Is it really necessary to arm the DHS with 2 billion rounds of ammunition to suppress a half dozen “terrorists”… an amount sufficient to supply an Iraqi war, at its greatest rate of activity, for 25 years?

Building an American Schutzstaffel

… in plain sight, no less

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All Paris is accursed in my eyes, and I hope no longer that liberty may be established amongst cowards insensible to the worst outrages that could be committed against Nature and humanity, cold spectators of crimes that the courage of fifty armed men could easily have prevented.

Madame Roland

Mémoires de Mme Roland, i 110

Terror, n. [L. terror, from terreo, to frighten. TERRIBLE.] Fear that agitates the body and mind; dread; fright; the cause of extreme fear. – King of terrors, death. – Reign of terror, in the first French revolution, that period during which the rulers made the execution of all opponents the principle of their governments, extending from April, 1793, to July, 1794 – terrorism, n. A system of government by terror; intimidation. – terrorize, v.t. To impress with terror; to repress or domineer over by means of terror.

The Webster Library of Universal Knowledge (1970)

The American Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was established 2002 Nov 25. By the legislation that established it, 22 disparate agencies were amalgamated into one department for purposes of, in summary terms, “responding to terrorist attacks, man-made accidents, and natural disasters.” (Section 101(b)(1) of the DHS Act)

If our aim is the security of life, liberty and property, we immediately have a problem with the task of the DHS.

By definitions (of common usage) given above, we can derive a definition for the word, “terrorist”. The suffix ‘ist’ means, ‘one who’ performs according to the root word, ‘terror’. Thus, a terrorist is ‘one who rules by terror’ or ‘a system of terror’. A terrorist is one who provokes “dread; fright” or “extreme fear” in the victim’s mind. In American society we know a terrorist as an IRS agent (actually a mere letter from an IRS office can produce “dread or fright”); by the given definition, another American terrorist is a traffic cop (the reflection in a rearview mirror of a cop car with flashing lights causes most people to experience “dread or fright”).

So, according to common acceptance of the word in question, American governments, from local to federal, operate by a “system of… terror; intimidation.” Actually, the world doesn’t know any other kind of government – it never has.

Can it be true? Is the DHS tasked with the duty to respond to acts of terror perpetrated by IRS agents… or traffic cops?

Really… who would be so silly as to suggest a “terrorist” would punish the source of its booty for injuries it causes? For, without the system of terror perpetrated by the IRS and booty collectors known as local police, the stream of booty now feeding DHS employees would disappear.

Judging by the way the word, “terrorism” or ‘terrorist’ is used in the Homeland Security Act, I think I can safely say that those who drafted the Act never consulted a dictionary; instead, they incorporated a legal definition in the HS Act contrary to common usage. Here is section 2(15) of the HS Act:

The term “terrorism” means any activity that –

[Par.] (A) involves an act that –

[Claus] (i) is dangerous to human life or potentially destructive of critical infrastructure or key resources; and

[Claus] (ii) is a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State or other subdivision of the United States; and

[Par.] (B) appears to be intended –

[Claus] (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

[Claus] (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or

[Claus] (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping. [Brackets added]

By this definition, every “activity” described must be a violation “of [federal or state] criminal laws”. It must also “appear” to aim at a certain intention. Based on my experience, if a prosecutor wants to make some act “appear” to proceed from a certain intention, all that is necessary is to submit a motion to a judge with nothing on it but a recipe for a chocolate cake and the judge will give the prosecutor anything he wants, despite a complete absence of evidence, witnesses or victims – I mean, if the issue ever gets to court; and there’s no argument in the world that will dissuade a judge or prosecutor from his wishful thinking. And anyone who thinks otherwise is perpetrating another act of wishful thinking.

All that is accomplished by this statutory definition is to convert every “criminal” to a “terrorist”. Why was it necessary to amalgamate 22 disparate federal agencies into one department to do this? Why, in other words, was it necessary to create a department to do exactly what hundreds of other federal and state investigatory and prosecutorial offices are already doing – apart from tagging the ordinary “criminal” as a “terrorist”?

By the doctrine of redundancy, the DHS Act would be unconstitutional. But this, of course, is wishful thinking; for the Constitution is an instrument of convenience: if a felon, Judeo-Bolshevik, or a member of organized crime is the focus of the government’s attention, the constitution will be strictly observed; if a whistleblower or dissenter, it will be of no force – as the link two paragraphs up demonstrates.

Anyone who embarks on a mission to move an American court to void the DHS Act is engaged on a fool’s errand. Is there another way to void the DHS Act – or bring redress to the situation? We’ll deal with this later.

Of course the DHS is necessary; for there is an ulterior motive that we are not supposed to discuss. Its unstated purpose is to perform the same functions as were performed by the French Committees of terror, the Soviet Cheka and the Nazi Schutzstaffel. This should become clear as we continue with this examination.

According to the way the word is used today, ‘terrorist’, has two meanings… depending on the perspective of the speaker… and neither one conforms to common usage. In America, most people refer to Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine and a few others as ‘Founders’ ‘freedom fighters’, ‘dissidents’, ‘petitioners’, ‘rebels’ or similar terms. English nobility, royalty and English privilege holders and Judeo-Bolsheviks usually refer to them as terrorists… hooligans… counter-revolutionaries; some English even refer to them as mentally deranged because American rebels disliked the condition of slavery. Americans’ dislike for slavery even extended to black slavery: the Fairfax County Resolves (George Washington, Chairman; Robert Harrison, clerk), an early American petition for redress protested the importation of black slaves into America by the English crown.

Thus, today, from one perspective, a terrorist is one who opposes “a system of government by terror”. From the other perspective, a terrorist is one who perpetrates, supports or benefits from “a system of government by terror”.

Oh my… my head is starting to hurt. I need to lie down for awhile.

We live, in other words, in a world based on lies: black is white; facts do not exist, baseless opinions do; hate is love; up is down; freedom is slavery; courtesy is weakness, brutality is kindness; stupidity is the ideal, rational behavior is hated; obedience is the prime directive, disobedience – in all its myriad forms – is the only crime… you get the idea. It is a world where civilized men do not exist… and will not be allowed to exist. If conceptual murder does not keep them silent, a single shot to the nape of the neck will do.

Let us paint this picture more clearly.

Let’s start with the basis of a free society; and then demonstrate how the mission of the DHS is to utterly destroy this basis. The essence of liberty is nothing more than a strict adherence to due process of law: which includes the presumption that a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty; and this proof is obtained by following rules of common law – historically known as “law of the land’, the “unwritten law”, “custom and tradition”, or “due process of law”… all these, from Aristotle to the present, have been regarded as interchangeable terms. Americans know it by the doctrine that “no man shall be deprived of life, liberty or property but by the judgment of his peers.”

Nothing else is required for the perfect security for each man’s rights.

The procedure by which this security is obtained is comprised of five steps: complaint, investigation, prosecution, judgment and enforcement of that judgment. The simple act of complaint, obviously, is the step that sets the whole procedure in motion. Thus, without the right of complaint, or dissent, a man is rightless… in every body of man’s law – from Babylonian, to Roman, to English/American law, he is a slave. The right of dissent means all.

Back to our question, ‘What makes a terrorist?’ In the eyes of a tyrant, a terrorist is one who has no forum of redress available to him that will redress his grievances, and resorts to violence, as a final attempt to obtain a hearing for wrongs he has suffered. In the eyes of one who has been wronged, a terrorist is one who commits acts of terror – such as the taking of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

Without due process, men must resort to violence to obtain redress.

Early American courts recognized this principle: ‘the purpose of courts,’ they declared, ‘is to redress grievances before they escalate to violence.’ Federal and all state courts are assigned this duty under the federal-preamble mandate, “to promote domestic tranquility.”

Next question, ‘What is the easiest way to eliminate terrorists?’ It’s quite simple: provide a forum of redress for those who are aggrieved. By allowing a person to voice his complaint in a competent forum, we – abracadabra – eliminate the need to redress injuries by violence. It is not really magic; it is simple common sense.

It is a common sense that does not exist in American universities – much less in primary schools; it does not exist in American courts; it does not exist in halls of American legislatures; it does not exist in American media… nor in American churches.

Can it be more obvious… and simple? Nothing more is required; it is not necessary to waste $50-$70 billion of resources every year to suppress and assassinate those who have been injured.

Despite this easy solution, puppet masters of Congress thot it better to establish the DHS and arm it with upwards of one and a half to two billion rounds of ammunition – some of which is banned by international law because of its capacity to cause horrific injury; an amount sufficient to supply an Iraqi war, at its greatest rate of activity, for 25 years.

What possibly could we expect from the DHS?

