Tales from the Garden of Eden

If any question why we died, Tell them, ‘because our fathers lied’.

Rudyard Kipling, Epataphs of the War

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Abram was a son of Terah of Ur in southern Babylonia – ‘Ur of the Chaldees’, as mentioned in the Old Testament. Other sons of Terah were Nahor and Haran, mentioned “at the close of a genealogy of the sons of Shem, which includes among its members Eber the eponym of the Hebrews.” Abram migrated from Ur to Haran, then to Canaan; all three cities were seats of a moon god. (Enc Brit, (11th ed) v 1, 70)

The Ur moon god was known as Sin: “some scholars see in her the Hebrew god, Yahweh”. (EB, (11th ed), v 3, 103).

Between Ur and Babylon lies what used to be called “Shinar”, “land of the Semites”; it was opposite the city of Babylon, on the other side of the Euphrates, and was “an alluvial plain of rich brown soil, where the two rivers approach most nearly, and the banks touch the so-called Median wall”; it was given the name, Edin. Its vistas must have been carried by Abram to Palestine, where it became the Eden of Genesis. (Historians’ History of the World (1905), v 1, 339)

This ‘Garden’ – where date and palm trees once grew, and men reaped 200 bushels per acre – is now a biblical wasteland, complete with biblical genocide, and biblical treachery. So slowly do men unlearn biblical lessons.

Where shall I begin this not entirely organized narrative of biblical lessons… where shall…?

Let us start with Juba the Sniper:

Several years ago, a video, ‘Juba the sniper’ was widely distributed on the Internet. It showed a man dressed as an Arab shooting several American soldiers. A camera was mounted on the rifle, which was evident as the camera recoiled with each shot. Christopher Bollyn (search) reported that the only company that made such a rifle was located in Israel (he has since been judicially “assassinated” and his website was “disappeared”). An interesting thing about this ‘Juba the sniper’ is that no official of the US military thot to investigate the maker of the rifle, which would have led, presumably, to several unwelcome discoveries, which could not have been reported in the Western press. For example, “who purchased the rifle?”; “if no such records were kept, why?”; “who made the current video of Juba?” This video is titled, “Juba the Bagdad sniper – Tribute”. Who profits from such a video… Judeo-Bolsheviks… or Arabs? With the electronic surveillance conducted by NSA, answers should be very easy; and, if not, why? Furthermore, what self-respecting Arab would take the name, “Jewba”?

First-hand testimony?

A woman, whose mother is Jewish and father Arab, complains rather bitterly, and convincingly, about the invasion of Iraq… how the CIA induced Shia to rebellion and then refused to provide promised weapons; how the US military systematically destroyed the Iraqi infrastructure; the wholesale looting, death squads et cetera. And then, in her holy innocence, demands an immediate withdrawal… a good idea, but not near enough redress.

Entertaining the troops

Mission Accomplished: Iraqi women raped by packs of dogs (search “rape of Iraqi women by us forces”, discretion advised).

‘Dog and Pony’ Trial for Saddam

2007 January 29 Saddam Hussein was tried, convicted and hanged for the crime of ordering the murder of some one hundred and sixty men and boys from a village where one or two of them attempted to assassinate him. Compared to all other crimes attributed to him, this was a rather innocent affair. He also conspired to murder two hundred thousand Kurds, and a similar number of Iranians. Why wasn’t he prosecuted for these murders instead? These murders involved the use of chemical and biological weapons. If he had been tried for these, the web of conspirators would have been much wider: it would have included members of the American CIA – who installed Saddam into power; it would have included several American companies – who provided Saddam with those chemical and biological weapons; among other conspirators. Under the law of agency, they all are just as guilty as Saddam of these war crimes. If justice is to be served, we need a few hundred, or thousand, more war-crimes trials. Article.

Camp Falcon

Did a tactical nuke go off at this camp?

2007 February 11 Camp Falcon was constructed as a weapons depot in a suburb of Baghdad, with facilities for upwards of four thousand troops. That’s what it was 2006 October 10. A mortar attack and three days later it was a pile of rubble. During the night of 2006 October 11-12, several mortar shells and primitive rockets were lobbed onto the base (search “camp falcon aha explosion”); these triggered about thirty secondary explosions over the next several hours. From about 2:00 am to about 7 am (local time), an estimated nine “enormous transport planes” (link “Jihadunspun”) took off from Baghdad airport and landed under heavy air escort at al Habbaniyah army base (seventy kilometers west of Baghdad), site of the largest American hospital in Iraq. Each plane was capable of carrying at least 50-60 men by stretchers. This indicates casualties in the hundreds to go along with property destruction estimated at between half a billion and a billion dollars. And not a peep about it in the American media. For days after the disaster, American trucks carried wrecked equipment away to an old building and dumped the equipment behind this building; then Americans setup checkpoints along the highway running next to the building and confiscated cameras to prevent anyone from taking pictures of the wreckage. With Americans used to reports of four or five casualties a day, and an election a month away, the White House, Congress (Democratic and Republican members), and the media couldn’t possibly be trusted to tell us the truth. Here is a list of several sources.

When we check the entry, “Camp Falcon” on Wikipedia, we find that the Department of Defense acknowledges the attack, but claims there were no casualties. But ten days after the attack, Brian Harring published a casualty list that indicated there were some 900 American and Iraqi casualties.

Who are we to believe? The DoD is well known for cover ups and falsehoods regarding major embarrassments; see, for example, “Sea of Lies”, which details the attempted cover up of the shoot down of an Iranian passenger plane by the American warship Vincennes.

