Pawn or fool?

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Pawn: from Medieval Latin pedon-, pedo foot soldier; from Latin ped-, pes fool]; a chess piece of the least value.  Webster’s New Explorer Dictionary.

Pawn: one that can be used to further the purpose of another.  Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Ed.

So, which is it: Pawn or Fool?

It doesn’t really matter: whether pawn or fool, the result will be the same.

Both are tools of counter-intelligence operations: efforts to persuade peasants to suffer one more decade one more year; rather than seek meaningful redress for their wrongs.

One is a witting tool; the other, an unwitting tool: he actually believes that “freedom is in the heart”, for instance. And to the extent that he persuades other peasants to do nothing beyond his dictum, he serves the purpose of tyranny; he will stupidly lead his followers to their bitter end.

A very large fraction of Americans can be classified into either of these categories; and the main thing you need to know about them is that they will die, or kill, rather than correct their self-destructive habits.

Once these people learn rules of their murderous game, they purposely make themselves useless; for, to be useful, one must engage that part of the brain that distinguishes right from wrong, truth from lies, innocence from guilt.  All these distinctions are the work of the conscience.  And the man, or woman, who seeks crime without penalty, will do anything rather than allow his conscience expression; for, somewhere along the way, he has learned that his conscience is also a relentless and ruthless executioner.  To avoid the verdict of his conscience is what drives his policy to die or kill – even if the destruction of his own children is required.

And the problem, from our perspective, is, ‘How do we protect ourselves from their murderous political system?’ That is, how do we protect ourselves when all forums of redress (legislatures, courts and prosecutorial offices) are dominated by criminal and useless classes.

First, a person in this “large fraction” is doing battle with a conscience riddled with guilt (for crimes committed or a life wasted). He, or she, will seek to control/destroy any action or word that might give power to his conscience; he will even destroy his own child for such end. And, when he is given political power, he will, of course, follow the same policy, on a much wider and destructive scale.

You can spot these people by their incessant talking (to drown their conscience with pointless chatter); by their maniacal drive to control or dominate others; by their refusal to take responsibility for the damage they do; among other failures.

You can count these people by the millions: as family members, neighbors and, of course, thru-out every level of government, not to mention those in non-stop indoctrination centers (education systems, churches and media).

When you have millions of such people who use this power within their families or among “friends”, you have the political foundation for a nation-wide tyranny.

One of the co-relatives of this condition is that such people will be led only by those who feed them a steady diet of pleasing lies. This deserves stress: ‘Who will readily fabricate lies but those who seek only to live by cheats?’ Cutthroats and thieves easily fall into this category. Men of reason or justice do not.

We live, in other words, in a system dominated by criminal and useless classes; and they know that their safety lies in crimes ever more numerous and heinous. As far as they are concerned, if destruction of the American economy – and, thus, the world economy – is necessary, it shall be done.

What is the solution?

We need to give them EXACTLY what they want: rule by thieves – and make sure they pay for it.

Naming the solution is one thing; making it work is quite another. And that will be the problem, ‘How do we protect ourselves from their rule by thieves?’

Protection from their tyranny WILL NOT COME simply by wishing to be left alone. For, to win their struggle against their conscience, they, by the millions, secretly long for the day when they will have the power necessary to “permanently” rid the earth of those who ask too many questions or describe too many crimes. For those who doubt this aim, let them explain the all-too-many death squads established across the planet. Such death squads were trained at Academy of the Americas in the American state of Georgia. In America they go by several names, FBI, CIA, local police, the DHS – especially the DHS (Department of Homeland Security); for, the DHS was specifically modeled after French committees of terror (1792-4), the Judeo-Bolshevik Cheka (aka NKVD, KGB et cetera) and the Nazi Schutzstaffel.

The primary purpose of these organs of terror was to protect rule by thieves by eliminating all dissent. If the DHS is modeled after those historical instruments of terror, what possibly could be its purpose?

What a silly question.

After all, what does the DHS plan to do with 2-3 billion rounds of ammo… an amount sufficient to wage an Iraqi War, at its highest rate, for 25 years? Here we need to highlight a very relevant fact: so-called terrorists do not travel as armies; but, rather cells of 5-10… and the DHS needs 2-3 billion rounds of ammo for these tiny cells… you know, the ones established by the CIA or FBI?

The real purpose of the DHS is to secure rule by criminal and useless classes by literally exterminating large numbers of productive and thrifty classes. Those in the productive class provide market-related goods and services; those in the thrifty class include all those who have accumulated an earned savings (opposed to a plundered savings). Such savings can be in the form of physical gold or ownership of a business, stocks or bonds, among others.

Do you think you will survive this extermination merely by sitting back and waiting for the crash? You’d better reconsider your posture.

This is the warning that comes from reading the act of Congress that established the DHS. This Act created a system by which informers could make false allegations against anyone they please with near-total impunity. Of course, such informers aren’t described as informers; rather they are given the title “submitting person” and their falsehoods will never be examined by any court or legislature or law enforcement agency. The legislation even specifies how this immunity is obtained. The “submitting person” only has to give an “express statement” that his lies were “voluntarily given” and that he expected “protection from disclosure”; so much for due process of law. It’s all there, in the act that created the DHS.