Let us look at several of its predecessors: the Nazi Schutzstaffel, the Judeo-Bolshevik Cheka, and the French committees of terror, Comite de Defense Générale et de Salut Public (Committee of General Defense and the Public Salvation (usually rendered, “Public Safety) and its accessory, the Comite de Sureté Générale. (Committee of General Safety).

(For those who would pause at the term, ‘Judeo-Bolshevik’, I suggest my two-part article, Exodus #23; (one and two) the first part is derived mainly from articles published in the Los Angeles Times; the second, from the Torah, the Jewish law book.)

French committees of terror

The French revolution began with men who were determined to copy in France what volunteer soldiers returning from America had seen there. They were Europeans: thoroughly imbued with the doctrine of obedience; they were not ready to do away with the office of king; but still, they generally referred to themselves as Republicans. It was, more or less, a continuation of the reforms begun by Louis xvi when he became king in 1771. From the beginning, Louis met with fierce resistance to his reforms: he encouraged the free circulation grain – monopolizers of the grain trade fought him; he wanted to abolish the road tax – tax farmers did not; he arranged to setup assemblies in towns and villages to learn grievances of the theretofore voiceless people; feudal lords, priests and privilege holders became angry.

Resistance to reforms of Louis had been gathering strength many years before Louis helped set the Revolution in motion. Soon after these Republicans met to begin redressing grievances and writing a constitution, counter-revolutionaries – international (that is, Judeo-Bolshevik) bankers and monopolizers – collected some 30,000 cutthroats and thieves from seaports around the Mediterranean and cities of Europe and marched them to Paris. History knows a large component of this horde as the Marseillais. Their task was to threaten, heckle, and otherwise terrorize Republicans and their supporters into silence or to flee the country.

The reign of terror that followed was directed by two committees: (1) , Comite de Defense Générale et de Salut Public (Committee of General Defense and the Public Salvation (usually rendered, “Public Safety) and (2) its accessory, the Comite de Sureté Générale. (Committee of General Safety). (Webster, Nesta, The French Revolution, 397)

[The Committee of Public Safety met nightly in] the gorgeous salon [of the Tuileries] at the end of a long dark corridor, where, amidst mirrors and bronzes, beneath gilded ceilings and glittering chandeliers, the “Decimvirs” took their ease on soft armchairs and luxurious sofas, whilst in the background sideboards laden with rare wines and delicate fare awaited them. Around the great oval table, covered with a green cloth, the members of the committee – Billaud, Collot, Couthon, Barrere – gathered merrily, “not precisely drunk, but spurred on by wine and good cheer, heated by liqueurs”; only when the bilious face of the Incorruptible [that is, Robespierre] appeared amongst them a chill fell over the party, and there was less laughter whilst districts were marked out for destruction and human heads were counted up like scores at cards. (Webster, 427)

Along with designing and directing massacres in Paris, these committees sent delegations to provinces, towns and villages to organize similar committees there. And, where their delegations were rejected, to send executioners to raze a village or town to the ground – as was the fate of La Vendee; or to destroy a section of a town as well as a segment of its population – as in Lyon; or to load barges, in the dead of winter, with peasants, float them to the middle of the river and sink them – as at Nantes; or, in several places, to kill children with sabers and clubs… for, in this socialist paradise, there would be no dissenters and no useless eaters.

“All the calamities of France, all the crimes of the Revolution, originated in the solon of the Comite de Salut Public.” Actually, “originated” is a bad word here; the committee received its instructions from the Masonic Lodge of Paris; which received its instructions from a nearly invisible triumvirate composed of Judeo-Bolshevik money lenders and monopolizers and a polyglot of tax farmers. (Webster, 427)

It was here, in these committees, that “listeners” and “watchers” were appointed to go amongst the people on street corners, markets and queues waiting at shop doors; everything they noticed – “expressions of approval or murmurs against the current regime, smiles, frowns, angry exclamations, or derisive laughter – all these were set down and conveyed to the committees in detailed daily reports.” The more insolent of these “listeners” and “watchers” took the opportunity to settle personal grudges. Of course, committee members – Marat and Danton, Robespierre and Manuel, among others – were careful to add a number of wealthy people to the daily lists; “for the massacres were to be not merely a method of extermination, but a highway robbery on a large scale.” (Webster, 297-8, 448)

At one o’clock in the night chief slaughterers gave their list to commissioners of the Commune who “were sent all over the city to carry out the inquisition known as “domiciliary visits,”” which consisted in arresting all citizens the Commune chose to regard as “suspect.”

They were nights of terror; nights of shame and humiliation. Men, owing to an absence of a common and mutual defense that could have been provided by assemblies:

were overcome with various and humiliating aspects of fear – hiding on roofs, in attics, sewers, chimneys. “This man withdrawn behind the paneling that has been nailed over him seems to be part of the wall, and is almost deprived of breath and life; that one stretched along a strong wide beam in a closet covers himself with all the dust the place contains… another suffocates with fear and heat between two mattresses, another rolled up in a barrel loses all sensation of life by the tension of his nerves. Fear is greater than pain; they tremble but they do not weep, their hearts are withered up, their eyes are dull, their breasts contracted. Women surpassed themselves on this occasion; it was intrepid women who hid the greater number of the men.

Pillage on a large scale took place during these visits, and, in order to make sure of sufficient booty, the priests – whose houses no doubt offered small opportunity for looting – were told that they would shortly be sent on a long journey, and must, therefore, provide themselves with money; they were advised, in fact, to carry all their valuables on their persons. By this means the victims of the massacres were found in possession of all the gold watches, snuff-boxes, money and jewels that afterwards found their way into the hands of the Commune. (Webster, 301)

Most of those arrested were fated to be cut down by a mass slaughter; a few were brought “before the Revolutionary Tribunal” before being cut down. There, and according to a law passed by the convention that had been captured by brigands, those accused “were denied all rights of defense, no advocates were to be allowed, no witnesses called, and the penalty imposed in all cases was to be death.” (Webster, 452-3)

To arrest these “hooligans”, counter-revolutionaries and dissidents was one thing; to slaughter them was quite another.

“The difficulty of achieving a massacre on a large scale became the subject of discussion at several meetings of” members of the Committee of Public Safety. “Marat proposed to set fire to the prisons”; but this would endanger neighboring houses; another suggested flooding them. Another advised recruiting assassins from “the Marseillais and revolutionary elements of Paris”; when they were sent to do their work, they proved insufficient; this was resolved “by liberating a quantity of thieves and murderers now in prisons.” (Webster, 299-300)

“Yet even to this criminal horde the leaders {Marat, Danton, Robespierre…) dared not avow their true intentions”. They felt the need to invent a pretext to justify the slaughter. To this end they invented a lurid tale that priests, lawyers, shop keepers and other wealthy persons now incarcerated were plotting to kill wives and children of “citizens” who went to the frontier to fight invading Prussians. Assassins were told that these conspirators had set up gibbets in all the streets from which to hang wives of loyal “citizens”; and while such wives were dancing in the wind, their children would be massacred before them. “Wine flowed in torrents thru-out and after this infernal and slanderous harangue.”

Altho the people were not invited to participate in this slaughter, it was, none the less, to be done in their name – and the name of liberty. Accordingly, mock tribunals were set up in prisons with judges provided by the commune, assassins hired and all armed with lists of proscription drawn up at the secret councils of the leaders. Thus, was the Tribunal of the Sovereign People constituted. The name of liberty and “the people” were to be smeared with blood shed by wastrels and indolent recruited from gutters of Paris and from Italian and Belgian, Swiss, Prussian and Spanish criminal gangs.

Thus, to justify genocide, Danton, Marat, Robespierre and company thot it necessary to merely allege a plot of terrorist acts, by men whose hands were tied and mouths were gagged. Today genocide is justified by assassins who execute acts of terrorism and blame them on “Arabs”, a tribe of Shiites, or a tribe of Sunnis or other groups of people who barely exist beyond a Stone-Age culture. More on this topic later.

In order to give an extra incentive to jackals to carry on their slaughter, massacres were even carried to a prison for women: “The abominations committed towards little girls of ten to fifteen years cannot be described.” But Madame Roland made an attempt: “If you knew the frightful details!… Women brutally violated before being torn to pieces by these tigers!… You know my enthusiasm for the Revolution; well, I am ashamed of it; it is dishonored by villains, it has become hideous!” (Webster, 329, 335)

Ah… women… they just don’t understand how to properly manage slaughterers.

In the study of law, martial law goes by many names: feudalism, socialism, law of the inquisition, ecclesiastical, admiralty, maritime, law of the conqueror; they all operate by identical principles: all kill and plunder without regard to age or sex, guilt or innocence; the only crime is disobedience or forbidden questions. By martial law, there is no due process, no dissent, no charges supported by evidence, no victim, no witnesses.

