participate in this project, and enjoy our achievements, we need to improve our health and quality of life, and reduce our biological age (as I have done) twenty to fifty years.

(Take a four-minute break and watch me demonstrate the effectiveness of my health regimen: watch me hit 117 mph fastballs, at 70 years of age.)

Part c): the knowledge needed for this project has been erased from our current law and history books.  To gain this knowledge, one must erase practically everything one knows about American/English law and history, and learn real history, law and procedures of redress. (For an introduction, see, Is OWS a Bolshevik or American Revolution?)

How can this knowledge of redress be gained?  There are three choices.

One: struggle to re-invent procedures and law of redress – and, in the meantime, endure 400 years of utter oppression and oceans of blood; as the English suffered from the Magna Charta to their revolution of 1620-50.  (But, in our case, the time period may stretch to a thousand years.)

Two: read 30,000 to 50,000 pages of original (and un-sanitized) histories – as I have done; and take twenty years to organize and make your findings presentable; and, in the meantime, endure maybe one or two oceans of blood.

Three: 1) acquaint yourself with the law, history and procedures of redress as presented in my book, 2) learn who is the enemy (Fires that Cry, and Cults of Totalitarianism) and how they operate (Exodus #23, part 1). This will take three to six months – not four hundred years; and it will avoid several oceans of blood.

Study my writings, then, from the context provided by them, quiz main characters in the dissident community and, I am afraid, you, then, will hardly trust them to organize a tea party.

The work of redress is nothing more than the application of due process of law – where no man shall be deprived any right except by judgment of his peers.  Where assemblies diligently apply this set of principles, there will be no violence, no war, no oppression, no tyranny, no slavery.

If American Founders had adopted provisions to strictly and effectively observe due process, slavery would have extinguished itself within a generation, there would have been no war in our history, at least half the world’s despotisms would have been abolished and replaced by societies substantially like ours… and men would be traveling among the stars today.

But it was not to be.  And still, America, despite all its flaws and crimes, has demonstrated a fraction of what is possible when men are left, relatively, unmolested in their work.

In the meantime, what saddens me most is the condition of our young – who, at the age of fifteen or so, come up against an impenetrable wall of economic despair and sexual confusion.  No matter how hard they try, they can’t find a way around it; and eventually come to the conclusion it would have been better had they never been born.  Too many of them try to correct the error with any of a dozen forms of suicide: drugs, sleaze, a gun…  We have inherited a world where, if we look too closely, the heart must turn to stone, or break into a thousand pieces.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the task of completing the work of those unheralded men of yesteryear has fallen to us.

Unfortunate, because the work of redress is the World Series of human activity – and men of reason and justice barely have Little-League experiences and skills.  This work is the activity that allows a society to rise to the level of civilization.  Where redress fails, that society never rises above a Stone-Age culture, or drifts inexorably to extinction.

If one aims to serve the cause of mankind, nothing will better serve that end than the work of redress.

Make no mistake, this work will not be quick, it will not be easy; but, as lessons of history are learned – and implemented, so its fulfillment will be certain.  And, as men learn these lessons, it will be fortunate the task has fallen to us.

It may seem like a daunting task; but its rewards will be as great as efforts to reach our aims.  Before anyone complains of the difficulty, I invite them (actually, anyone) to first view this video.

“The wise will give due regard to the accumulated wisdom of man’s story; only fools and youth know better than fifty centuries.” Will Durant.

And now, a call to arms:

Timely, and related, pages,

Who is Anthony Hargis

Genocide by Endocrine Disruptors, How to feminize men and masculinize women, among other “embarrassments”. Recently The Endocrine Society released a statement on Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals specifically listing [several adverse effects caused by them. Namely,] obesity, diabetes, female reproduction, male reproduction, hormone-sensitive cancers in females, prostate cancer in males, [and malfunctions of] thyroid, and neurodevelopment and neuroendocrine systems… [and that] they are “used [or found] in medical tubing, catheters and blood bags… pesticides… insecticides… herbicides… fungicides… contraceptives… breast milk… disinfectants… toiletries… [literally] thousands of products”… Are we dealing with a conspiracy to reduce Americans to a mass of rotting slaves? Perhaps – it really doesn’t matter; for, we are dealing with facts of reality. That’s all that matters; and, there’s got to be a better option. Please read more.

Locate or Establish an Assembly: The law and procedures of assemblies are almost totally unknown to all but a few Americans; thus, before, or concurrently with, using information from this page, I strongly advise that many potential or actual members of an assembly study the book, The Lost Right (edition 3.5 or later) BEFORE they establish an assembly…  My role in this project is to function as a facilitator and a consultant. In other words, if any action I suggest is to be done, it will require many resources beyond by own labor and capital; unless such resources come forward, nothing will happen…  My role as consultant will be similar to a teacher or guide – not a leader. We organize assemblies so men can learn how to become their own leaders and “law’ makers. Free men, in other words, have no leaders, apart from themselves.