I’m sorry guys, but silly season is over. Even if you own physical gold, live in a cabin in the woods along with a stash of ammo and AK-47’s, you lose. If you don’t fall to the horde of hungry homeless, you will fall to DHS death squads. All the homeless have to do is to wait until you collapse from lack of sleep (24, 48, 72 hours), then they march in, slit your throat and… let your imagination run wild.

What’s more, these homeless don’t even have to wait for a financial crash to slit your throat. The DHS is now encouraging criminal and useless classes to report any “suspicious” activity. With welfare checks that never seem to provide enough dope and booze (you really don’t want to know how they “supplement” their welfare checks), homeless dope-heads have every incentive to file false allegations against you right now. The only thing standing between losing your property to seizure and keeping it is the current ignorance of small time crooks and big time dope-heads.

If you own stocks or bonds, you have even less protection: you’re depending on criminal and useless classes to deliver your purchasing power at the moment of their greatest victory. Don’t forget, a “submitting person” can get a cut of your property merely by “voluntarily” producing a pack of lies about you.

And it doesn’t help if you have assets located in a foreign land. Remember, the CIA has established scores, maybe hundreds, of foreign-based companies to ferry their drugs, launder their cash, and train death squads, along with numerous related activities. If you’re dealing with one of these fronts, you’re okay – until you request return of your money. That’s when you’ll discover the CIA front has disappeared. Of course, there are a few dependable foreign operators that are trustworthy. But, when you request return of your money, the US Treasury will seize it on the pretext it represents proceeds of drug, or terrorist-related, activity.

The bottom line: if you want to survive, you have to combine with others of like mind for the purpose of mutual protection, among other purposes. The big question now is, ‘HOW is this to be done?’ And the quick answer is, ‘You must establish First-Amendment assemblies the only historically-proven method by which men have made their lives and property secure from rule by thieves.’

The American Revolution, for example, was powered by a large network of such assemblies: from town meetings, county meetings, state conventions and, ultimately, to Continental Congresses.

How do we measure our situation? We have many historical examples: we stand on the cusp of the next Dark Age. One from which America will not rise… not in 5,000 years… not in 10,000 years… not ever. Egypt is an example here: it fell to a nation of plunderers, and was plundered to a Stone-Age condition 5,000 years ago; and it is little more than a mass of rotting slaves today. America has fallen to that same nation of plunderers; and it will suffer the same fate. What else is possible for a nation that has consented to political and economic policies that necessitate the cannibalization of following American generations to the end of time?

Since the dollar serves as the reserve currency for major banking systems across the globe, the destruction will be planet-wide. The long and arduous struggle to build human civilizations is at stake here.

A little context: Will Durant reported, in his History of Civilization, that the ancient world reached apexes of development, in every category of man’s activities (literature and engineering, medicine (actually, a science of health) and law, astronomy and mathematics et cetera) during the first century of the Current Era (commonly, AD). From there, man’s struggle moved in retrograde motion until about the thirteenth or fourteenth centuries. From that turning point, it took the world another 600 years to climb back to levels of achievement not seen for 1800 years.

Most people call these lost years the Dark Age, and that they lasted a thousand years.

Influences that brought on this Dark Age did not begin during the first century CE; they began many thousands of years before that period – and reached their goal in the time span mentioned. This means that we can’t lay all blame for the Dark Age on Christianity: its co-conspirator, and principal, was a “nation of death” now known as Judeo-Bolsheviks.

Had it not been for the Dark Age, what would be man’s condition today? We could begin this investigation by comparing man’s condition as it was in America around the year 1850 with his economic and technological condition today. We should disregard man’s ethical condition today because there is too much evidence that this “nation of death” has dominated sleaze purveyors since time out of mind; and to compare one period of time with another would merely compare contents of one garbage can with another. So, how do we measure man’s achievement over the last 150 years? Formerly, it took 4-6 months to travel from one coast of America to the other; today, a mere four hours. It took the same 4-6 months to send a message from coast to coast; today, less than a second.

What does this mean? If we could have rid mankind of the “nation of death” in the year 50 CE, men would have reached our level of economic and technological development by the year 200 CE.

Where would that put us today… traveling among the stars… with colonies on several planets thru-out the galaxy? And, without the corrupting influence of this “nation of death”, could we have rid the planet of wars, poverty, hunger, sleaze, slavery. The head spins with possibilities; and the heart breaks for the horrors men have suffered during the long and dark night of death.

Who can calculate the price men have paid for lack of someone who would steer them away from rocks and to safer waters? Too few have been finders of nature’s secrets and laws; too many have been exterminated before they could contribute to man’s meager storehouse of wisdom. But a few did survive and contribute to the improvement of man’s condition. If we were to compile a list of those who contributed most significantly to the building of man’s society… those who will be teachers to the end of time, first on the list would be Aristotle, followed by John Locke, Ayn Rand, J. K. Rowling… and beyond, the slate is bare.

No, America cannot be saved; the ideals confirmed by the American Revolution, however, are a different matter: they are worth saving.

I’m sorry gentlemen, but the task of preserving civilized society has fallen to us. And, if we are to protect ourselves against those murderous policies set loose on this planet, we must combine our efforts and resources with others of like mind.

It will not be quick, or easy; unprecedented adventures never are.

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