In earlier times, those who aimed to destroy Western Civilization could only allege a plot of opposition and use the fictitious plot as a justification to impose martial law (by whatever name) or perpetrate genocide; today, they find it necessary to perpetrate acts of terrorism, blame them on their opponents and use them as pretexts to impose martial law.

In other words, in prior times agents of terror simply alleged a false flag operation; today, they actually perpetrate a false flag operation.

Leaders of the massacres pretended to “love the people”. But in private it was different: Marat, “Give me 300,000 heads, and I will answer for the country being saved… Begin by hanging at their doors the bakers, the grocers, and all the tradesmen”; Robespierre, “Internal dangers come from the bourgeois; in order to conquer the bourgeois we must rouse the people, we must procure arms for them and make them angry”; Hebert, “The virtue of the holy guillotine will gradually deliver the Republic from the rich, the bourgeois, the spies, the fat farmers, and the worthy tradesmen as from the priests and aristocrats. They are all devourers of men.” (Webster, 359, 410-2)

To goad the people to violence, Marat and company withheld food from the markets. This was accomplished, first, by the actual withholding of supplies and, second, by a constant torrent of verbal attacks against farmers (peasants), shop keepers and tradesmen.

Targeted men reacted quite naturally: they closed their doors, refused to bring produce to market, raised prices or simply disappeared. Marat then urged the populace to take matters into their own hands, “the total destruction of that cursed breed [capitalists, stockjobbers, monopolizers, tradesmen, ex-nobles”] could restore tranquility of the state… Meanwhile let the nation, weary of these revolting disorders, take upon itself to purge the soil of liberty of this criminal race… The pillage of a few shops, at the doors of which they hanged a few of the monopolizers, would soon put an end to these malpractices…”

Of course, Judeo-Bolshevik monopolizers were exempt from this harangue.

The people, weary of standing in lines over the previous year to buy a leg of chicken a dog would reject, obliged Marat. In one day, “from no less than 1200 grocers the people carried off everything on which they could lay their hands – oil, sugar, candles, coffee, brandy – at first without paying, then, overcome with remorse, at the price they themselves thot proper… however, the crowd refrained from hanging any of the tradesmen at their shop doors as Marat had proposed. (Webster, 389-90)

Marat and party followed with the law of the “maximum,” by which a fixed price was set on all the necessaries of life, far from easing the situation as had been promised, it immensely complicated it. Fishermen refused to put out to sea, millers concealed their goods, or disposed of them secretly to customers who could afford to pay. Many of these producers withheld their goods until better conditions arrived. But this turned out to be an example of wishful thinking; for, if starving mobs did not discover their inventory and seize it, official terrorists would discover them, seize the inventory and take such merchants or shop keepers to the guillotine – sometimes with a short diversion before a “revolutionary tribunal”.

The people, enraged by shop keepers who could not operate at a loss, and faithful to Marat’s teachings, continued to waylay peasants bringing supplies into the city, and pillage carts containing eggs, butter, or poultry. “Some paid, others carried off the thing without paying. The peasants in despair swore they would bring nothing more to Paris.”

The obstinacy of those who make the necessaries of life, of course, made it easier to bring them before Revolutionary Tribunals and send them to the guillotine. (Webster, 449)


The original organ of terror after Judeo-Bolsheviks seized power was the “Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee (or VRK)… [which] created new bodies of government, organized food delivery to cities and the Army, requisitioned food from bourgeoisie, and sent its emissaries [spies] and agitators into provinces.”

When we consider the requisitioning of “food from bourgeoisie”, we should recall the French assassins’ policy of provoking violence by withholding food supplies, the resulting chaos and their “law of the maximum”; then compare them to the Holodomor (great hunger) of Ukraine (1932-5); which was a rather extraordinary example of requisitioning “food from the bourgeoisie; during this operation grain was forcibly taken from peasants and resulted in the mass starvation of some five to eight millions.

The VRK was dissolved the first week of December 1917 and replaced by the Cheka. It was given the former duties of the VRK along with the mission “to liquidate to the root all of the counter-revolutionaries and sabotage activities and all attempts to them in all of Russia, to hand over counter-revolutionaries and saboteurs to the revolutionary tribunals, develop measures to combat them and relentlessly apply them in real world applications.” [Underline added] (See Wikipedia article, Cheka; my source for remarks thereto).

As Marat and party organized committees of public safety and revolutionary tribunals in towns and villages, so they were copied by Judeo-Bolsheviks in Russia. “February of 1918, the Cheka sent instructions to all Soviets [that is, all town and province “councils”, which translates to “soviets”]… to immediately organize emergency commissions to combat counter-revolution, sabotage and speculation, if such commissions had not been yet organized.” “By the end of the year (1918), 365 Uyezd-level [equivalent to “county”-level) Chekas were established… In addition, border security Chekas were included in the system of local Cheka bodies.”

It was under the word, “speculation” that those who stored up food and other necessaries were gathered. As during the French slaughter, chief terrorists explained that these “speculators” were the cause of high food prices and shortages; they were, accordingly, labeled as traitors, counter-revolutionaries, hooligans, then had their supplies confiscated and were (occasionally) brought before “revolutionary tribunals” before being shot.

Thus, under the Cheka , NKVD, GPU, KGB, et cetera, offices setup in various cities or neighborhoods were known as “emergency commissions” (later, aka “Extraordinary Commissions”); under the American DHS they are known as fusion centers.

During the last half of 1918, the Cheka established several “Extraordinary Commissions to combat counter revolution” within all military units.

August of 1918, “a Cheka section for combating counter-revolution (that is, dissent), speculation and sabotage on railways was created.”

After the Cheka became proficient at eliminating counter-revolutionaries, financial speculators and saboteurs, it added to its list of dissidents: “1) any civil or military servicemen suspected of working for Imperial Russia; 2) families of [such] officers-volunteers (including children); 3) all clergy; 4) workers and peasants who were under suspicion of not supporting the Soviet government; 5) any other person whose private property was valued at over 10,000 rubles.”

Here, Judeo-Bolsheviks of the 1910s copied their great leaders of 125 years earlier: for, the destruction or enslavement of non-Jews was not merely to be a holy exercise of exterminating men with brains and reducing everyone else to oppressive slavery, “but a highway robbery on a large scale.”

“As its name implied, the Extraordinary Commission had virtually unlimited powers and could interpret them in any way it wished. No standard procedures were ever set up, [that is, no due process was ever observed] except that the Commission was supposed to send the arrested [person] to the Military-Revolutionary tribunals if outside of a war zone; otherwise he could be liquidated on the spot. The first organized mass repression began against the libertarians and socialists of Petrograd in April 1918. Over the next few months, 800 were arrested and shot without trial.”

Judeo-Bolsheviks encountered the same problem in the Russian slaughter as they had to work thru during the French slaughter: how to find killers able to deliver on a scale desired by Judeo-Bolsheviks. After killing a few dozen, even the most dissolute criminals developed serious psychological problems: drunkenness, insanity, suicide. Watching a bloody body writhing on the floor would usually accelerate the process. To solve this last problem, Judeo-Bolsheviks developed the procedure of shooting victims in the nape of the neck at a slightly downward angle. This caused instant death and relatively small puddles of blood.

This, however, only moderately increased the useful life of assassins. What was needed was to staff organs of terror with men who could kill dissidents with the fanaticism of a religious zealot. During World War ii, Stalin appointed Jacob Berman (a Judeo-Bolshevik) to set up the “Soviet Communist secret police team” in Poland. Stalin, owing to his observations over the previous 25 years, felt that a Judeo-Bolshevik communist would be a more ruthless oppressor/assassin than a Catholic (a native Pole) communist. Berman did not disappoint; in the organ of terror he established “all the department directors in the Ministry of State were Jews.” “The machinations of communist terror functioned in Poland in a manner similar to that used in other communist-ruled countries in Europe. What requires explanation is why it was operated by Jews.” The answer, of course, is that the prime command of their “religion” is to reduce all other races on the planet to a mass of rotting slaves… and to smite every one who thinks, or that asks politically incorrect questions “with the edge of the sword.”

The Cheka, or by whatever names its successors took, would proceed to murder dissidents by the tens of millions; all in accordance with Lenin’s dictum, ‘It is better to arrest[, torture and kill] 100 innocent people rather than risk one enemy [dissident] going free.’

When we examine the French and Russian slaughters, we find the same set of hands at work. Indeed, “Bolshevik tirades, and genocides, against the bourgeois are copied almost verbatim from the diatribes of Robespierre” and slanders of Marat. (Webster, 492-3)


Schutzstaffel is the German word for ‘protection squadron’ or ‘defense corps’; it is commonly referred to as “the SS”. It evolved from the Saal Schutz, (hall protection) a small body of men organized for the purpose of providing Adolf Hitler with protection during meetings or rallies of the Nazi Party. It began at the end of 1920 as a small body of private men drawn from the NASDAP.