Massacre at Najaf

2007 January 28. The American army, sent to Iraq to establish a constitutional republic, appears to have been enlisted to exterminate a radical Shiite sect, known as ‘Soldiers of Heaven,’ that was openly hostile toward the Shiite sect installed in power by American forces. These ‘Soldiers of Heaven’, men, women and children, were traveling to Najaf to attend a religious holiday there, and planned to assassinate the spiritual leader of all Shiites, the Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

This is the version as reported by mainstream American media.

Facts are coming out that indicate it to be lies, and the situation to be more complicated than reported.

According to stories (one and two) on the antiwar.com website, three tribes (the Jund al Sama (Army of Heaven), the al Hatami and the al Khazali) were involved. The violence began when the leader of the Hatami tribe, his wife and driver were gunned down at an Iraqi military checkpoint. Members of the Khazali tribe advanced to explain that the soldiers had killed civilians; but the checkpoint soldiers fired on them also. The Hatami tribe is Shiite and the Khazali tribe is Sunni; both believe that the foreign-dominated central government (by Israel, Iran?) is trying to provoke sectarian violence. To oppose this the two tribes formed an alliance to foster Shiite-Sunni friendship. This is why one tribe went to the assistance of the other. No one has adequately explained how or why the ‘Soldiers-of-Heaven’ tribe became involved. All these tribes had a history of annually attending the religious event at Najaf.

From these and other facts, it appears that the soldiers at the checkpoint were members of a death squad with orders to assassinate the leader of the Hatami tribe because of his efforts to bring harmony between Sunnis and Shiites; he was not the first such dissenting tribal leader to be assassinated.

If this is the case, Iraqi members of the new government are using the U. S. army to assassinate village and tribal leaders who oppose sectarian violence and centralization of power into the hands of the Baghdad government. It is Operation Phoenix all over again; this Operation was a joint effort by American and South Korean death squads (that is, CIA’s) (explained in testimony before the Congressional Church Committee) that resulted in the arrest, torture and assassination of 30,000 to 50,000 South Vietnamese. The main task of this operation was to eliminate non-communist village leaders who were resisting American centralization of power into bureaucratic offices in Saigon; however, a large fraction of those killed were “personal grudge” killings: creditors by debtors; competitors of the inept, insolent, and indolent – whether in business, professorships or the sexual hunt; some, for no discernable reason at all. (Search, “Operation Phoenix”, “Church Committee”)

In the meantime, the Jewish-dominated American government is representing the ‘Soldiers of Heaven’ (who appear to have had no participation in the initial gun fights) as a terrorist group financed and supplied by Iran. Iraq and weapons of mass destruction all over again.

Get ready to send your sons and daughters to Iran… to die for Israel.


On 2007 January 20, several American soldiers were meeting with Iraqi officials at a secure governor’s compound to plan security for an upcoming religious holiday in Karbala. While the meeting was in progress, nine to twelve men disguised as American soldiers drove seven GMC SUV’s thru two or three military check-points and entered the compound and killed one American soldier and kidnapped four others. They also took the laptop computer of one of the soldiers, Lt. Brian Freeman. The kidnapped soldiers were later found shot in the head; two of them were handcuffed back to back – all were found in or near the abandoned SUV’s. The sophistication of this operation was light years beyond the level of Iraqi insurgents. The money (the abandoned SUV’s represent about $40,000 each), the necessary coordination, and the inside knowledge point to the conclusion that this was an inside job – and that the real object was to take possession of Brian Freeman’s computer. (search: “Brian freeman killed Iraq”) If the invaders wanted to kidnap American soldiers, far easier targets could have been found. While officials are trying to pin the blame on Iranian special forces, the precise inside information needed for this operation points to Jewish complicity. What kind of information did Brian Freeman have… and who did it pertain to?

Review of Pat Tillman Story (movie): Pat Tillman was the NFL football player who volunteered for the army after 9/11. When he got to Afghanistan, he saw things that bothered him; he recorded them in his diary, sent e-mails and generally expressed his doubts. His name, apparently, went on a list compiled by Mossad political officers embedded in US military units. When they found him, his head was “completely blown away”; there were three bullet holes in his forehead, in a one inch radius; body armor, vest and clothes burned; diary destroyed, you know, the sort of activity that precipitates a flood of lies from official thieves.

Missing twelve billion. The Federal Reserve sent twelve billion in cash to Iraq; it supposedly represented proceeds from Iraqi oil sales. Those responsible for it didn’t think to account for its disbursal; nor do they understand why anyone should be upset about it. How was the twelve billion number derived… by guesswork… was it properly accounted for?

The original link (http://www.jihadunspun.com/intheatre_internal.php?article=107283&list=/home.php&) no longer works. The website, “jihadunspun.com”, apparently, has been purchased by Judeo-Bolsheviks and transformed into a travel and vacation site, along with articles about paper shooting targets.

2007 March 4. A Story of Contrasts: Mark Daily, Brian Freeman, and Haff Sa’ad Sa’ad Nayif al Hatemi… and IED’s

2007 March 8 One hour video: Crimes of Saddam, and U.S. duplicity… CIA incited Kurds and southern Shi’ites to rebellion against Saddam; this sparked a massive rebellion; U.S. forces took weapons away from these rebels and stood by while Saddam slaughtered 200,000 Kurds and an equal number of southern Shi’ites. Discretion advised.

Please see, “Comments, Notice”.


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