Since most of my articles run 5-35 pages, I thot it would be more time efficient to have one page to summarize each article with one paragraph.  Please visit.

Summaries of articles pertaining to “Editorials”.

Summaries of articles pertaining to “Financial” Grievances.

Summaries of articles pertaining to “Totalitarian” Grievances.

Turncoat.  Here are excerpts from The American Inquisition which explain three points on which internal taxes are unconstitutional relative to “we the people… and our posterity”.

Redress for Pedophilia: If we are to have redress regarding a very long list of grievances, we need to operate on a very large stage. And to do that, we need an issue that moves large numbers of people to outrage and readily propels them to action. The kidnapping, torture and murder of children is that issue. Even convicted felons get in on the act. It seems to be general knowledge that when a child molester is placed among convicted felons, the life expectancy of the former is 2-3 days. It is also general knowledge that no one is employed by criminal and useful-idiot classes but those who are subject to blackmail; and a sizeable fraction of them are child molesters. Here is a feast handed to the dissident community on a golden platter; for dissidents could use this issue to take down almost anyone perpetrating grievances… and dissidents do nothing with this gift. It puzzles me… until I remind myself that, fully, 90% to 95% of all dissident organizations on this planet are counter-intelligence operations. The only question is, “Are they controlled by witting cointel agents, or are they just plain dumb?” It doesn’t really matter; for, a controlled dupe can wreak more damage among dissidents than a conscious agent. You can identify a cointel operation by its refusal to allow any discussion regarding historically-proven redress among themselves or followers. It seems the only place on this planet where this information is available is this website.

Turn Back the Clock.  Have I discovered the fountain of youth? Men frequently declare that they would like to go back in time to re-live certain events or to take back unkind words. Well, I can’t send men back in time; so, I haven’t invented a time machine. But I can reduce one’s biological age to the condition one should have had as a teenager. In my case, I’ve reduced my biological age by 50 or more years. So, how can I prove or demonstrate this claim? My primary exercise is hitting baseballs (go to YouTube, search for “1668-85”); I’ve had many former pro and college players tell me that, if I played competitive ball at the level of a major college, I would “wreck,” or “lead,” the league with a “.700 average”; that I’m a “hitting phenomenon”, among other comments. Those who play college ball are about 20 years of age; I’m over 70. This is what I have done despite a current living arrangement that prevents me from complying completely with my health regimen. Still, I’m looking forward to another fifty years with the health and physical condition of a near-professional athlete. Thus, I fully expect, at the age of 120, to have the same or better condition. If it comes to pass, I’ll have another 50 years. It raises the question, ‘Will it ever stop?’ Check back in 50 years and I’ll let you know. Better yet, maybe you, also, would like to give it a try. Your age makes no difference: my regimen will benefit anyone, at any age: from a year before conception to elderly. It is especially important for the young; for, if they do not get proper nutrients at proper times, they will not develop to their full potential. No, I can’t erase those unwanted events or unkind words; but I can give you the strength and youthful condition to play another, and better, game.

Power of Petition, criminal and useful-idiot classes use the sovereign power to perpetrate genocides and unlimited plunder and to destroy witnesses, victims and critics of their crimes.  This sovereign power is nothing less than the right of petition; the same procedures employed by American Founders to power their revolution.  Why can’t we use it in service of justice… why do men of reason not even have knowledge of it?  It is a right (actually, a power) available to every man on the planet… save for his ignorance.

Is the Mortgage Crisis the Mother of Opportunity?  The mortgage crisis revealed that those banks too-big-to-fail produced 50 million mortgages with seriously clouded titles.  It produced a situation where no one could provide lawful authority to collect or foreclose on such mortgages.  In other words, property law 4,000 years old had been violated on a national scale.  So far, solutions require that bank shareholders, bank depositors, and taxpayers suffer losses -while those who engineered the crisis waltz away each with millions in plunder.  What can be done about it – without creating a new class of victims?  Please see the full article.

Who Owns City Hall? Several years ago I stumbled across CAFRs, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. These are issued by cities, counties, special districts, states, among others. Of all those I examined (several dozen), the entity in question had enough cash on hand to operate for up to six years without collecting a penny of taxes. I eventually learned that California governments (city, county, state et cetera) had amassed surpluses equal to $20,000 to $50,000 for every man, woman and child in the state, depending on whether you read the foot notes or not. Two questions eventually arose in my mind, “Why are they still collecting taxes?” and “When do I get my dividend?” (See my other articles on this topic, Of Lords and Cattle and Tale of Two Bribes.)… Walter Burien and I are the pioneers that brought this topic out of darkness. When we did our work, CAFRs were comprised of about 120 pages of financial statements and foot notes; now these statements and foot notes are limited to about a quarter of a page.



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