(My remarks concerning the Schutzstaffel are taken from the Wikipedia article by that name.)

Heinrich Himmler was given command of the SS in 1929 because his theology closely mirrored that of Hitler. “Biographers have defined Himmler’s theology as Ariosophy… [a] religious dogma of racial superiority of the Aryan race and Germanic Meso-Paganism, developed partly from his interpretations of folklore and mythology of the Ancient Teutonic tribes of Northern Europe.” The other part of his (and Hitler’s) theology was derived by applying to the Aryan race the Judeo-Bolshevik mania regarding race superiority.

Under Himmler, the SS grew from a few dozen members and a main purpose of protecting Hitler to a million-man organization with the duty of eliminating all opposition to Nazi Party rule. To carry out this task, the SS (a private organization) seized control of many of Germany’s law-enforcement agencies. These included a) the SD (Security Service), b) the Gestapo (Secret State police), c) Kripo (criminal investigative police) and d) the Orpo (regular uniformed police). Moreover, e) legal jurisdiction over the SS and its members was taken away from the civilian courts and given to courts run by the SS itself; its victims, in other words, had no right of due process.

Thus, the SS – and the Nazi Party – exercised legislative, judicial and executive (police) functions of government; which made their members accountable to no one but themselves. At the end of World War ii, it was declared a criminal organization.

False flag operations: while French and Soviet terrorists used “false flag” operations as an integral part of their policies, Nazis seem to have bypassed such operations; except for the Reichstag fire – set by Nazis but blamed on a light-brained communist borrowed from a local asylum; and the attack on a German radio station near the Polish border – carried out by corpses borrowed from a local morgue. Nazis probably refrained from false flags because their attempts were so clumsy; and because, since they were openly anti-communist, they didn’t have access to connections, experience and resources collected by Judeo-Bolsheviks over the last four to five thousand years: since, that is, they were known as, collectively, the priesthood and merchants of Babylonia.

There were several divisions of the SS; each with a particular duty and relatively independent of the central SS. The Waffen-SS worked with the Wehrmacht and both rank and file had little respect for Himmler and the main SS. “The Waffen-SS maintained several “Foreign Legions” of personnel from conquered territories and countries allied to Germany; from Scandinavian countries, Belgian Flemings, Dutchmen, French, Ukrainians, Slavs, Albanians, Dutch East Indies; also disaffected Indian soldiers of the British Indian Army. The main reason for such volunteers was a hatred of communism [that is, Judeo-Bolshevism] and Jews rather than sympathy for National Socialism.”

During World War ii, the SS operated alongside the Wehrmacht (German army units) in order to eliminate dissidents perceived as threats to Hitler’s power while implementing his racial purity doctrine.

Earlier Organs of Terror

An early instance of mass proscription took place in 82 BC, when Lucius Cornelius Sulla was appointed dictator rei publicae constituendae (“Dictator for the Reconstitution of the Republic”). Sulla proceeded to have the Senate draw up a list of those he considered enemies of the state and published the list in the Roman Forum. Any man whose name appeared on the list was ipso facto stripped of his citizenship and excluded from all protection under law; reward money was given to any informer who gave information leading to the death of a proscribed man, and any person who killed a proscribed man was entitled to keep part of his estate (the remainder went to the state). No person could inherit money or property from proscribed men, nor could any woman married to a proscribed man remarry after his death. Many victims of proscription were decapitated and their heads were displayed on spears in the Forum.

Sulla used proscription to restore the depleted Roman Treasury (Aerarium), which had been drained by costly civil and foreign wars in the preceding decade, and to eliminate enemies (both real and potential) of his reformed state and constitutions; the plutocratic knights of the Ordo Equester were particularly hard-hit. Giving the procedure a particularly sinister character in the public eye was the fact that many of the proscribed men, escorted from their homes at night by groups of men all named “Lucius Cornelius,” never appeared again. (These men, the Sullani, were all Sulla’s freedmen.) This gave rise to a general fear of being taken from one’s home at night as a consequence of any outwardly seditious behavior.

Sulla’s proscription was bureaucratically overseen, and the names of informers and those who profited from killing proscribed men were entered into the public record. Because Roman law could criminalize acts ex post facto, many informers and profiteers were later prosecuted.

The proscription of 82 BC was overseen by Sulla’s freedman steward Lucius Cornelius Chrysogonus, and was rife with corruption.

We notice many similarities between Sulla’s proscription and policies of the federal government (and earlier organs of terror): a) just by putting a man’s name on a list (such as a “no fly” list) a man’s citizenship (that is, his rights liberties and property) are forfeited – or if he is found with $2,000 on his person, the cash is confiscated under ‘asset seizure laws; both forfeiture and seizure, of course, in violation of due process of law; b) reward money given to informers by Sulla – to “submitting persons” by authority of the DHS Act; c) using Sulla’s principle to “restore the depleted [American] treasury”; d) arresting men at night –as done by French, Bolshevik and Nazi and Red Chinese organs of terror.

The Saint Bartholomew Massacre in 1572 was a targeted group of assassinations and a wave of Catholic mob violence, directed against the Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants) during the French Wars of Religion. Traditionally believed to have been instigated by Catherine de’ Medici, the mother of King Charles IX, the massacre took place five days after the wedding of the king’s sister Margaret to the Protestant Henry III of Navarre (the future Henry IV of France). This marriage was an occasion for which many of the most wealthy and prominent Huguenots had gathered in largely Catholic Paris.

The massacre began in the night of 23–24 August 1572 (the eve of the feast of Bartholomew the Apostle), two days after the attempted assassination of Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, the military and political leader of the Huguenots. The king ordered the killing of a group of Huguenot leaders, including Coligny, and the slaughter spread throughout Paris. Lasting several weeks, the massacre expanded outward to other urban centers and the countryside. Modern estimates for the number of dead across France vary widely, from 5,000 to 30,000.

The above account is slightly at odds with original and un-sanitized histories of the slaughter.  Charles was favorable toward Huguenots and conferred frequently with Coligny.  In fact, after the attempted assassination of Coligny, the king visited Coligny and promised that the culprits would be punished.

Despite this, the king’s mother constantly pestered her son to permit her to kill Coligny.  After tolerating this pressure from his mother for some time, Charles, in a state of exasperation, stormed from her presence and declared, ‘kill him… kill them all.’

Altho slightly stunned at this declaration, Catherine and her cohorts proceeded to plan, and execute, the mass slaughter

Iraq The war in Iraq provides another example of this practice of bygone eras.  Here is the procedure, American troops conduct house-to-house searches for insurgents, who are defined as those who own guns.  Guns are found, guns are confiscated, a name goes on a list, the list is handed to the political officer – that is, the Judeo-Bolshevik – embedded with each American army unit.  A day or two later, an Iraqi is found with his hands tied behind his back, evidence of torture, and a bullet hole in the back of his head – if he still has a head, that is.  A name is crossed from a list.  The world is made safer for crime, idiocy and sleaze.

You might think that the Iraqi war was a training mission for American troops for what they will eventually be required to do in this country.  This is not exactly correct: there is a small, and unreported, rebellion among American troops who are beginning to see the horrific consequences of what they are doing.  After a year or two of this practice, these troops, tormented by nightmares, will be useless as soldiers; in fact, there is the possibility that these troops will never be allowed back into the country: they have seen too much – and can’t be allowed to tell their friends, neighbors and family members of what they have seen and done.

Yes, this is a training mission, but not for American troops; instead, it is for the planners, the generals, and members of Congress.  They establish big thieves and big cutthroats into political power in countries like Brazil and Kosovo, Ukraine and Panama.  Next, they empty the jails of these countries of little thieves and little cutthroats, put uniforms on them, and send them to America – to learn the delicacies of house-to-house searches.  They are being trained how to hunt American insurgents.


French committees of terror, the Judeo-Bolshevik Cheka, and the Nazi Schutzstaffel established offices or ‘Extraordinary Commissions’ to suppress and eliminate dissent in all its various forms

in as many counties, cities, towns and villages as possible;

along railways; along roads in the case of France (no railroads then);

in military units;

at the state’s border.

French committees and the Cheka requisitioned or, rather, confiscated, grain and other foods from peasant producers and distributed it to those loyal to the party. No such seizures occurred against Germans by Germans; they did, however, seize property from Poles after the conquest of Poland; but conducted no indiscriminant killing of Poles.

All three (French, Judeo-Bolshevik, and Nazi) a) established systems of “watchers” and listeners” to identify any gesture of dissent against “rule by terror”; b) “employed” agitators and saboteurs to carry out false-flag operations to “justify” their “rule by terror” (the French only alleged plots; Judeo-Bolsheviks actually perpetrated them; Nazis were too clumsy for this type of activity); c) all had difficulty finding killers dissolute enough to kill on a scale wanted by Judeo-Bolsheviks.

Furthermore, all three were made judicially immune for their crimes.

Department of Homeland Security

By comparison, agencies collected under the DHS include those necessary to “respond to” dissidents

at the border, under the titles a) Immigration and Naturalization Service: renamed, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); b) US Customs Service: renamed, Customs and Border Protection(CBP) c) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: folded into (CBP);

on airlines, buses, trains, cars and trucks and sporting events thru the Transportation Security Administration (TSA);

with no obligation to observe rules of due process.

Suppression of dissidents within the American military is performed independently of the DHS. It is directed or carried out by “political” officers from the Mossad who monitor every American military unit. For a while, their main instrument of elimination was the roadside bomb, usually identified as IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices).

IED’s became famous during the Iraqi war; and a certain characteristic about them has gone too long neglected.

IED’s are detonated by four methods: pressure (or proximity sensors), remote control, a timer, or a homing device.

Pressure: these devices are planted by roadsides to destroy particular targets; thus, the pressure method of detonation is not practical because it will detonate by the first vehicle that comes near.

Remote control: the target is usually traveling at high speed. At sixty miles an hour, a vehicle is traveling 88 feet per second. To detonate at the instant a vehicle is directly over the IED, would require eye-hand coordination of a professional athlete or concert pianist; furthermore, the “terrorist” would have to be on site so he could see the oncoming vehicle. This would be contrary to the practice of “terrorists” to be nowhere near the scene when it explodes.

Timer: since the device is usually planted days before an event, the timer method of detonation is highly impractical.

Homing device: by this method of detonation, a radio transmitter must be planted on the targeted vehicle which will act as a trigger for the IED. This is the only triggering method that allows the IED to detonate at precisely the right instant. It also means every IED incident had to be an “inside job”: there had to be someone (political officer) who had a) access to the vehicle to be destroyed; and b) knowledge of dissidents who were to be assassinated, c) what vehicle they would use; d) what route they would follow; and e) who was assured he (political officer) would be protected from prosecution.

Thus, while members of the Schutzstaffel and Cheka were directly involved in assassinating dissidents in respective militaries, DHS has apparently delegated the task to members of the Mossad.

Seizure of food and supplies: in both French and Russian slaughters, Judeo-Bolsheviks fabricated food shortages to exterminate farmers and shop keepers, and to provoke violence amongst others. The DHS appears to be poised to carry out this function thru a) the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (in CBP) and b) Plum Island Animal Disease Center (in Science and Technology Directorate (STD)). These were inspection functions formerly in the Department of Agriculture. By placing them under the DHS, two or three layers of red tape are removed from between the ordering and executing of “domiciliary visits” for farms, ranches and anyone who stockpiles food and other supplies.

Here, we should recall that while Judeo-Bolsheviks in Russia were seizing grain from Ukrainian peasants, Judeo-Bolsheviks in America were doing the same actions in America but with less-noticed violence. By a mandate from Congress, American farmers were required to plow under every third row of crops and kill a fraction of their livestock; inspectors from the Department of Agriculture roamed farmlands to make sure of strict compliance; and, where they found insufficient compliance, they would pull out their rifles and kill an appropriate number of livestock. All this, while people stood in long lines to get food… if they didn’t die of hunger in the meantime. These queues before shops were a duplication of what history first witnessed in France… then Russia… then America. Everywhere, that is, that Judeo-Bolsheviks dominated a society.

We also see mass starvation in Germany under Nazi rule; but – unlike France, Russia and America – it was a result of external forces instead of an overt state policy. Those forces consisted of English and American bomber fleets targeting the civilian target of transportation facilities during World War ii. This disrupted delivery of food supplies; this, in addition to extreme fuel supplies, necessarily led to mass starvation. The only remedy Nazi leaders could design was to set priorities regarding who would starve and who would not. It seems such priorities were, in this order, a) the military; b) German civilian population; c) English and American POWs; d) civilian population of occupied countries; e) inmates in prisons and concentration (work) camps. This explains why American troops, who liberated Nazi prison camps, found freight-car loads of emaciated corpses – Nazis simply had no food, fuel or manpower to bury the dead, much less to feed them. (See David Irving, Dresden.)

“Watchers” and “listeners”: All three examples of terror employed an army of spies and saboteurs, and made them unaccountable for what they did; the DHS does the same, but with different names. In the DHS Act,

an informer or saboteur is called a “submitting person or entity”;

the information he submits is called “voluntarily shared critical infrastructure information”; and is made almost totally exempt from disclosure: the submitted information “shall not be subject to any agency rules or judicial doctrine regarding ex parte communications with a decision-making official;” and it “shall not… be used directly by such agency, any other Federal, State, or local authority, or third party, in any civil action arising under Federal or State law”. In this list of exemptions, “a decision-making official” means federal or state judge; “civil action” means an action at law filed by a private person. and

the identity of a “submitting person or entity” shall be exempt from disclosure thru the Freedom of Information Act. And, by what authority does “a submitting person” obtain such immunity? All that is necessary to obtain judicial immunity is an “express statement” that accompanies the provided information and that declares the information was “voluntarily submitted” and that the informer expected “protection from disclosure”.

Another question, “Who is authorized to include such “express statement” with the information provided?” The DHS Act does not answer this question; and, thus, could easily be construed that any person on the planet could attach such “express statement”. Curious. (HS Act, sec 214(a)(1))

Thus, while common law (that is, due process of law) requires testimony to be given under penalty of perjury, the HS Act dispenses with this constitutional requirement and allows the flimsiest evidence without penalty. What self-respecting useful idiot could resist such opportunity to settle personal prejudices with impunity… and receive a monthly check of $4,000 to $5,000 doing it?

Other agencies amalgamated by the HS Act include:

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center;

Domestic Emergency Support Teams; responsibilities distributed within FEMA;

Federal Computer Incident Response Center: renamed, US-CERT, Office of Cybersecurity and Communications National Protection and Program Directorate;

Environmental Measurements Laboratory: put in Science and Technology Directorate (STD);


National Infrastructure Protection Center;

Nuclear Incident Response Team;

Among others.

Along with protecting against terrorism, the DHS is, presumably, tasked with rescue operations (“man-made accidents, and natural disasters”); this requires men trained as construction workers, firemen and paramedics; according to conventions of war, these men carry no weapons and are usually regarded as exempt from hostilities by all sides of the conflict.

When we consider several facts, something doesn’t click here:

One: during 2012 it was revealed that the DHS had purchased some 1.6 billion bullets over a ten-years period, 7,000 assault rifles, an unknown quantity of silenced-long-range sniper rifles;

Two: it had taken possession of 2700 armored vehicles and ordered bullet-proof checkpoint booths, among other odd items.

Three: a large fraction of the bullets purchased were not just ordinary bullets, but, Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) bullets, an assortment of “odd-ball” bullets (obsolete, foreign, bought by the Army) to be delivered by suppliers to any point on the planet and, of course, bullets for sniper rifles;

Four: JHP’s expand as they move thru human tissue causing horrific injuries; because of this, JHP’s are banned by international law;

Five: several DHS offices (fusion centers, modeled after Cheka Extraordinary Commissions) have issued fatwas against “Ron Paul supporters”, libertarians, constitutionalists, Second-Amendment proponents and other freedom-favoring groups;

Six: the DHS has claimed that its JHP’s are to be used only for “training and qualification” purposes; yet several police and military men say JHP’s are more expensive than ordinary bullets and unsuitable for training purposes. All these facts are derived from an article on, plus numerous sources therein (search on for “DHS ammo purchases”)

Seven:DHS spent $500,000 on Fully Automatic Pepper Spray Launchers,

This assortment of requisitions raises several questions.

7,000 assault rifles, 2700 armored vehicles: is an army of 7,000 warriors, with 2700 armored vehicles, really needed for a “terrorist” attack? The typical “terrorist” cell consists of no more than a dozen or so members; they seek to operate silently and invisibly (hence, the small number of members); when such an “attack” occurs, they seek to disappear into a crowd as quickly as possible. Seven thousand assault rifles (or 2700 armored vehicles) are completely inappropriate for such operations; but they would come in handy for a crowd of American citizens who have taken to the streets to protest a 100% tax on incomes… or to protest government prosecutors, investigators, or judges who have aided or abetted those who operate child prostitution rings or produce snuff films.

Sniper rifles: the DHS was given jurisdiction within the United States and its various possessions. Any agency of the federal government is bound by the Constitution – regardless where it operates. It is required, by the Fifth Amendment, to proceed against all men on the planet by due process; otherwise it is a terrorist government. The federal government has no authority but what is granted by the Constitution – and murder is not one of those grants.

Hollow-point bullets: these bullets expand, or mushroom, as they pass thru a human body and cause such horrific injuries that they have been banned by international law for ordinary warfare. DHS is tasked with “responding to terrorist attacks” on domestic territory. Facts get confusing here: DHS, apparently, is preparing to use weapons on American citizens that are banned for use against foreign enemies.

Odd-ball bullets: why did the Army purchase “odd-ball” (obsolete, foreign et cetera) bullets to be delivered to any point on the earth? These are not standard-issue for the Army. Who are likely to use any kind of “odd-ball” weapon they can afford? Answer: peasants without a forum to hear their complaints and have decided to redress their grievances by the only method available to them: by arming with any weapon available and attempting to overthrow their oppressors. No, the US Army does not plan to provide arms to these peasants: that would be against its normal policy. The mission of the US Army in Iraq was/is to eliminate all dissidents – real or imagined.

Prior to the American-English-Mossad invasion of Iraq, there had never been a road-side bomb in the country; and the various religious factions lived in noticeable harmony and peace. After the invasion of Iraq, incidences of roadside bombs and sectarian violence occurred in great numbers. And, as noted above, owing to the only practical method of detonation – that is, by homing device – every roadside bomb had to be an “inside job”.

To create sectarian violence, US/UK/Judeo-Bolshevik forces established Sunni death squads to eliminate Shiite dissidents; they established Shiite death squads to murder Sunni dissidents; they established Kurdish death squads to kill Arab dissidents… and they called it “sectarian violence” or “ethnic hatred”.

However, one observer remarked, “When a US-backed, US-financed ‘Shia’ organization murders a Sunni, it isn’t Shia killing Sunni; it isn’t sectarian violence, it is the US killing Sunni. When a US-backed, US-trained ‘Sunni’ militia murders a Shia, it isn’t Sunni killing Shia; it isn’t sectarian violence, it is the US killing Shia.”

All this was reported in the world’s media – some in the American media; it was reported one small incident at a time. The quotes in the previous two paragraphs comes from a report that collected these pieces and drew a sanguinary picture with them. The author of this report, Jonathon Azaziah, provides 92 footnotes for his sources; none of the footnotes is hyperlinked; but a search leads to the source in question.

What else are we to conclude but that the real purpose of DHS is to identify and eliminate Americans who protest outrages perpetrated by American governments… crowds on a very large scale?

Can history tell us anything in this regard? Of course it can. During the Vietnam war, American and South Korean CIA’s tortured and assassinated 30,000 to 80,000 South Vietnamese village leaders who resisted centralization of power into government offices in Saigon; see the Church committee report for a gentle treatment of this topic. It was known as Operation Phoenix; and more than dissidents fell victim to it. A proscription is a time for random and wanton murder: debtors inform on creditors; neighbors settle private grudges; elderly are killed because they take too long to die, which delays descent of a legacy; the indolent and insolent destroy competitors – whether in business, professorships or the sexual hunt.

Before American troops were to invade Iraq, it was thot that as many Iraqi dissidents as possible should be eliminated. Owing to a suggestion of the Judeo-Bolshevik Mossad, the Pentagon compiled biographies of 530 Iraqi scientists and academics that were expected to cause trouble during an American occupation of Iraq.   The list was given to the Mossad to facilitate the killing. Let me bring your attention to the key word here: “expected”. They were murdered because the Department of Defense “expected” they might offer criticism of American invasion of their country.

Then there were the Kurds, and troublesome Shiites in southern Iraq. The CIA encouraged them to rise up and throw off the tyranny of Saddam, and promised them weapons. This sparked a massive rebellion; when they came to the CIA and American military for promised weapons, they learned they had been duped. Saddam proceeded to massacre 200,000 Kurds and an equal number of southern Shiites. When the killing was done, Americans marched into Iraq… more than half their work already done. Watch the one hour Crimes of Saddam.

When Americans invaded Iraq, many Iraqis viewed them as liberators… assuming Americans had come to take down Iraqi gangsters and thieves. They soon regretted their enthusiasm. Americans actually came to create a Cheka/CIA type of secret police, and staff it with local gangsters and thieves. Their general policy was to create as much dissension as possible between Shiite and Sunni tribes in order to create an excuse to impose martial law and rid the country of any dissidents that may have escaped the previous killings. Several Shiite tribes recognized this American-imposed policy and sought to defeat it by forming alliances of friendship between Shiites and Sunnis. A leader of one of these Shiite tribes, a crippled old man and his wife, traveled to Najaf to observe a religious holiday – a routine of many years for the couple. They approached a checkpoint and were riddled with bullets by an Iraqi death squad. Their traveling companions, belonging to a different tribe, protested; the death squad panicked and called American and English armies for backup. When it was all over, 263 civilians were dead and more than 200 injured. The excuses and lies employed by the American military to justify the killing would have shamed the March Hare and Mad Hatter to tears. (one, two and Tales from the Garden of Eden)

One more example: during the Iraqi war, a common occurrence would have an Iraqi peasant approach an American-staffed checkpoint; he was detained, driver’s license confiscated and told to proceed to the American Army base for questioning. Since he was told to go on his own recognizance (unescorted), he thinks there is little to worry about. He arrives at the base and is quizzed for an hour, then told to go to the Iraqi police station to pick up his driver’s license. He does so. As he exits his car, he notices an American helicopter hovering a short distance behind him; he does not know it had followed him to the police station. He takes a few steps toward the police station; and the explosives planted in his vehicle detonate into a huge fireball. I would like to report this as a fact; but I seem to have lost my source. So, I only report it as a possibility… really, only a possibility.

These examples concerning the crippled Shiite leader and Iraqi peasant trapped at a checkpoint demonstrate how and why the DHS could use bullet-proof checkpoint booths.

Again, can the American government perpetrate genocide?

Again, what a silly question?

For a civilized man, there can be no doubt: Congress has commanded the DHS to identify and assassinate men and women who desire to obtain redress for wrongs they have suffered… to not only kill them, but to kill them horrifically. They are to be “statement killings”: to terrorize others to shut up and obey.

With such a large inventory of bullets, perhaps we should ask, ‘How many Americans are to be slaughtered?’

Several years ago, Larry Grathwohl worked as an FBI informant who had infiltrated the Judeo-Bolshevik Weather Underground (JBWU). During a slow time at one of their meetings, Larry asked, ‘How many Americans would have to be executed when Bolsheviks gained power in the United States?’ One of the JBWU, William Ayers, responded that they expected to kill some twenty million (10%) of the American population. Ayers, who later became a Harvard Law graduate and went on to write several children’s books (making Judeo-Bolshevism palatable, of course), thought that the number would include only American dissidents.

I suspect his answer was grossly underestimated.

In earlier millennia, when an invading army conquered a nation, it would murder all dissidents (and their children) and would keep the remaining population helpless with oppressive taxes (see Deut, xx, 10-18). But this is the old-fashioned way to oppress a population and pollute its gene pool. Today, it is done with immigrants who bring their indoctrination, diseases and vermin with them. The host population – in our case, American citizens – is oppressed with heavy taxes to provide numerous kinds of welfare to support such immigrants in a life of indolence, brains muddled with dope, and a generally useless existence. There are, of course, many immigrants who insist on earning their daily bread, and refuse to live by handouts; but they are a smaller fraction than the others.

Let us consider the Vietnam “war”. The American public was told its purpose was to prevent it from falling to the Judeo-Bolsheviks. When the American army arrived, a program was immediately set in motion to centralize all power into hands of bureaucratic offices in Saigon and to eliminate members of the native population who resisted such centralization (with Operation Phoenix). Simultaneously, a few hundred thousand members of the native criminal and useful-idiot classes were recruited to staff these bureaucratic offices. The American army’s Corps of Engineers and the Navy’s Seabees immediately began construction of deep-water harbors and seaports, bridges, highways, jet-fuel storage tanks, hospitals, airports; all this construction was in stark contrast to the policy of American and English bomber crews to raze half of Europe to a Stone-Age condition (David Irving, Firebombing of Dresden).

When the construction was completed, Americans hastily left the country; in the meantime, they (1) left a billion dollars’ worth of weapons on the ground; (2) left jet-fuel storage tanks brimming with jet fuel; and (3) evacuated (from 1975 to 1993) some 1,070,000 members of the native criminal and useful idiot classes from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos (see PDF page 6 of ‘Refugee Resettlement Report to Congress, 1993).

Of this total (1,070,000), 135,000 were evacuated during the collapse of the Saigon government in 1975; these were probably comprised mainly of native cutthroats and bandits who staffed the Saigon government cobbled together by the American CIA. The remainder were so-called boat people who fled during 1976-93.

Thus, judging by results, the purpose of the Vietnam War was to build up its infrastructure, set up an apparatus of terror and turn it over to Judeo-Bolsheviks.

To make this possible, of course, a fake war had to be orchestrated, complete with the murder of 50,000 young American males and rendering another half million unfit for human companionship for the remainder of their lives. Perhaps this is why so many American soldiers abandoned the children they fathered in Vietnam. In addition to the 1,070,000 Vietnamese resettled in America, some 74,000 Amerasians fled to America from 1983 to 1999; Amerasians are defined as “children born to Vietnamese mothers but fathered by Americans”. (See PDF page 69 of RR Report to Congress, 1999 and PDF page 53 of the RR Report to Congress for 1993, link three paragraphs up).

See how easy it is to dupe the American public: just promise to kill or corrupt their sons and… oh, I get tired of repeating myself.

And then there was the so-called breakup of the Soviet Union. The prospect sent a wave of anticipation thru-out the empire: finally, oppressors would fall… freedom would dawn. Native Russians rejoiced, Judeo-Bolsheviks fled in panic; nearly 440,000 (PDF page 69 of 1999 Report) Soviet bureaucrats and military officers fled to the United States where they were immediately put on numerous welfare programs (Social Security, food stamps, medical assistance, cash allowances et cetera); another half million Judeo-Bolsheviks settled in Israel where Congress showered them with gifts and subsidies to build mansions and meet other expenses; Gorbachev, the former president of the Soviet Union, was put into a mansion on the Presidio military base in San Francisco and given a six-man platoon of guards comprised of Park Rangers.

You read that right: former Soviet cutthroats and bandits were immediately put on American welfare rolls… right under your noses.

It is so easy.

When Judeo-Bolsheviks openly seize power – and as American dissidents are eliminated, the useless horde of welfare eaters will become… well… useless. They will no longer be needed to oppress the American population. Most useless eaters stupidly ignore the fact that there are no useless eaters in a Judeo-Bolshevik slave camp: every non-party individual labors in a slave pen – or else they disappear into the taiga or tundra of Siberia… or Alaska… or northern provinces of Canada.

Thus, Judeo-Bolsheviks will have to cleanse the American population with genocide of 40% to 50% of its number; something like 130 to 160 million shots to the nape of the neck.

Can they do it? It is one thing to have an inventory of 1.6-2 billion bullets; it is another thing to actually use them. It is, also, one thing for a directorate of Judeo-Bolsheviks to sit around a table and discuss the number and individuals to be assassinated; it is quite another to find demons to do the actual killing.

During the French counter revolution, Danton, Robespierre, Marat and several other Judeo-Bolshevik tools had determined that, to achieve their socialist paradise, it would be necessary to eliminate 80% of the French population, some twenty million souls. They learned very quickly that native French assassins became useless after murdering twenty or thirty neighbors. To overcome this bottleneck, Judeo-Bolsheviks recruited the most dissolute cutthroats and bandits from all Europe and seaports around the Mediterranean. And they could only eliminate a million Frenchmen before the socialist paradise lost its appeal.

Are any DHS personnel being trained in these duties… are they training with hollow points?

I seriously doubt it. The DHS is staffed mainly by timid and banal bureaucrats and dope addicts who were an inch away from living on streets before they were picked up by the DHS. They are mere simpletons whose purpose is to strut in public while the DHS organizes itself into a reasonably efficient Schutzstaffel before calling in the real assassins. DHS current chair warmers are not dissolute enough for the real purpose.

And, who are the real assassins? Let us look to Red China and the ALLIANCE it has assembled.

Over the last twenty or so years, Red China has accumulated some 1.2 trillion dollars’ worth of US Treasury securities as compensation for selling knick-knacks, defective tools and food items laced with mercury to the American economy. These securities, in turn, have been used to create bank reserves for Chinese banks and new paper money for circulation within China. As the US dollar loses value, Chinese institutions lose an equal percentage on their dollar-security holdings. If the dollar goes to zero – or if the US Treasury repudiates securities held by Red China, it would gut the Chinese economy within a matter of hours.

In other words, for the past twenty or so years, the Red Chinese economy has been used to finance some 1.2 trillion of US Treasury debt.

Before the Red Chinese agreed to serve this purpose, they demanded some kind of collateral to assure payment of the accumulated US Treasury securities. This was done because it seems to be known to all pirates that international agreements (treaties) among pirates are worthless unless some kind of collateral (hostages, gold, child prostitutes, land, sea ports et cetera) is provided by the debtor pirate. Furthermore, the Red Chinese apparently knew that they would never possess the securities they purchased. The securities that they own (the 1.2 trillion) are physically possessed by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Thus, it is conceivable those same securities could be voided by a simple stroke of a pen, or computer entry.

Furthermore, it has been the custom, or law, for at least 4,000 years that a creditor, who does not physically possess a promissory note, cannot legally collect his debt. This is a very significant issue; and gives a very significant reason why China would require solid collateral. This issue, also, is at the center of the so-called MBS crisis, which resulted in the destruction of promissory notes for 50 to 60 million residential mortgages in this country. Are the two items related? But this would carry me into another major research project. I deal with this in another place.

So, what was the collateral given to them? The Panama Canal. It is a very significant piece of collateral; for, twenty-six percent of American foreign trade passes thru this Canal.

Red China took possession of the Canal, 1999 Dec 31, thru Hutchison Whampoa, a company headquartered in Hong Kong and headed by Li Ka Shing, who has partnered several times “with Red Chinese Resources Company, a firm that has been identified by US congressional investigators as a front for Beijing’s intelligence agencies.”

When the Red Chinese took possession of the Panama Canal, they set to work forming an ALLIANCE among Chinese Triads (their equivalent to the MAFIA), Mexican and Columbian drug cartels. The Chinese also smuggled (aided by corrupt Panamanian officials) 150 top-level Triad crime bosses into the United States to setup a Chinese crime syndicate.

Then there are those tax-free, extradition-free and bank-secrecy policies of Panama. Who could want for more… plunder collected tax-free… no worries about prosecution by the US Department of Justice (DoJ)… and money laundered with protection from US and Panamanian governments?

Of course, if an ordinary American tried to take advantage of these Panamanian loopholes to reduce or avoid taxes, the IRS and DoJ would jump on him with all four feet for imagining he had the same rights and protection enjoyed by drug cartels; and he would end his life in jail and all his property would be seized ten times over – before his trial… actually, there would probably be no trial. I doubt such a fool would receive better treatment than I did.

Since the treaty (Carter-Torrijos) left Panama with its tax-free, extradition-free and bank-secrecy status, we should conclude such policies were compatible with members of the US Senate and personnel of the US Justice Department (DoJ). If extradition-free, tax-free and bank-secrecy policies of Panama had been objectionable to the Senate and DoJ, their removal could easily have been done thru provisions inserted in the treaty. Since this did not happen, we can add the Senate and DoJ as members of this ALLIANCE. Don’t take my word for these facts pertaining to Panama, China and the Chinese ALLIANCE: they were reported in testimony before a Congressional subcommittee; see pages 10-11 and 66 among many others.

So now this ALLIANCE consists of a) the Chinese Communist Party; b) Chinese Triads; c) the Chinese military; d) Mexican drug cartels; e) Columbian drug cartels; f) the US Senate; and g) the US Justice Department. I feel that with a little more digging, I could add more… but this should be sufficient to paint a picture.

And, they’re armed with weapons and technology stolen from American research facilities, the Pentagon and private companies, as US Justice Department and Congress conveniently went blind; the Justice Department even supplied nearly 2,000 military grade weapons to Mexican drug cartels thru operation Fast and Furious. A later operation by the DoJ supplied grenades and additional weapons and ammo to the same cartels; the DoJ also “jokingly” suggested firing squads for whistleblowers. But there’s really no reason to get upset about this: the cartels purchased these items with their own money.

Of course, when perpetrating acts of terror, it helps – or is essential – for a chief terrorist to head the central prosecutorial office; this assures that no one will be arrested or prosecuted for government-sponsored acts of terror; and that dissenters denied forums of redress and who are, thus, provoked to violence, will never be allowed common-law protections.

In the French terror, Danton was Minister of Justice, and a chief terrorist; in the American terror, Eric Holder (who authorized “Fast and Furious”) is a chief terrorist and head of the Department of Justice.

Now, before the DHS can be turned over to the Chinese ALLIANCE, it needs a “shakedown” cruise to make sure it works smoothly; to put whistle blowers in front of a firing squad; to eliminate employees who are less than absolutely obedient to every command, no matter its illegality or illogic.

While negotiating with Congress regarding the HS resolution, the administration lobbied hard to strip DHS personnel of certain labor rights: namely, the administration wanted the authority to terminate any employee for any or no reason; government labor unions and Congress objected and refused such authority – probably regrettably in hindsight.

Shortly after the establishment of the DHS, it announced a terrorist alert similar to events of 9/11 and ordered all DHS personnel, including TSA air marshals, to cancel all airline flights for the duration of the alert. This seemed odd to Robert MacLean: he reasoned that a 9/11 type of attack would involve airliners and, if there ever was a time to require air marshals to be on airliners, this was it. Why was the TSA ordering air marshals to stay off airliners? Robert complained up the pecking order of the DHS; and included a complaint about another piece of nonsense he noticed: the mandated uniform for TSA air marshals which Robert described as “1960’s style” that screamed, “Hey look, I’m TSA, shoot me!”

Robert’s employment with the TSA, of course, was soon terminated.

Given above facts, what conclusions can we make?

First, the DHS was legislatively mandated with the mission to “prevent” or respond to acts of terrorism. According to acts described by Robert, the DHS “aided and abetted” any potential act of terror. By removing air marshals from airliners, the DHS removed a potential obstacle for any Mossad-directed “terrorist”; by requiring air marshals to wear costumes with targets front and back, the DHS declared to the world who should be shot first during an attempted hijacking. This, in my book, constitutes a grievance according to its historical definition: “an action that subverts the law of the land, the rights of man, or the constitution”; particularly, we could put a tag of ‘high treason’ on it.

Second, the alleged terrorist plot was, most likely, a contrived exercise to identify any undesired behavior along its chain of command/blind-obedience; the “terrorist alert” was probably contrived for the specific purpose of identifying any employee that would notice the inconsistency of ordering TSA air marshals to stay off airliners. The DHS was looking for people precisely like Robert so they could terminate him and replace him with someone really stupid and willing to follow any order, no matter its legality. The DHS, in other words, needs to cleanse its ranks of independent minds before turning the DHS over to the ALLIANCE cobbled together by Chinese communists. (OC Register, “A nail-biter for fired federal air marshal”, 2013 Nov 22, Local p 1)

When it comes time to redeem those Treasury securities held by the Chinese, how will it be done?

Will Congress impose a 50%, or 75% tax on incomes of all American wage earners? It can’t be done; Americans are already pushed to the limit regarding taxes.

Or, will the seizure consist of taking homes of Americans for the benefits of Treasury holders. Ah, now we are getting close to the object of the MBS crisis.

Members of this Chinese ALLIANCE are some of the more vicious killers on the planet. And the leading members of this ALLIANCE have a high interest in redeeming US Treasuries worth 1.2 trillion dollars. What’s more, they rightly expect there will be massive resistance when the collection process begins in earnest. This takes us back to the puzzling items purchased by the DHS: namely, a) 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (with a large fraction being hollow-point bullets); b) 7,000 assault rifles, sniper rifles; c) 2700 armored vehicles; d) bullet-proof checkpoint booths; and e) pepper spray launchers.

These, along with an instrument of terror modeled after French and Soviet committees of terror and maniacal jackals supplied by the Chinese ALLIANCE… what more could they want to impose a reign of terror on the American population?

As explained earlier, these items and their numbers represent overkill times a few hundred, if, that is, targets are FBI/Mossad-trained “terrorist” cells of ten or twelve members each. But, if intended targets are Americans dispossessed of their possessions (thru the complications of the Mortgage Backed Securities debacle) for the benefit of the Chinese ALLIANCE, items purchased by DHS are more appropriate; and probably not sufficient. The deficiency would have to be filled by weapons already in the hands of members of the Chinese army, Mexican and Columbian drug cartels, Chinese Triads and any other mercenaries brought to American soil.

When Judeo-Bolsheviks place control of the DHS in the hands of the Chinese ALLIANCE, firing squads will no longer be a joking matter.

The reader may get the impression that I aim at the benefit of mankind in general. I do not. When the vast majority of men willingly participate in a monetary system that would require the cannibalization of their young, there aren’t many men who deserve to survive. I only aim at the preservation of those people who are willing and able to endure the burdens, and enjoy profits, of freedom. The world is rushing headlong into another dark age; owing to the staggering government debt now on the books of every nation, the pending dark age will be worldwide and could run 5,000 years. Nothing can prevent it. Many nations will not rise from it – including America as we know it. When it happens, life will still go on; but on a much degraded quality from what we know now. My plan is to let those who plotted it and those who benefited from it suffer its consequences – while we avoid them. Let them die and suffer, while we live and prosper.

The essential question regarding this matter is, ‘Who will meekly submit to the utter destruction of their society… and, who will take the necessary actions to shift the destruction onto those who thot to destroy Western Civilization?’

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Locate or Establish an Assembly: The law and procedures of assemblies are almost totally unknown to all but a few Americans. The historical definition of an assembly is, ‘a group of private men who exercise sovereignty within a particular territory.’ First-Amendment assemblies were the engine that powered the American Revolution. They are what we need to day to turn the world right side up; to make munitions-makers, Judeo-Bolsheviks and their foot soldiers accountable for the billions of lives they have destroyed or ruined. And, don’t forget, there are tens of trillions of property floating around this globe they have plundered. That is, the work of recovery this booty will be well compensated. Before we can start this work, however, such assemblies must be established; and they must be provided with resources (skills, labor and money) needed to carry out this work – my role in this project is to function as a facilitator and a consultant. By money, I mean investments measured in dollars or gold, which, constitutionally, will be exempt from taxes and regulations.

What Price Gold $7,000… $14,000… $60,000?  You may think this will be a wild ride. If you think collateralization, currency equivalents, double-entry bookkeeping and mortgage-backed securities are dull subjects – if you think wishful thinking is a harmless activity – if you think taxes are essential for the development and maintenance – rather than the destruction – of civilization, then, yes, this will be a very wild ride. We are about to study concepts and actions, crimes and fictions that few, if any, others have examined yet relative to their influence on gold. It may also be a disturbing study; for, the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. It is used as gold once was used: to serve as backing, or collateral, for issued currencies around the globe; in the dollar’s case, for the world’s major currencies and a few dozen others. Thus, today, wishful thinking has replaced gold as backing for most of the world’s currencies.  Money is the basis for practically all human action; as it is based on solid ground so man’s society will endure. Forget about the house built on shifting sand; we should be concerned about societies built on houses of cards.

Lost Right (The) Among the many rights officially declared by American Founders is the right to withhold taxes until the government redresses grievances. This was adopted unanimously by the Continental Congress as one of the “three grand rights” intended to be secured by the Revolution. And who knows it? Here, in this book, is the history, law and procedures of this lost right.

Turn Back the Clock.  I am entering my eighth decade of life (as of 2014 July), but I have the health, vitality and physical condition of a near-professional athlete, about the age of 20. I routinely have former pro and college baseball players tell me I would “do well” (a modest remark) if I played “men’s senior league”, a level of play equal to a major college; for, who else on this planet can hit 117 mph fastballs… at the age of 70? In other words, I’m living proof that people do not have to grow old; they can retain or recover the health and vitality of youth; they don’t have to suffer from arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure or any of hundreds of other ailments; they don’t have to be a burden on their children.  Look what you’ll gain: more strength and a longer life to enjoy the adventures we all know are coming. You might even want to take part in them.

Redress for Pedophilia: If we are to have redress regarding a very long list of grievances, we need to operate on a very large stage. And to do that, we need an issue that moves large numbers of people to outrage and readily propels them to action. The kidnapping, torture and murder of children is that issue. Even convicted felons get in on the act. It seems to be general knowledge that when a child molester is placed among convicted felons, the life expectancy of the former is 2-3 days. It is also general knowledge that no one is employed by criminal and useful-idiot classes but those who are subject to blackmail; and a sizeable fraction of them are child molesters. Here is a feast handed to the dissident community on a golden platter; for dissidents could use this issue to take down almost anyone perpetrating grievances… and dissidents do nothing with this gift. It puzzles me… until I remind myself that, fully, 90% to 95% of all dissident organizations on this planet are counter-intelligence operations. The only question is, “Are they controlled by witting cointel agents, or are they just plain dumb?” It doesn’t really matter; for, a controlled dupe can wreak more damage among dissidents than a conscious agent. You can identify a cointel operation by its refusal to allow any discussion regarding historically-proven redress among themselves or followers. It seems the only place on this planet where this information is available is this website.

One in Ten Thousand. This relates how English rebels (1620-50) took down corrupt judges and tax-collectors, bishops and kings who thot they had a divine right to impose taxes or debt on other men without the latters’ consent; men who, 150 years later, would guide American rebels. These examples represent some of the most dramatic and significant scenes in the long struggle from barbarism to civilized society – scenes that have almost been completely erased from current history and law books.



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